PornHub is such a massive name in the world of porn, that even if you have never so much as watched a minute of porn in your life (yes, there are people like that), it is probably a name that you have heard of.

The site is absolutely packed to the rafters with all sorts of amazing videos to watch. Throw in a couple of photos for good measure (and a few more odds and ends), and for many people, this is the definitive porn site.

But, is the site really as good as people make it seem? Is the hubbub around PornHub nothing more than a marketing exercise? Let’s take a look in this PornHub review.

PornHub is a free porn site. There is a premium membership (which is affordable), but it is likely most of the people who head to PornHub are there for the free offerings.

This is a site that is well-organized. If you can imagine a legal kink, then there are thousands and thousands of videos on that kink…and more being added each and every single day.

Honestly, for most people, there is enough content on PornHub that you will never need another porn site again. Although, it is always worth opting for the premium subscription if you love the site. It does provide a far better browsing experience (ad-free, video downloads, etc.) which is always a great thing.

Honestly, one of the great things about PornHub is the community. Yes. I know. Community is not often the first thing that springs to mind when you think about porn, but it will be when you visit PornHub.

People recommend videos to one another. Some awesome chats go on in the comment section. You have community galleries. A whole slew of other social features. It is a fantastic site through and through.


PornHub is packed to the brim with videos and images. It is probably the largest porn site in the world…and most of it is for free. What more can I say in this review of PornHub? This is exactly what people want when they are browsing a porn site…tons and tons of porn.

There is even a premium membership, which offers a surprising bang for your buck. Not only will you get access to an ad-free experience, but there will also be a plethora of videos from some of the largest porn studios in the world.


Probably the biggest problem with PornHub is that the uploaded content can be a little bit ‘hit and miss’, although this is to be expected when it is pretty much a ‘free for all’ with the content uploads.

If you have a Premium PornHub subscription, you will probably run into this issue a little bit less, mostly because you have a ton of curated content available to you.

As I mentioned before; the site tends to be really affordable in comparison to most others when it comes to premium subscriptions too.


You probably don’t need this conclusion. You know what PornHub is. You have probably used it before. You will use it again. Go forth and enjoy the site. It is worth it.


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