When a lot of people think of pornstars, they think about all those sexy women. We don’t blame you. We think of all those sexy women too. However, not that many people think about the men that actually help those ladies perform on camera. This is partly why we have written this article about the best big dick pornstars.

Now, many of the names on this list you will have heard of. This is because, surprisingly, it is harder to act in porn as a man than it is a woman. After all, a man can’t really fake an orgasm, and it can be pretty damn difficult to maintain an erection when cameras are pointed at you. If somebody has proven that they can perform on camera, then they tend to be used… a lot.

All of the men on this list are known for their large tackle. So, if you are looking for a male porn star with big dick, then this is the exact place you need to start.


Mandingo is a legend in the world of porn. It isn’t a surprise really. His cock is absolutely massive. At almost 50-years-old, Mandingo is showing no signs of slowing down in the business. In fact, he has recently started to direct his own movies! He has made hundreds and hundreds of films in his decades in the industry. However, if you want the best of what Mandingo has to offer, then you can head to Bang Bros, Monsters of Cock, or Ass Paradise. You will only just be scratching the surface of his treasure trove of content, though.

Lexington Steele

Lexington Steele is one of the biggest names in the world of porn, and we are not just talking about out of the males here. Interestingly, this guy never even planned to get into porn. At one point, he was in the world of stocks and shares. He worked for a hedge fund, by all accounts. One day, he somehow ended up an orgy, realized that he loved sex, then joined the sex industry.

He made it big here. Now, chances are that if you have watched porn featuring a massive black cock, then this cock probably belonged to Lexington. Nowadays, the guy only records porn for his own company. He directs the videos too. He plans to be in the porn business for a long time, so expect him to be constantly pumping out content, showing off that massive cock at the same time.


.Lexington Steele is a conventionally attractive man. Dredd, not so much. Now, Dredd isn’t ugly, but when you hold him up against Lexington Steele then…wow. That being said, he aren’t really here to talk about his looks. We are here to talk about his massive cock. This is one of those big dick pornstars that not only has length in his cock, but also a lot of girth.

Dredd has worked with many of the top performers in the porn business, and he plans to work with a lot more of them too. Nowadays, you will be able to find Dredd starring in a lot of porn that involves him shoving his massive cock (he says he prefers anal) into white women.

Jack Napier

Jack Napier is a porn star that you have likely seen. This is another African-American with a dick that is on the larger side of things. It seems that the stereotype has created a lot of work in the industry for African-Americans. This guy was active in the industry from 1988 all the way through to 2015. He didn’t actually plan to give up in 2015 but, sadly, he was in a motorcycle accident where he suffered serious injuries.

He currently doesn’t seem to have any plans to come back into the porn industry. It isn’t a major issue, though. He still has over 350 videos that he has made over the years, so there is plenty to enjoy! His best content was produced when he was starring in content exclusively with Voyeur Media.

Danny D

We have talked about three African-Americans so far, so let’s move onto something a little bit different for a while. Let us introduce you to Danny D. This lad tends to star in videos where his cock is referred to as a ‘monster cock’ and, to be honest with you, it is pretty bloody difficult to argue against that. It really is huge. A lot of the content that Danny D has starred in over the years tends to feature women who are in awe at just how big his dick is.

Trust us, we have seen a lot of his porn videos, and we are still shocked whenever he pulls his cock out. He has worked with many major companies over the years, but a lot of his best work was done with Brazzers, Shes Gonna Squirt, and Big Butts Like it Big. This is mostly because for these sites, he was able to star with some of the best women in the business. This means that not only do you get to see that monster cock, but you get to see some of the sexiest women in the world too.

Bruce Venture

On PornHub.com, Bruce Venture is about to creep into the top 300 pornstars. In fact, by the time you read this, he may even have managed to get there. Now, you may not think this is a big deal, but it is. Do you know how difficult it is for a man to get highly ranked on that website? Most of the people that head to PornHub.com are there for the women, after all.

This bearded man has been in the business for about 11-years now, but he only seems to be getting better at what he does. Women always talk about how brilliant he is to work with. He is well known for creating some rather unique content too. This is because he is quite aggressive in his fucking, but there is also a little bit of passion behind what he does. It is the perfect mix. You have to check out some of Bruce Venture’s videos to see what we mean here.

Sean Michaels

No. We aren’t talking about the professional wrestler here. Instead, we are talking about the African-American pornstar that was labeled by AVN as one of the best porn stars of all time (including both men and women!). Despite being 62-years-old, at the time of writing, the guy is still active in the industry. Not as active as he was in the past, but he is certainly getting more sex than most people his age!

Most of the content that you can find from Sean Michaels is more on the retro side of things. We like that, though. As brilliant as modern porn is, some of that older porn is a lot more sensual, and sometimes you want your porn to be a little bit calmer. Brazzers and Monsters of Cock are some of the best places to head for this male pornstar with big dick.

Johnny Sins

Johnny Sins is somebody that most people are introduced to through YouTube. Here, he sits with 1.2-million subscribers. Of course, he isn’t showing porn on his channel. You have to hunt around for that. However, luckily, this big dick pornstar has managed to film 2,300 videos in his career. Remember what we said earlier about how male pornstars are in demand when they are good?

Well, Johnny Sins is the proof of this. For a long while, studios would always call him if they really need a male with a big dick. Brazzers was the big one here. They knew that if they hired Johnny Sins, they would end up with a fantastic video with the minimum of hassle. At the time of writing, he is not active in the porn business. He left it in 2019, however he has left open the doors for a return in the future.

Ramon Cuban

Ramon Cuban is a tough lad to find anything out about. Now, the other people on this list are famous in the porn industry. This is because they have spent a lot of time working outside of the porn industry. This has helped to make them famous. Ramon Cuban is a legend in the porn business, but he hasn’t really done anything outside of porn.

This means that about all we can say on him is the fact that he is a Cuban lad with a monster cock. You will find a lot of his content on Brazzers, but he has dabbled in all of the big sites at some point. This is another name that was known to be incredibly reliable in the business, even if he was never a massively famous name.

Julio Gomez

It is often claimed that Julio Gomez has one of the biggest dicks in the porn industry. Now, we can’t say whether that is true or not. However, we can tell you that it is pretty damn large. It barely fits inside many of the women that he ends up fucking on camera (and he has managed to fuck some of the most beautiful women in the business!)

It seems that the bulk of the content that he has starred in over the years has been for Blacked and Blacked Raw, but we suppose that this is where the majority of work is going to be for an African-American pornstar with a massive cock. He has dabbled with a few of the smaller studios too, but since he was so in demand with the big studios, those smaller companies were barely able to hire the man!

Shane Diesel

Hey, guess what? It is another African-American with a massive cock. This guy seems to get around a bit more than some of the other people on this list, though. He has done a couple of videos for Blacked, but he has also starred in content for New Sensations, Brown Bunnies, Dogfart Network, and Hush.

With the size of Shane Diesel’s cock, it is always a surprise when he somehow manages to cram it into the tightest of pussies, but it doesn’t seem to go all of the ways. In recent years, he seems to have acted with a lot of the more popular BBWs in the business, which is nice. However, a lot of the people with monster cocks seem to be doing that. After all, their cock looks great inside of a BBW.

Shorty Mac

Shorty Mac is quite deceptive. As the name suggests, this guy is pretty short. So short that you would probably never guess what he is hiding in his pants. It is no wonder that many of the women he stars with are genuinely surprised when they come off for the first time! Now, most of the men that we have talked about so far are known for being incredibly fit, big men. Shorty Mac is fit, but he is short.

This means that he brings something a little bit different to the table, and he fills a niche that no other person on this list is quite able to fill. As a result, he has managed to score a lot of work with Brazzers and the various porn websites that they have in their network. He has also worked quite a bit of Leon Lambert. In recent years, much of his porn has been focused on the gonzo style, which is a real treat. It feels much more natural.

Preston Parker

Preston Parker is a lad that has been in the porn business since 2004, and he is still going strong! There was a brief period where he was directing porn movies, and they were critically acclaimed, but he has seen headed back to being purely a porn performer. Nearly all of the work that he has done as of late has been working closely with Bang Bros.

However, his age means that he has started to dive into the world of incest porn a little bit too (you know, the father, daughter type of stuff). Basically, this is a guy that has done a lot of work in the world of porn, and he has worked with pretty much every major studio. All of his content is fantastic, and all of it is worth watching.

Mike Adriano

Remember that earlier we talked about gonzo pornography? Well, Mike Adriano practically invented this shooting style. Most of the porn that he stars in (when he is not directing) will be gonzo pornography.

This means that when you watch most videos featuring Mike Adriano, you will be watching longer videos that tend to be a bit slower, but really love showing off that penetration up close. It works pretty well when the person you are featuring has a massive dick like this man.

Steve Holmes

We all know that some of the best porn stars in the world come from Eastern Europe, so it only made sense that we would eventually include an Eastern European here. While he is now regarded as one of the best porn stars in the world, and he has won many, many awards for the work that he does, he found it incredibly tough to break into the industry.

It was rejection after rejection. It is clear that this guy is all about privacy. We don’t actually know that much about him. Not even his real name! Steve Holmes was just the first name he picked up when he first starred in porn.


Vlad, or Vlad the Impaler as he is commonly known, is another Eastern European pornstar. Now, this guy is clearly not the best looking on this list. He is not muscular. He always seems to play the role of a ‘dumb European’ too i.e. one that cannot speak English.

Although, this may just be in some of his videos. We can tell you that he probably has the thickest cock on this list, though. Probably exactly what you are looking for with a male pornstar with big cock.

Logan Long

Logan Long may look like a hipster in a few of his videos, but there is no denying that he has a massive dick. This may actually be a guy that you will want to check out if you want to look at cocks without the pussy involved. This is because he also works as a webcam model, which means that there is a ton of solo content of his out there to explore.

Sly Diggler

Sly Diggler works with Blacked and Violet Myers. He is one of only a few porn stars lucky enough to star with ex-Boy Meets World actress ‘Maitland Ward’. While he certainly isn’t the most famous person on this list (he doesn’t even have his own PornHub.com page), he certainly has one of the biggest cocks here.

Kyle Mason

Kyle Mason has a huge cock., Not the largest on this list, but it is massive nonetheless. We are mentioning him, because he tends to do different types of porn to the others here. While these other porn stars tend to act in scenes where the focus is on how larger their cock is, Kyle Mason doesn’t do this quite so much. The focus is on the actual sex. The cock is more of an afterthought. He does a lot of incest porn, and stars regularly in Nubiles content.

Freddy Gong

Let’s wrap up this list with another Blacked porn star, Freddy Gong. Again, not the largest cock on this list, but it is still damn massive. He loves doing anal. We are 100% sure that these women end up with quite a sore ass once they have been pounded by Freddie Gong’s dong!


There you have it. The best porn stars with the world with massive cocks. Check a few of them out. Even if you are not into men, most of these have acted with some of the best women in the business, so you can enjoy those instead!


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