Pornstars often have a somewhat unfair reputation of being ‘poorly educated’. Many people believe that those that head into porn are the airheads. The ones that simply couldn’t succeed in any other business because they were not educated enough. This isn’t the case. Not by a long shot, in fact.

While we are sure that there are some porn stars that are lacking a decent education, there are a surprising number of people working in this profession that are well-educated. In fact, some of them even hold college degrees. It is those college educated pornstars that we are going to talk to you about on this page.

Each of the 20 college pornstars you find on this list will have at least one college degree to their name. Where possible, we have tried to name what this degree actually was. However, as you may have guessed, there are still a few people that will play this somewhat close to their chest.

You can think of this list of the 20 college pornstars as a way to introduce you to some of the smartest people in the profession. However, let’s be honest, the main reason why you are looking at pornstars is because you want people that are actually sexy and perform well on camera. This means that most of our focus has been on ensuring that everybody that goes onto this list is damn sexy too.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into a list of the twenty best porn stars with a college degree, shall we?

Smartest, College Educated Pornstars

Shy Love


We couldn’t think of a better person to kickstart this list of educated pornstars than Shy Love. She has not one, but two degrees to her name. If that wasn’t enough, she also adds a couple of Master’s Degrees onto that too. We suppose she can afford it. After all, if you are successful in the porn industry, then paying off your student debt is going to be an absolute breeze, isn’t it?

Now, as with many of the people on this list, we really do not have a clue what Shy Love has studied. However, since various sites claim that she is a legally qualified accountant, that is the route that we are going to assume she has gone down with her college education. Who said that accountants can’t be sexy?

Asia Carrera


You know that joke “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” and the answer is “Practice”? Well, that is exactly what Asia Carrera ended up doing. In fact, she has played a couple of times at Carnegie Hall. This was before she became a porn star mind you, but it already showed just how smart she was and, of course, how dedicated she was to her passions in life.

Now, as you may well know, this is not a lady that is in the porn business any longer. She left it. However, once she died, she managed to receive a full scholarship for university. We cannot tell you what course she completed, but based upon her experience before she became a porn star, we are pretty confident in saying that it was at least something tangentially related to music.

Lexington Steele


Who would have thought that the guy most porn producers turned to when they needed a huge cock for the screen would end up being a financial adviser? Certainly not us!

These are not the only qualifications he has, though. He also holds two degrees. One of them in history and the other in African American studies. Since he had to use neither of these to become a qualified financial adviser. So, we assume that both of the degrees that he picked up were due to an interest in the subject matter.

More of a hobby. When you are pulling in the amount of money that Lexington Steele brings in from porn, you have more than enough cash to splash around for multiple degrees, even if they only end up being hobbies.

Nina Hartley


Nina Hartley is bordering on her 60s now. This means that she has gone from young porn start to MILF, to GILF. Although, to be honest, we do not think she is that active in the porn business now.

When she first got into the porn business (at some time during the late 1970s), she was studying for a nursing degree. She ended up getting this. Now, we have no idea what she is doing now. However, if she did end up getting into the nursing proper, it means that many, many men (and probably more than a few women) are living their dream right now of having a sexy nurse tend to them.

Ron Jeremy


We know. We know. There are very few people that like Ron Jeremy now due to his past accusations. However, since this is a list of college educated porn stars, and he is probably one of the most recognizable faces in the porn scene, he does need to be brought up.

Did you know, for instance, that Ron Jeremy was a teacher before he entered the porn business? For Special Needs students, in fact. As a result, a lot of his education was in that. However, as he became more and more popular in the porn industry, he gave up his teaching. However, he continued with other studies. He ended up with a degree in Theater Studies, which probably plays in pretty well with the acting and the whole porn production thing.

Laurie Wallace

Laurie Wallace holds two degrees. One of them is in German, and the other is in Political Science. So, she is a pretty well-rounded student, isn’t she?

Of course, we do not think that the beautiful bombshell Laurie Wallace is going to be leaving the porn industry any time soon., However, we reckon that with her German degree, she is probably one of only a few people in the world that can understand that weird German porn.

Hell, she could probably end up starring in it a little bit later on down the line if she really wanted to. Actually, come to think of it, this is something that we really, really want to see now.

Annabel Chong

Annabel Chong is one of the more prolific of sex workers. In fact, she apparently holds a couple of records in the business. However, we are not going to go into that part on this page. Instead, we want to point out that she holds a Master’s Degree in Gender Studies. While we have no idea whether she followed a career in this after she left the porn business, it is a decent degree to have, and it could have opened many doors for her.

Joanna Angel


English and Film Studies are where Joanna’s education is. We reckon that these are both decent professions that she could end up falling back on, which is lovely! Looking at her, you wouldn’t imagine her being the educated type either. She has that rebellious look to her.

Joanna Angel is one of the less-known porn stars on this list, so if you haven’t actually seen any of her content, then we reckon you should go out and enjoy a little bit of it. At least this way you can now watch her and enjoy the brains and sexiness too!

Bobbi Star

A porn star that makes a career blowing things? Well, turns out that Bobbie Star took that to the next level. She plays the oboe. This led to her degree in music. So, even when she quits the porn business, she is going to still be blowing things! We had a look around, but we couldn’t find any footage of her playing. We wish we could find it, though. It would have been an absolutely amazing thing to see!

Terra Patrick


It looks like being a nurse is the dream for many porn stars. Although, this lass seems to have gone the extra mile. He degree is in microbiology. While we haven’t actually studied microbiology ourselves, we can imagine that it takes a decent amount of education to get to that point in your career.

However, on top of this, she managed to gain qualifications as both a nurse and an EMT. This means that you now have double the chances of having this sexy lady save your life. Once as a paramedic, the next as a nurse.

Diamond Jackson


Diamond Jackson entered the business quite late, although that didn’t stop her from becoming one of the biggest porn stars of all time. Before she entered the porn business, she likely worked as a personal trainer. Her degree is in sports science.

If you have ever watched any of her porn, then you will probably have noticed that she one of the fittest bodies there is. She is perfectly toned. She was probably still working out extensively once she joined the business.

Annie Sprinkle


Annie Sprinkle hasn’t acted in this business for a while. To us, it is a huge shame. While she was never really the most beautiful person in the business, her radiant smile (and her MILF charm) certainly lit up the screen the second she appeared on it.

Now, her initial education was in photography. However, in recent years, she has gained a P.H.D. And no, that doesn’t mean Pretty Huge Dick, we are positive she was getting enough of that when she was acting on stage! Instead, this legal doctor completed a dissertation on the education of sex workers. As a result, she was pretty much a shoe-in for inclusion on this list, wasn’t she? This is practically the ultimate level of education for sex workers.

Missy Woods

Missy Woods holds her degree in psychology. For her, it seems as if the porn experience was meant to help contribute money towards her college education. You know, the typical story. It just so happened that she ended up loving the business and decided to stick around.

If we had to guess, it is highly likely that MIssy Woods is the lass most likely to actually make good on her degree when she leaves the porn business. So, yep. It could mean that one day you have one of the sexiest porn stars working as your psychologist. How sweet would that be?

T.J. Hart

As you go through this list, you will likely notice that there is a pretty common theme among them. This is the fact that many of these college pornstars have multiple degrees to their name. They can afford it, after all.

T.J. Hart has a whopping three degrees to her name, and they are in wildly different subjects. She has art, psychology, and sociology. By all accounts, she has also managed to pick herself up a qualification in childcare. As much as dads would probably love her to look after their kids, we can’t imagine many women will be going for that.

T.J. Hart certainly looks the role of a psychologist too. We hope that she continues that job once she leaves the porn industry, although we suppose if we ended up with her as a psychologist, we may end up stuttering a little bit too much.

Mika Tan

For Mika Tan, biochemistry and psychology are her jam. These are wildly different subjects, but, hey. Whatever gives our beautiful Asian lass what she enjoys in life, right? Reading a couple of interviews, it seems that she is willing to become a psychologist once she ends up leaving the business.

A.J. Bailey

A.J. Bailey has one of the classiest degrees on this list. One that we would absolutely love to have ourselves. She has a degree in anthropology. This means that she was either addicted to the TV series Bones (who wouldn’t be? That show was awesome!) or it means that she seriously wants to get into that business later on.

Now, we couldn’t for the life of us tell you exactly what an anthropologist actually does. However, based on our limited knowledge from watching TV, we can assume that A.J. Bailey may end up working at a museum at some point in the future.

Lorelei Lee

This college educated lass is one of the smarter people on this list. Not only does she hold a degree, but she is also working towards a graduate qualification. Although, she has recently said that she has absolutely no plans to be leaving the porn industry.

One of the wonderful things about this blond babe’s education is the fact that she claims that the bulk of the writing she does on her graduate course actually focuses on the work that she does in the porn industry. We suppose that it is always great to bring real life experiences into your writing, right?

While she hasn’t actually said what she is studying, it is likely to be a business course, or maybe English. Who knows? Either way, we know we have a beautiful porn star here.

Tasha Reign


A lot of people seem to hold the belief that you cannot be a feminist if you work in porn. They believe it to be one of the most degrading profession for women.

Tasha Reign nips this idea in the bud. She has a degree in Gender Studies. You will often find her heading to universities and other lecture locations to talk about the relationship between the porn industry and feminism.

If you can catch one of her speeches (you will probably find one or two of them on YouTube), then you are probably going to end up being completely mesmerized by her talking style. She is somebody that you can listen to for hours and hours based on her education alone. it probably helps that she is damn beautiful to boot.

Selena Silver

You just know that an Australian porn star is going to end up studying something related to animals, right? Selena Silver managed to pick up her degree in marine studies. While we have no idea whether she ended up following this profession after she left the porn business, we like to imagine that she did. There is something so brilliant about people ending up following their passions.

She certainly managed to pick up a decent amount of cash from the porn business. In fact, looking at her social media accounts, she seems to be doing a pretty damn good job of enjoying life. As a result, we really do hope she studies sea creatures now. She always had such a bubbly personality, so she really deserves it for providing us with hours of enjoyment.

Juli Ashton

One thing that strikes us is how few people in the porn business have language degrees. Most seem to gravitate towards nursing or gender studies. Not Juli Ashton. She has her degrees in Spanish and History. In fact, by all accounts, she tutors Spanish. Who wouldn’t want her as a teacher?


So, there you have it. 20 of the best college-educated porn stars. Hopefully, now when you go and watch their porn movies, you are going to have a fantastically good time enjoying their raw looks and their brains.


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