The ritual of the after sex cigarette is one that is standard practice for many people. Though it might seem like a bit of a stereotype, the reality is that many people do not feel like the sexual act was fully completed without having a post-coital smoke as a follow-up to their orgasm. It is an all too common practice for one or both partners to light one up as a conclusion to a passionate, sweaty, rigorous sex session.

Perhaps the biggest question regarding the topic is simply asking why so many people enjoy having a smoke after sex. The truth is that the answer to this question can be quite complicated.

There are various reasons why people enjoy an after sex smoke. The rise of vaping and the growing legality of weed have also meant that many people enjoy these pleasures as a follow-up to a romp in the sheets. It can also be interesting to simply look at reasons that actual people give about why they enjoy a good smoke after sex.

Smoking Is a Habit That Can Often Become Mentally Associated With Other Pleasurable Acts

The habit-forming nature of smoking itself is closely related to why it is so common for people to have a cigarette immediately after sex. It can be one of the most difficult habits to give up in a general sense. Smoking is also something that often becomes associated with pleasurable acts in general.

Just as you have probably heard about the stereotype of having an after sex smoke, you have probably also heard about, or personally experienced the association of going out and smoking. Many people who go out drinking will want to have cigarettes to accompany their alcoholic beverages. It is even common for people who do not smoke regularly to do this.

Some people first developed their smoking habit due to getting used to smoking while going out. Another example of what we are talking about is the coffee break cigarette.

Those who smoke are generally looking forward to having a cigarette each time they go on break at work. There are also those who may not smoke regularly outside of work, but they adopt the breaktime cigarette as a part of their work routine.

Most smokers also feel compelled to smoke after they finish a meal. This plays to many of the same factors as the post-sex cigarette.

All of these factors point to the fact that it is common for people to begin to associate cigarettes with other acts that they engage in. This can certainly translate to the act of sex. It is all too common for many to simply get used to the act of lighting up as soon as they have their orgasm and complete the sexual act.

This is an accurate explanation for why many people enjoy having a smoke after sex. Those that are already habitual smokers will often associate having a cigarette with being the follow-up to virtually any activity that they engage in.

It will often be no different when it comes to sex. Just as they want a cigarette on break, or to smoke while out on the town, having a post sex smoke is simply a point of habit that they feel compelled to do.

Lighting up that cigarette can feel like the perfect capstone to an orgasmic romp that one just had with their partner. For this reason, it is common for both heavy smokers and light smokers alike to desire a cigarette after they have just completed copulation.

The After Sex Cigarette Has Been Mythologized in Pop Culture

Another important point to consider about the phenomenon of having a smoke after sex is the power of pop culture. Pop culture wields a powerful influence over the actions that people take. The post sex smoke is something that has become mythologized in pop culture for decades now.

We have all seen it in the movies, television shows, or in print. Seeing a couple finishing up a furious sexual session only to immediately reach for a cigarette so that they can enjoy it while still half lying down in the bed. This is an image that has become quite an iconic one.

When these types of things become ingrained in people’s minds due to pop culture, it becomes what many view as the thing to do in such a case. This is a valid explanation for why many people like to smoke after sex. They have it in their mind that this is the way that you cap off your lovemaking session with your partner.

The mental image that pop culture has created of the after sex cigarette is a powerful one. It is one that many people have chosen to follow. Once something becomes a force of habit, and particularly when it is something that is already a habit-forming act like smoking, it can become common to continue to go back to it each time that you do something.

This pop culture influence is therefore a clear part of the overall picture of why so many people reach for that cigarette after they finish getting off with their partner. For many, they have it in their head that this is simply what one does after a pleasurable act like sexual intercourse.

What Are the Pleasurable Effects of Smoking That Make It So Enjoyable After Sex?

The truth of the matter is that there are some very real and pleasurable effects that lead to the phenomenon of the post sex cigarette. Some points to consider include:

  • Once the body experiences orgasm, a period of relaxation sets in. Having a cigarette during this time can help a person to take this relaxation state to another level of enjoyment.
  • For many people, the buzz that is provided by a cigarette is intensified even more if they just finished having an orgasm.
  • Many people finding that having a cigarette after sex is the perfect way to sit back, relax, and reflect.
  • As we have already emphasized, for truly habitual smokers, having a cigarette is often something that goes hand-in-hand with virtually any other activity and so sex becomes no different in this regard.

What About Vaping After Sex?

These days, vaping is becoming a popular replacement for cigarettes. There is a lot of research to be done on the topic, but for many people, it has become a cigarette alternative that they prefer over taking actual smoke into their bodies.

The question arises about whether or not vaping is replacing the post sex smoke for many people. The reality is that vaping contains the same nicotine that is contained in a cigarette. The relaxing effects of nicotine that complement the post-orgasm state will also have the same effects if they are enjoyed through vaping as opposed to having a cigarette.

There is some evidence that shows that vaping can be a great alternative to having a cigarette as the follow-up to intercourse. It is an act that might not be as addictive for many people as smoking cigarettes.

For this reason, vaping after sex might be something that will become a new image in pop culture in the future. This is one of those areas where only time will tell the final result. It certainly does seem clear that many people do enjoy hitting their vape after they conclude a steamy sex session.

Post-Coital Joints?

Another sub-topic that often comes up within this one is sex and smoking weed. The first thing that must be considered is the fact that many people find that the effects of smoking weed serve to enhance sexual activity. Getting stoned puts many people in the mood for sex and helps to raise their libido.

It is common for many partners to engage in a pre-sex joint before they get freaky in the sheets with one another. The question is whether or not this translates to having a joint, a dab, or a bong toke after sex has completed.

It would certainly appear that for many weed enthusiasts, having a post-coital joint is a real thing. Just as they might smoke some weed before sex and find that it helps them to get in the mood, having a joint after they finish can be an enjoyable experience as well.

The truth is that a post-sex joint can often carry many of the same desirable effects as the post-sex cigarette. After orgasm, you are already in a relaxed state. Smoking a joint can often lead to an even more intense state of relaxation. Many people also report that the buzz is intensified if they smoke a joint after having intercourse.

As weed becomes legal in an increasing number of places, it would seem that the phenomenon of the post-sex joint is becoming increasingly popular. It could be that one day, it is as iconic a part of pop culture as the post-sex cigarette.

What Do Real People Say About Why They Smoke After Sex

It can be quite an interesting thing to look into what real people say about why they enjoy having a smoke after they engage in sex. You really get a lot of variety when it comes to the answers that they will provide about this.

The comments that people will give about why they smoke after sex can range greatly. They will range from many of the reasons that we have already discussed here. It is common enough for people to simply say that it just feels right to have that post sex smoke.

Many individuals confirm that having a cigarette after sex is a great way to cap off the event. The added relaxation and the buzz that it brings is something that they very much enjoy.

These are some of the common and quite predictable responses that many people have about why they like to have a cigarette after they smoke. At the same time, there are many other reasons that are commonly given, and they are often quite comical in nature.

Some post-sex smokers have noted that if it is the case that they just had a one-night stand or an unexpected hookup, the follow-up cigarette can be an excellent way to deal with any awkwardness that might occur in the wake of getting off with a stranger that they just met.

You have other people who have claimed that they have used a post sex smoke to get out of cuddling. This could be an effective strategy for those that are not allowed to smoke in their house.

Claiming that you need to go and burn one might just be the perfect excuse to get out of cuddling duties for those that are averse to the practice or simply not in the mood at the time. For these people, heading to the door for a cigarette is the solution.

Some people have reported that just as they have an urge to have a cigarette after they finish a meal, they often feel that they need to have a cigarette after they get done screwing their partner.

Some people also report that they have never smoked but they have gotten into using a vape as a part of their post-coital ritual. They will often report that the nicotine rush is quite pleasurable after having an intense orgasm. This fact reinforces the idea that the post-sex vape session could eventually become as closely associated with sex as having a smoke after sex.


As has been demonstrated, there are various reasons why people like to have an after sex smoke. Different people enjoy the act for different reasons. Those people that are regular smokers will often associate cigarettes with other activities that they do.

Sex is one of these activities that commonly gets associated with having a smoke. Pop culture has also put the idea of the satisfying post sex smoke in the minds of many.

Regardless of the reason, it is clear that having a smoke after sex continues to be a highly popular practice. For many people, a good post sex smoke is the perfect way to cap off a satisfying screw session.


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