Weather channel anchors play an important role in today’s society. They provide the vital service of giving us all a heads up on what kind of weather to expect in the coming days and weeks. This can be vital when it comes to being able to plan out your coming week and your wardrobe choices. When a weather anchor is good at their job, they become a regular part of the daily routine for their region’s residents.

There are many highly talented weather channel anchors that have graced the airwaves over the years and provided us with the latest forecasts. Skill at giving viewers the weather forecast is important, but it also never hurts when you can get the upcoming weather from a hot female anchor who will raise your own internal temperature.

Throughout the years, there have been many jaw-dropping stunners that have given viewers the upcoming weather forecast. In many cases, these babes are so hot that many viewers were tuning in just for the chance to gawk at them as much as for the opportunity to find out what weather they could expect.

Providing viewers the latest in upcoming weather predictions is great and all, but it is even better when weather channel female anchors can provide you with a noticeable rise in your pants. The sexy weather channel anchors on this list can all do that with ease.

There have been many hot weather channel female anchors over the years, but we have put together a list of the very best. The ladies on this list are all highly talented, intelligent, and of course, smoking hot. With all of this said, these are the top 15 hottest weather channel female anchors of all time.

Kristi Capel

A sudden rise in temperature is a certainty anytime a Krisi Capel weather forecast hits the airwaves. This former Miss Missouri is simply one of the hottest weather channel female anchors. The coming day might be poised to bring a winter blizzard but you would be convinced that it is going to be a scorcher after watching Kristi Capel present you with the forecast.

Kristi Capel immediately came to mind when we started putting together this list of the hottest weather channel female anchors. She has enjoyed a storied career of presenting weather forecasts but her ratings are probably just as much due to the fact that fans tune in to gaze at her undeniable beauty.

Gabriella Grechi

If you want to talk about weather channel female anchors that could easily have found work as supermodels, Gabriela Grechi is a name that is always going to come up. She is simply one of the most beautiful weather girls in the industry.

Her viewers tune in to her forecasts to see what the weather is going to be in the coming days, but they also tune in to bask in her pure sex appeal. Listening to the weather has never been so fun as when you get your report from a stunning babe like Gabriela Grechi.

Yanet Garcia

It is impossible to deny that Yanet Garcia is in the running for the hottest weather channel anchor. She is a true babe with brains and she has used her degree in journalism to become a successful tv presenter for Las Noticias at Televisa Monterrey.

This Mexican meteorologist will give you a great weather report, but the likelihood is that you will be distracted enough watching her hot body that you may be as ignorant to the upcoming forecast as you were before you tuned in. Whether you listen to her weather predictions or you are just tuning in to pick up some mental wanking material, there is no doubt that Yanet Garcia is one hot female anchor.

Ximena Cordoba

When speaking of hot weather channel female anchors, the name Ximena Cordoba is always going to come to mind. This hottie from Columbia is one of the most accomplished meteorologists in the field but she often distracts her viewer due to her supermodel level looks.

Ximena Cordoba has become one of the best-known weather anchors in the world but she has also had massive success hosting other notable shows such as the TNT Movie Club, and Republica Deportiva. These days, she is known as one of the hottest weather channel female anchors.

Jackie Guerrido

Jackie Guerrido is a television presenter as well as a notable journalist. She has played many different roles during her history on the air but many of her fans know her best due to the fact that she is one hot female anchor for the upcoming weather forecast.

This Puerto Rican stunner will give you an accurate weather prediction to help you to plan for your upcoming week, but she will also leave you with some intense mental imagery left in your mind. When you watch a Jackie Guerrido weather forecast, you will find yourself paying close attention. It just might not be the actual weather forecast that you are paying close attention to when it comes to this hot female anchor.

Indra Petersons

Indra Petersons has the ability to capture the undivided attention of her viewers. Though she is reporting the latest weather forecasts to them, that is not necessarily what they are paying attention to.

Many of Indra’s viewers are fixated on the fact that she might just be the hottest weather channel anchor in the business. She certainly is in the running for this distinguished position.

She is far from just beauty as she holds a degree in the field of atmospheric physics. Indra also studied math and business while in college. This educational background has helped her land jobs with major networks such as CNN, and NBC. All the while, she has built a reputation as a hot female anchor to take note of!

Crystal Egger

If you are looking for an accurate account of the upcoming weather, Crystal Egger can help you out. She is a renowned weather anchor who is known for her skill as a TV presenter as well as her stunning good looks.

Don’t be surprised if the weather is the last thing on your mind when you tune into this hottie’s latest forecast. You will quickly see why she is on our list of the top 15 hottest weather female anchors.

Sabrina Fein

As the chief meteorologist at CW6 in San Diego, Sabrina Fein is undoubtedly one of the most respected weather channel female anchors in her field. She is also one of the field’s hottest female anchors.

Sabrina Fein is known for her accurate weather predictions but she is just as well known for her toned, fit, sexy body that is sure to make the temperature of her viewers rise as soon as they see it. All of this adds up to her well-deserved inclusion on this list of the top 15 hottest weather channel anchors.

Cristina Blackwell

Any list that is on the lookout for the world’s hottest weather channel anchor has to include the stunning Cristina Blackwell. She is a blonde stunner that delights San Antonio area viewers with her weather forecasts and her mind-blowing looks. Cristina Blackwell is a true example of brains combined with beauty.

She has a varied educational background that includes studying culinary arts, and communications. What is certain is that listening to a Cristina Blackwell weather report is sure to raise your own internal temperature even if outside temps are getting ready to drop.

Naile Lopez

Naile Lopez has enjoyed a storied career giving her viewers the latest in weather predictions, but she has often left them so distracted that they probably finished up watching her without having any idea whether tomorrow was going to be sunny or snowy. This is because this babe is a stone-cold fox.

She might be a talented meteorologist, but she has straight-up model-level hotness. This is because Naile actually started her career out as a model before getting into television presenting. This Mexican hottie is always bringing the heat with her regardless of the actual forecast that she is reporting on.

Jennifer Delgado

Yet another stunning female weather anchor that we have to include on our list is Jennifer Delgado. She is known for her deep knowledge of the field of meteorology but she is just as well known for being one of the sexiest weather girls on the airwaves. Her work on the weather channel has brought her many fans.

Though many of her fans tune in to Jennifer Delgado to get the latest weather predictions, many others simply want to take any opportunity that they can to see what this beautiful babe is wearing so that they can mentally undress her.

Lluvia Carrillo

Yet another hot female anchor that we have to mention on this list of the sexiest weather channel girls is Lluvia Carrillo. This babe’s smile is enough to melt the frostiest day that mother nature can serve up. She is another stunning weather channel presenter from Mexico who is notorious for raising the temperature by her presence alone.

Though you might tune in to a segment to find out what weather to expect in the coming days, you might find that you completely forget to listen and instead spend your time mentally undressing her. She is definitely in the running for the hottest weather channel anchor.

Maria Timmer

Maria Timmer was born in the country of Nicaragua but she grew up in the South Florida region. The hurricane-prone weather of the South Florida region inspired her career in meteorology. She is a true example of brains and beauty and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at Central Michigan.

To her fans, Maria Timmer is simply one of the hottest weather channel female anchors in the business. There are many fans out there who simply don’t consider their day complete unless they have listened to this stunning babe giving them the weather forecast.

Susana Almeida

Jalisco, Mexico’s Susana Almeida is known for her work giving accurate weather forecasts in Guadalajara. At the same time, she is known as one of the hottest weather girls in the business. Much of her fame is due to a viral moment where a wardrobe malfunction gave her viewers a glimpse of what they all wanted to see anyway.

Many of these viewers had already been mentally undressing Susana Almeida for years anyway. This wardrobe malfunction was like a dream come true for them. One look at you will see that this is a hot female anchor who is deserving of her spot on this top 15 list.

Molly Rosenblatt

We are wrapping up our list of the top 15 hottest weather channel female anchors with the stunning Molly Rosenblatt. The term eye-candy is the perfect description of this hot female anchor from New Orleans.

Residents of the Big Easy tune in to get their daily weather report from Molly Rosenblatt, but if we are being honest, many of them also tune in because they simply want to catch a glimpse of one of the hottest weather girls in the business. She is the perfect hot weather channel anchor to conclude our top 15 list.


This is where we will now conclude our list of the top 15 hottest weather channel anchors of all time. These sexy forecasters can give you more than one reason to tune in for their reports. Sure, they can let you know if you need to bring your sunscreen, or your umbrella with you the next day, but they will also get your sexual juices flowing by the very sight of them.

You simply have to love a hot female anchor who can tell you what the weather is going to be. In the case of these babes, the forecast is always smoking hot regardless of what the actual weather is going to be that day. These weather channel female anchors can give you an accurate weather prediction and we can accurately predict that they will leave your heart racing and your mind wandering into all kinds of dirty thoughts.


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