is a porn site which often falls by the wayside for people who are looking for enjoyable porn to watch. Don’t get me wrong. It isn’t the largest porn site in the world, but you can enjoy some decent stuff if you head there. Let’s take a little bit of a look in this review of

As soon as you load up the site, you are going to be introduced to countless videos. A few thousand (it is impossible to know just how much content is on the site). These videos are mostly from professional studios. Many of them will be big names that you have heard of before. The reason they are on here is because they are trying to sell a premium membership to you. This can be ignored, if you wish. However, you do get a good deal if you buy the membership.

There are tons of categories here. Yes. They are mostly mainstream (teen, boobs etc.), but that is all most people want from a porn site, right?

All of this is going to be pro porn. I had a look around, but I don’t think I really saw anything that could be regarded as amateur porn. There may be a couple of clips here and there, but a lot of those were still produced by some of the big porn studios, so not really sure if it counts as amateur. That being said, if you do love your pro porn, there will still be something to tickle your fancy!


You can download videos. You will need to make a free account on the site but, let’s be honest, you can just use a fake email and be done with it. You will then be introduced to some of the biggest and best porn around. You can download to your heart’s content, so you may be able to build up a nice little porn stash on your computer.

Every video here is golden too. Sure, some of it is going to be a little bit on the short side, but I bet there is barely a video on GotPorn where you will be left thinking ‘man, that was terrible’. This is partly because of the fact that professional studios are so prominent on the website. They are only going to be putting their best foot forward because is effectively an advert for them.


I think the major problem with is the fact that it relies heavily on professional studios for content. This means that the professional studios have a lot of control over what goes up on the website. This is annoying, simply because a lot of the studios have uploaded clips that are offensively short. Like. Really, really short. This means that if you watch some of the content, you would struggle to barely get hard. Thankfully, there is enough good content on the site to counteract this.


If you want an awesome porn website, then does have you covered. Sure, there are a couple of issues with the site. However, it is still offering a ton of porn. Does any of us have a reason to complain at this? No. Thought not.


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