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UPDATED: February 24th 2021

If you work in the sex industry, you will discover pretty sharpish that many of the payment methods normally available to businesses will not be available to you.

Many explicitly block payments from sex workers. We assume this is to help protect the company in the event of something going wrong, or perhaps because they do not want negative PR.

All that matters to you is that you can’t use them. Thankfully, as a sex worker, you still have a few viable payment methods available to you.

On this page, we are going to take a little look at the most popular.

Do bear in mind that there may be other payment options available to you. We have selected these ones due to their ease of use. We also firmly believe that these are the companies that will ‘have your back’ if something goes wrong with your payment. Therefore, you can trust them.

Friendly Payment Options and Banks For Sex Workers:


Paxum is one of the most common payment methods found on sex worker sites. They welcome sex-related businesses with open arms. When you sign up to Paxum, you will have a dedicated EUR and USD account.

You can also register for a debit card to withdraw your cash (or you can send directly to your bank account). If you are going to be doing any sort of sex work on one of the major websites, then Paxum is almost certainly something that you will want to sign up to. It is also a fantastic method for those who want to receive wire transfers from anywhere in the world.


Operating since 2007, this Czech company proved itself as one of the most valuable online payment option for multiple industries. They operate under PSI-Pay Ltd, which is UK company authorised and regulated by FCA.

Chaturbate gives you an option to get paid via epayservices, which means that you can get your earnings fast and with lowest fees in the industry.

ePayServices takes only 3 EUR+1,95% when withdrawing to external credit card. I suggest you order their card which makes the withdrawal easier and much faster.


If you fancy receiving payments in a cryptocurrency, then Coinbase is the best route to go down. While this is a site that deals with payments in just about any of the major cryptocurrencies, it is mainly used by those who want to receive payments in Bitcoin.

One of the great things about being paid in Bitcoin is that if the value of Bitcoin goes up, you will have basically gained cash, unlike the other sites where if you are paid $1, you will only ever have $1.

Coinbase makes it dreadfully simple to sell your cryptocurrency when you are done with it too. A lot of people who pay sex workers love to pay in Bitcoin nowadays, mostly due to the fact that it is harder to see where the payments went to, which means you will have a lot of people suggesting you receive cash like this. Coinbase is the way to go.


One of the goals of CosmoPayment is to be able to offer a payment solution to those who may otherwise be unable to accept payments any other way.

This means that it is absolutely perfect for those in the business of sex. CosmoPayment is available in over 150 countries, which means it is one of the most widespread of the payment methods on this page.

One of the greatest parts of CosmoPayment is that, for a small fee, you can get your own debit card that is tied to your CosmoPayment account. This means that you can use your CosmoPayment account like any other bank account.

As soon as the money has been transferred, it is ready to be spent wherever you want to spend it and yes, this is a payment method that is available in all of those countries. It will automatically convert to your local currency. How cool is that?


ePayments is a payment method that does not always allow new accounts to register. However, if registration is open, then try to snap up it up as soon as possible. This is because ePayments is a ridiculously smooth way to receive cash. Seriously.

When you have an account, you will be giving an international bank account number, You will also get a plastic card if you want. It is one of the cheapest cards to maintain too, with zero maintenance fees per month.

One of the best things about ePayments is that it is one of those rare accounts that allows you to receive money in Euros direct to a dedicated Euro bank account. This means that it is a fantastic option for both Americans and Europeans alike.

Wire Transfer

When it comes to sex worker friendly payment options, wire transfer is probably the less ‘jump through hoops’ option. Dependent on how the wire transfer is sent, you can receive your money directly into your bank account, and it doesn’t matter what currency it is sent in.

Your bank will automatically convert it (for a small, small fee) into your local currency. Alternatively, there are some wire transfer methods that allow you to collect physical cash from a physical location, although it may be difficult to find these on sex worker sites.

However, they do exist if you take direct payments from clients (e.g. Western Union transfer). Do bear in mind that if you want to offer a wire transfer, you will need to give people your bank details.

This is secure, don’t worry. They can’t do much with your bank details beyond sending you payments, although you may not want to be handing out your bank details to new clients who you have yet started to trust.


So, which is the best sex worker payment method for you?

Honestly, this is a question that we can’t answer. It is going to be dependent a lot on your own personal circumstances, as well as the work and site you are using to carry out your services.

What we use as cam models to receive our own payments are: paxum, epayservices and wire transfer, they showed like most trusted payment options in the last few years.

The best suggestion we have for you is to go through each of the payment methods that we have listed on this page. They are the ‘best of the best’, so you should be fine with any of them.

Once you have gone through them, you can start to get a feel for the pros and cons of each method, and when they would most likely apply. This will make it easier for you to work out how you wish to receive your payments.


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