Over the past several decades, the adult industry has seen a lot of changes. The industry has fully embraced new technologies that have transformed the way that content is delivered. The rise of mobile apps has changed the way that people around the world view content. This is true across a wide range of industries. The adult industry is no exception to this.

There are currently a host of outstanding adult android porn apps that are available for today’s adult and porn content fans. These porno apps are making the process of watching porn a more enjoyable one than ever before. It has never been easier to access porn from any location than it is now in 2020. Adult content fans can enjoy this ease of access because of the many great adult android apps on the market.

There are many adult apps currently available for download, but it can be difficult to know which ones are the best. You want to find a go-to app that you can rely on, but you are unsure which ones are truly the best and offer the most unique types of content. The good news is that we are here to help. We have put together our list of the top 10 best adult android porn apps in 2021. These apps can help to make your porn and adult content viewing experience better than ever.

They can also help you with your love life as some of them focus on couples and on how to have better sex. The variety available in today’s adult apps is truly impressive. Virtually any type of adult content that you can imagine can be accessed by many of these apps. Make sure that you keep in mind the fact that many of these adult android apps are NSFW so remember that when you are using them. We now head to our list of the top 10 best adult android apps of 2020.

Best Porn Apps For Android Phones

1. Nutaku

When compiling our list of the top 10 best adult android apps, Nutaku was one that instantly stood out. One of the notable things about Nutaku is the fact that it is an app that is dedicated to the realm of adult content. It is easy to download and then begin to use Nutaku. Once you get going with this app, you will be able to use it for watching a variety of types of adult content. The content focus for Nutaku centers around porn games and other content that is similarly classified.

The fact that Nutaku allows users to access a variety of fun and entertaining adult content is a major factor behind its popularity. This app’s massive popularity with fans of adult content also stems from the fact that it is free to download and free to use.

This additional factor, along with the quality of the content that is available has helped to make Nutaku one of our can’t miss picks for the best adult apps that are currently available in 2020. The massive number of regularly Nutaku users helps to demonstrate what a popular adult app it really is.

2. Pornhub

Pornhub is one of the most legendary porn and adult content websites in the world. Countless users enjoy the wealth of adult content that Pornhub has to offer daily. Beyond the main Pornhub page, its network includes other notable porn sites such as Tube8, and RedTube, among others.

With these points made, it is not really a huge surprise that Pornhub also offers a quality adult app that is considered to be one of the world’s best. This convenient app makes it possible for porn fans to easily access the massive library of content that is available through the Pornhub platform.

This app really is an outstanding way to access the massive Pornhub library of content. Some of the best features of this app include the ability to Chromecast to your television as well as an endless scrolling option. These are a few of the features that have helped to make the Pornhub app one of the adult industry’s best options.

When you combine this app with all the other things that Pornhub has to offer, it really is an outstanding combination. These facts are likely to be no huge surprise to those porn fans that are familiar with the impressive quality of the overall Pornhub platform.

3. Mikandi

The Mikandi app is the next entry on our list of the best adult android apps of 2020. There really is a lot to love about this app and it starts with quality content. Users who download the Mikandi app gain access to a massive library of adult content that includes HD quality videos, lots of different adult games, live webcam models, adult comics, and other adult app options.

Adult content fans that love anime and hentai style porn content also love the Mikandi app and all that it has to offer. The fact that Mikandi offers such a wide variety of different types of adult content is a big factor behind it being ranked as one of the best adult apps of 2020.

The unique Mikandi Gold currency is another thing that stands out about this app. This unique feature allows the app’s users to make in-app purchases with ease. It is just another factor that helps to set Mikandi apart as one of the best adult android apps on the market. It is no surprise that many new users around the world download this one every day.

4. Planet Pron

The name Planet Pron has become virtually synonymous with quality adult content that is easily accessed wherever a user currently is located. Helping porn fans to enjoy sexy, steamy content wherever they go is what Planet Pron does best. The app has an outstanding track record for security which is a huge plus.

It is also easy to use and has well-designed navigation. There is also content that is spread across an impressive range of adult categories. These are all factors that have helped Planet Pron to earn its spot in our list of top 10 adult apps of 2020.

Planet Pron is an app that allows its users to access adult videos that are updated daily. If you love porn categories such as big tits, anal, lesbian, and gangbang, then you are going to be happy with what Planet Pron is offering. It is an app that is notable for being usable. This is a major reason behind why it is the adult app of choice for so many porn fans. At the moment, it is possible to access up to 200 thousand different adult videos and images on the Planet Pron app.

Many users choose the feature that allows them to download videos for their offline viewing pleasure. They also often choose to personalize their Planet Pron feed. There are two options for this adult app. The free version offers SD video quality while the pro version provides the benefit of HD video quality.

5. Porntime

PornTime is a free adult app for viewing a wide range of adult movies. One of the factors that make Porntime one of the best adult android apps currently available is its ability to look for porn videos in a chosen category across the entirety of the net and then allow the user to view them. the app is noted for having good streaming quality and being an excellent choice for those that want to be able to find a wide variety of different porn categories and to do so quickly.

The massive success of the PornTime app is one of the tell-tale signs of its quality. Countless users across the world use the app as their go-to source for the highest quality porn available. This is an app that quickly became massively popular. It was a no brainer to include PornTime as one of our top 10 best adult apps for 2020. The fact that it is free helps to reinforce the fact that you should check this one out today. You will not be disappointed.

6. Aptoide

Aptoide is the perfect product if you are looking to find great porn games and outstanding porn apps. Aptoide offers an impressive selection of apps. The adult apps for industry leading sites such as YouPorn and Pornhub can be found through Aptoide. This truly is a unique adult app for android and one that is worthy of its place in this top 10 list. The fact that this product is completely free is yet another strong point that has made it so popular. Aptoide truly is a leading example of an alternative app store that can help porn fans to find the apps that they are looking for.

Users of the Aptoide app note that the safety and security are excellent. The team behind this app has put some effort into scanning all available apps for issues such as malware, and viruses. This is important for today’s porn fans and they expect this level of diligence from a quality adult app. The safety and security of the Aptoide app are also key factors in its position as one of the best adult android apps. This is the perfect app to check out first if you are just getting into the world of adult android apps.

7. Dirty Game for Couples

The name really says it all with this amazing adult app for android. Dirty Game for Couples is the perfect app for couples that have a fun and healthy sex life. This app offers up a wide variety of adult-oriented, and couple oriented content such as truth or dare style games, and much more. This app has a great design and is easy to use. Finding the perfect sex games to spice up a romantic relationship is easy with the Dirty Game for Couples app.

The uniqueness of this adult android app, along with its massive popularity are factors behind its inclusion in our list. Dirty Game for Couples certainly ranks as one of the top 10 best adult android apps of 2020. Downloading this app could be one of the best things that you have ever done for your sex life!

8. Ikamasutra Lite

Ikamasutra Lite is the next amazing adult app on our top 10 list. This is another app that is amazing for couples. Its design is intended to emulate Tinder with swipe left and swipe right features. This app is all about helping you and your partner to learn about all kinds of new sex positions that will certainly serve to spice up your sex life.

You can set the Ikamasutra Lite app to random and can also do things such as creating your favorites list and your to-do list. These factors help to add to the fun factor that comes along with this great app. You can also get all kinds of fun ideas for date nights and can add personal notes about the different sex positions that the app recommends.

If you are looking to truly master a wealth of new sex positions, the Ikamasutra Lite is your best friend. You can even track the progress you are experiencing with new sex positions. With all of these great positives going for this app, it is easy to see why so many millions of people use it around the world.

It is also easy to see why this unique app had to be on our top 10 list for the best adult android apps of 2020. This is an app that is truly inventive and innovative. It is a perfect example of the kind of unique ideas that today’s adult industry professionals can come up with!

9. Badoink VIP

The Badoink VIP app has made quite a name for itself in today’s porn industry. It has become the go-to app for viewing hot and steamy adult content for many fans around the globe. The huge archive of adult movies that are featured on the Badoink VIP app is truly impressive and a major factor behind its inclusion as one of our picks for the top 10 best adult android apps of the 2020 calendar year.

Adult content lovers enjoy the fact that it is so easy to search for the content that they are looking for on the Badoink VIP app. Users of the app can search by category or they can simply browse at their leisure when seeking the stimulating adult content that they desire.

When you download the Badoink VIP app, you will gain access to countless adult titles in categories such as solo masturbation, anal sex, lesbian sex, threesomes, group sex, MILFS, and much more. This app really does cover all of the bases. That is why it is included in our list of the best adult apps you can download in 2020.

10. Brave Browser

One of the factors that should be taken into consideration when reviewing adult apps is security and speed. These are two areas where Brave Browser excels and this fact has helped to propel it into our list of the top 10 best adult android apps of 2020. Some of the great features offered by the Brave Browser include ad blocking and fast browsing.

The app also offers excellent privacy protections that include the blocking of harmful websites. These factors are important to today’s fans of adult content and offering them has helped to make the Brave Browser one of our picks for the best adult apps out there.

The reality is that the Brave Browser is not an actual dedicated porn app. It still ranks on our top 10 list of the best adult android apps because it offers such excellent security and privacy features. These facts have made the app one of the favorites of today’s porn fan community.

Seasoned porn fans know the importance of being able to use a web browser that they can rely on for its security features. Brave Browser truly delivers in this regard and we have taken note when putting together our top 10 list.


This wraps up our list of the top 10 best adult apps for android. We hope this list will prove to be helpful to you as you continue to expand on the ways that you enjoy adult content. Using these apps makes it easier than ever before to enjoy hot porn and adult content wherever you are.

They also help you to find the best ways to view adult content. Beyond that, many of these apps help you to enjoy a better, more fulfilling love life. These are all positive ways that quality adult apps can make your life a better, and sexier one. This is another way that the adult industry’s embracing of technology has been a positive thing for the business, and for its countless fans around the world.

Just remember, these apps can be classified as NSFW, so utilize some caution when it comes to the places that you use them. Other than that, please do have a lot of fun enjoying these outstanding adult android apps!


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