Sexting is a term created from two words: sex and texting, and used online for sending and receiving sexually explicit messages like sex message, sexting pics or sexting videos.

This article will help you in finding best sexting apps where you can find a partner for sexting and maybe even something more.

If you’re bored with all of the regular dating sites and “angel”girls then sexting apps are something to get your straight to the point, since both sides are looking for sexting…

What are Sexting Apps?

Sexting applications have become a regular part of life for many single people, and also some married people. Rather than going through the trouble (and potential danger) of meeting someone in person, they are content to satisfy their cravings using their phone.

These apps are a range of social networks which people often use looking for anonymous sexting. These nsfw apps are often advertised as social or dating apps, but a growing portion of the users are interested only in finding someone to sext online.

There is never a shortage of men looking to sext with strangers, and women who log on seeking a serious relationship often find themselves being overwhelmed by men seeking or sending nude pictures.

While the majority of people seeking sexting are men, there are also a surprising number of women who are in pursuit of a sexting partner.

Sexting apps are also very popular among gay men, it has become normal and socially acceptable to admit that you met using Grinder or gay Snap sext.

While sexting originally was born during a time where you were limited to sending text messages. You were limited to explaining what you want to do to them, or them to you, or what you’re doing to yourself, and so on.

As cell phones have gotten more advanced and internet connections have improved, today’s sexting community has many more options available. Of course, nudes are commonplace today; nearly everyone has some nude pictures in some corner of the internet that they’ve shared in a moment of passion.

After nude pictures came nude videos, and now many of these sexting apps include a video chat feature. These video chats aren’t limited to one-on-one chat, but you can also be on video with thousands of new friends watching you.

Some of these apps are blurring the line between dating apps and subscription soft pornography. These sexting apps have found means for people to send real money instantly to another user if they are being particularly entertaining on the live chat.

Perhaps someone could make a full-time career just by being live on group chat all day, waiting for a big tip to do something extreme.

People who use these sexting programs feel that these programs allow them to share an intimate moment with someone, but without the potential pitfalls that can come with actually having sex. If they can be fulfilled by this, then where’s the harm?

Sexting Apps For Adults to Check Out:

Ashley Madison

ashley madison sext app

Ashley Madison – This is the site that began with the tagline “life is short, have an affair”. This site caters to people who are married but looking to have discreet encounters rather than relationships.

AM site is 100% free for women to use, but men have to pay to contact them. This is not a good place to look for sexting, most of the women on the site are seeking romance and passion they aren’t getting at home, so you’ll be ignored if you try asking for nudes or send them yourself.

The women on the site are often serious about having a discrete affair and are looking for a man who can be respectful and quiet about it. Site includes obvious risks of getting caught, so discretion is essential if you don’t want to blow up several people’s lives.

This site survived several bouts of bad publicity and have since recovered and is operating with many active users, so there are many possibilities out there.

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish – This is one of the giants, a free dating app with 90 million users, and with 3.3 million who log on every day.

This is a good site if you’re looking for a relationship, but if you are trolling for a sexting partner this isn’t the best place.

This app makes you take a personality profile when you register and offers you matches based on your answers. You can use this app for free; there is an option for a premium version but it is not necessary to use any part of the app.

In short, whatever you’re looking for, there are millions of people so this is a good place to look. – This is a relatively new app that’s out there, and this is an especially useful tool if you’re going to engage in sexting.

This app allows you to post a photo to any social network for a limited amount of time, and it automatically deletes itself after a predetermined amount of time.

While I’m sure sexters assume that this is sufficient to keep their nudes private and out of the hands of the internet if one person manages to be quick with the screenshot button their nude goes public.

I think these apps give people a false sense of security and encourage them to stand on the edge of exposing themselves to the world. I expect Kaboomit to continue to grow as sexting nudes become more prevalent.


Tinder – Swipe their picture left for no, swipe them right for yes. If you both swipe, then it’s time to hook up. This site is geared more toward a quick physical fling than exchanging nudes and sexting, so you probably will strike out if that’s what you’re looking for.

People are on Tinder because they are looking for someone to have sex with, and the site is enormously successful because of that. If someone swipes you right on Tinder, do not ask them for nude photos.

If you play it right, you could probably see them nude within a few hours, so be patient. This app just shows that today’s singles don’t have time for dating or courtship, they need to move straight to the depraved sex so they can get back to their lives.

Who has time for conversation, swipe right and it’s time to get it on.


Snapchat – This is a fast-growing social network with very humble beginnings. It started as a chat app where you could send pictures that were only viewable for a few seconds, perfect for sexting nudes.

That security was thwarted by the aforementioned screenshot, but Snapchat has grown into so much more. This is a natural app for finding someone to sext with because the whole app is based around sending nude pictures that can’t be saved.

This app is leading the filter game, they have some impressive filtering technology for women to take more flattering selfies to send to their Snap friends. If you’re interested in the chances of meeting up, this probably isn’t the app for you.

If potentially getting a quick flash picture (which you can screenshot) then Snapchat is right up your alley.


Badoo – This is one of the oldest free dating sites, and although its popularity has waned in the US there are users around the globe.

If you’re looking for someone to sext, it doesn’t really matter if they live close or around the globe, you still can send naked pictures so this might be a good place to look.

Badoo has a live video chat feature, so there is always a good chance that you can find someone looking to take it another step, so give this one a shot. Using Badoo is free, but you can upgrade to a premium service to increase your chances at finding a match.

One thing women like about this site is someone can only send so many messages without a reply, which cuts down on the harassment some sites can invite. Overall, a very good site.


Hud Hookup App – This is a new one to the game, but it is quickly catching Tinder as the app for hooking up with someone right now.

This is a female-friendly site, women can decide who they want to receive messages from, and their pictures remain blurred and they won’t receive messages from those they don’t want to.

It’s unique because they actually have a service to have STD tests integrated into your profile, so your new bed partner can make sure you’re only bringing roses to the hookup.

This site has really caught up to Tinder fast and is quickly overtaking it as the new place to hook up with a real live human. Again, if you’re looking to sext online, this probably isn’t the best place, this is for seeing real people nude.

Wild – Hookup app

Wild – Hookup app -this is another new player to the hookup app game, Wild boasts that they are the site that cuts through the bull.

Users state their intentions very clearly, so if you are here for a one night stand, it’ll be made clear.

With 2/3 of the users verified, you can be more certain you aren’t being catfished by someone you meet here, and also free members are limited in the number of messages they can send so it limits the amount of spam you get on this site.

Another very strong contender to take over Tinder as the hookup app, and with an excess of 2 million members, they certainly have the numbers. It is becoming easier to find out who the closest person is that wants to have sex right now.

OK Cupid

OK Cupid – This is an app that began as a hookup app, 15 years ago this was the preferred app for that.

OK Cupid seems to have evolved into more of a strict dating site, and leaving the random hookups to the new apps.

This site boasts more than 50 million users, and the site can be used for free.

There are premium services for a cost, but you can use the site without paying. There are a lot of active users, so this may be a good place to find anonymous sexting, although many of them are looking for someone to date rather than exchange nudes.

They have a matchmaking feature which may serve as a good icebreaker. It is similar to the Tinder program where you can swipe left or right, which lets people quickly determine who they want to talk to. This is definitely worth a try, although you might need to approach it differently.


Grindr – This is the first place to go for gay sexting. This app is intended for only men to find other men looking for a relationship, or more likely for sex or sexting.

There are more than 3.5 million active daily users.

This app is entirely free, supported by ads. You can select your preference for the kind of man you’re looking for, and there is a section where you can post your HIV status and recent tests because they are a socially responsible site.

This site works by geolocation, so you can find the men who are closest to you and what they are looking for. Looking at profiles proves that this site encourages men to be very up front about what they are and what they are looking for.

The profiles are fairly limited to that, as they don’t tend to delve deep into someone’s personality or interests; they are simply limited to what they are looking for.

There is a paid addition to the app which removes the ads and gives some extra functionality, but the free version allows messaging and basic functionality. – This is the site that got it all started; it has been running for nearly 25 years and there is a reason. This site offers a guarantee that you will find someone you are looking for.

There are more than 15 million active users, and about half of them are paying customers.

With so many people actually paying money to use the site, you can be assured that people are serious rather than playing or catfishing. This site caters to people seeking relationships, so it is not the best site for trolling for sex or anonymous sexting.

Users of are generally serious professional people and aren’t looking to trade nude pictures with strangers, regardless of how great you think you are. Match is not a quick site to join, there is a questionaire that takes around 30 minutes to complete, which allows them to show you people who share your interests and values.

Millions of people around the world have Match to thank for their relationships. Match is certainly a feature-rich site, as you recieve 7 matches every day with people who they feel you would match with. There is also a reverse match feature, where you can find potential dates who are looking for someone like you.


Zoosk – This app began as a Facebook app, and it has over 40 million users who send an average of 3 million messages per day, so this site has a wide base of users in over 80 countries.

This site has a feature that monitors your behavior on the app, so it is constantly learning about you and uses that information to know who to suggest for you.

It has a similar feature to the Tinder app, where they show you one user at a time, but besides the yes or no, there is also a maybe answer. It relieves you of the burden of saying yes or no, more of an ask again later feature.

Seems like a small detail, but I like the maybe. When you have both said yes to each other, you get notified and it’s time to start the conversation. While this site is free to use and look at who’s out there, you have to buy the service in order to start messaging.

Seems like this is a target-rich environment if you’re looking to sext, so it might be worth shelling out a few dollars to message a few people and get lucky.


Hookoo – If you’re tired of online dating and wasting your time, and it’s time to just get down to the sex then Hookoo is what you’re looking for.

Hookoo is a hookup app – they cater to people who are looking only for a casual hookup, friends with benefits relationship, or no-strings attached dating.

This is definitely not a site for people who are looking for a serious relationship; these users want to skip that step and get down to the loving.

Website also caters to couples who are looking for a one or more people to add to their bed for a night. The site does not allow explicit content to be posted, but certainly, you can find someone who will send you nudes or more, so this may be a good site to find anonymous sexting.

This app is still relatively new, so there are fewer users than one of the giants, but the advantage to this app is anyone who is using it is ready to get down now.

The world is fast-paced, and people find themselves having less time for a relationship, but keep apps like Hookoo on their phones when that itch needs scratching.


Happn – How many times have you crossed paths with someone who you connected with, but life moved too fast and you didn’t get their number.

This is who Happn caters to, it’s a locally-based missed connections app, so you can find that person who caught your eye, and see if they remember the moment you shared.

This app keeps track of your location throughout the day, and lets you know how many of its users you were within 200 meters during your day. Imagine getting home from the grocery store after seeing the perfect woman, then checking your app at home, and finding her.

Even more amazingly, you also find that she had already gotten home from the store and checked to find out more about that guy she was crushing on (you). If this sounds appealing, Happn might be for you.

Happn is free to try and begin using, but you will eventually need to pay for the service to fully use the site and message people around you. Single people can keep a running count of the beautiful people they see throughout the day, and can then get home at night and check how many of them are using Happn.


Waplog – Waplog is a crossover dating app, intended to tie dating to either Facebook or Twitter profile.

The easy friend finder or date finder can find someone with similar intentions close to you. This site is also good for finding new friends who are close to you. This site is also quick because once you tie it to your Facebook profile all of the information is instantly uploaded and your profile is complete.

The app is free, but people quickly find the ads intrusive and may pay to have them removed.

The app is very intuitive and easy to use, and you can use the map feature to quickly find someone nearby who wants to chat. Most of the users aren’t looking for someone to exchange nude pictures with, so tread lightly when trolling for sexting.

This site also has a lot of fake profiles and potential for scams and catfishing, so be careful who you reveal information to.

However, this is a quick and easy app to learn and use and it monitors your Facebook profile to tie you to friends and potential matches with similar interests.

Hot or Not

Hot or Not – This site has been around since before apps, it began in 2000 as a program where people submit their pictures to be rated by the world, and everyone gets a 0-10 rating to tell them if they are hot or not.

This site is still active today, with hundreds of millions of people wanting to know if they are hot or not. While most sites are inundated by men, this site has more active female users so there are favorable odds for finding someone.

They employ a similar “yes” or “no” feature as Tinder, where you can quickly highlight people you’re interested in and eliminate those you aren’t. Most of the features of the app are free to use, but there are premium features for those who want them.

The pay features offer either subscription-based fees or even offer credits for buying single features when you want to use them. This site had almost fallen off the map but was recently purchased and transformed into the rich app that users have refound. Everyone can view profiles, and they tend to be quite deep and informative, so you can really get to know someone before deciding if you want to reach out.


Meetme – This site is a giant among the free dating apps, and boasts many active users. This is a hybrid site between social media and dating, but most users are interested in dating or sexting.

This is a free app, with many free features including unlimited messaging and video chat, but that also means that the site has many fake profiles and scammers.

This app has a go-live feature, where users can upload a live video for other users to watch and interact, including sending their own videos. Popular profiles with many fans can actually make money by being entertaining, receiving tips for their videos.

They don’t allow explicit content, but many users can make money by pushing those rules as close as possible. This is a perfect site to find someone looking for anonymous sexting or hookups.

Many of the popular profiles on the site are interested in the money though, so you may have to pay a little to see what you’re looking for. Overall, a very large site with many active users, so it’s a good place to troll.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder – This app stands out from the others because while most of the dating apps offer at least some amount of free features and content, AFF is not one of them.

Adult Friend Finder makes it very clear that you are going to have to pay for at least a month to use any of their features. That isn’t appealing to most people, but for the ones who decide to commit, they’ll find that everyone else on the site is absolutely committed to finding someone because they’ve shelled out their money and intend to use it.

There are a surprising number of active users, and they are looking for a whole range of things. Casual hookups, anonymous sexting, relationships, fetish play, and all manner of bizarre and intriguing people.

Whatever you’re looking for, chances are Adult Friend Finder is the best chances you’ll find someone looking for the same thing. If you are committing to finding sex and committed to opening your wallet, this is a great place to look.


Blendr – A quick look at Blendr reminds the user of Badoo – and for good reason. Blendr is built on the Badoo platform so it is a similar app. This app caters to the people of Australia and has become quite popular.

The app is free to use and offers the user premium features to increase their chances of finding love, or sex. The sign-up process is simple and quick, should take less than 5 minutes.

While filling out a simple profile is quick, Blendr encourages you to be more complete by featuring a profile rating system, so the more you put on your profile the better rated it becomes.

They offer a useful feature that combines what you’re looking for with who’s close and shows you people near you that offer a potential match. It also features a familiar “like” or “pass” feature to filter those who you are interested in.

This is a hookup based site, so most of the users are looking for a fling and not a serious relationship, so your chances of anonymous sexting are high.


Kik – is a free texting app, and is a must-have for anyone who is looking for anonymous sexting.

The idea of Kik is to be able to send messages without using your phone number or anything identifiable, so users will feel freer to send explicit messages and pictures with strangers.

Many of these people use Kik specifically to sext online, so anyone looking to sext with strangers should download Kik. You can use other social media platforms to find new users to Kik, and the web is full of lists of users who are interested in sexting.

Kik has almost been synonymous with sexting, as people who are interested in this often use #kikme as a wink to what they’re looking for. Kik is also full of fake profiles, advertisers, scammers, and catfishers so beware who you send nude pictures or your credit card information to.

Kik is a great tool to use for anyone who wants to find a sexting buddy or many sexting buddies.


Telegram – Telegram advertises itself as the most secure messaging platform. Similar to other platforms like WhatsApp, it offers an encrypted messaging system so you can be sure your nude finds the intended person.

Telegram allows you to send pictures and videos with a self destruct timer, meaning they are only accessible for a limited period of time before they are deleted.

That’s a great feature when you’re sending a video that you don’t want to follow you for years, so this is another great place to find people who are looking for anonymous sexting.

You can use other social media and dating sites to find users who are looking to sext online, so you can search for lists of active Telegram users who want to sext online.


Please be careful when using these apps and websites. Always keep in mind that you never know who is on the other side of your phone or laptop. Your Privacy must me a top priority for your own safety and the safety of others who will use the app in the future.

Never reveal your real location, meet at the public places, make sure that your friends or family know who are you connected with.

If you chat smart and find the right person, it can be a lot of fun and interesting memories created.

Enjoy and stay safe, thanks for reading till the end.



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