If you run a business online, then you will probably need some way to get paid, right? Well, this is where adult payment processors come into play. Let is introduce you to 10 of the best ones out there.

What are Payment Processors for Adult Sites?

Without going into too much depth on it, the purpose of a payment processor is to handle payments from a customer. The process is pretty much like this:

  • A customer decides to make a purchase from your website
  • The payment processor handles the payment (normally through their credit or debit card)
  • The payment processor sends you the money

Basically, the payment processor is going to be doing all the technical wizardry of removing money from the bank account of your paying customer and then handing it off to you. Without a payment processor, you can’t receive money and get paid for your services or content. It is rather simple stuff.

Best Adult Payment Gateway

The problem is that there are not that many companies that work as an adult payment gateway. We will discuss more on the reasons as to why this is the case in a short while.

This did mean that we had to spend a bit of time tracking down the best adult payment gateways. However, we feel we have come up with a list of 9 of the best porn payment processor systems.

All of these allow adult sites, which is a pretty high priority for our readers. All of them make the sign-up process rather simple too. Now, we cannot promise that you will get approved for all of these payment processors. Some are pretty strict in their sign-up requirements, but there will probably be one or two that are more than willing to work with you.

In addition to this, when we looked at these payment gateways, we thought long and hard about the fees that they charge, plus the simplicity of the system.

Remember; you should only be working with one payment gateway, two at a push. The more you use, the more complicated accounting becomes. It can also be quite confusing for your potential customers too. This is why we suggest you through each of these, see what they bring to the table, and then choose the one that is perfect for your needs.

Why Are They Called High-Risk Payment Processors?

As we said before; a lot of companies do not deal with adult content. This isn’t a moral objection, though. It is because there is a high risk of something going wrong with the transaction. This includes:

  • Payment fraud
  • Chargebacks

Due to the risk of losing money, a lot of companies will steer clear. This, again, was one of the reasons why it was difficult to identify quality companies to work with. Most will simply never deal with people doing high-risk transactions.

Do bear in mind that due to the risk, high-risk payment processors will charge higher fees. This helps to counter the administration costs if something does end up going a bit wrong with a payment.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into these 9 awesome payment systems, shall we?


When it comes to adult payment processors, CCBill is often the one that comes much recommended. This is, in part, down to the fact that it is probably the most prominent payment processor around. It boasts a huge number of features too, which should make running your adult business a little bit easier.

There are plenty of features loaded into CCBill that can make running your business better. This means generating more money. Features include:

  • The ability to set up recurring billing. It even comes with a membership option if you wish.
  • The ability to set up an affiliate system. This means driving more traffic to your website. Commissions will be paid out automatically, so you do not need to worry about this.
  • Built in fraud prevention.

The wonderful thing about CCBill is that because it is such a popular system, it should be damn simple to integrate it into just about any system you are running to sell your adult content or services. You can even integrate it into mobile apps if that is something that tickles your fancy.

The fees for adult payment processing starts at 10.8%, and can go up from there. You may think that this is high, but it is surprisingly competitive for a quality online service like this one.


While Segpay is a payment processor for all sorts of adult transactions, a lot of the system has been set-up to make receiving recurring payments a lot easier. In fact, this is the main focus of their homepage, which goes to show the amount of money they have invested in these tools. So, if you run a business that focuses a lot of recurring payments, then Segpay may be worth checking out.

One of the brilliant things about Segway is that it can deal with multiple currencies and locations. If you have a customer in Europe, you can even set up a direct debit for them (i.e. the money will be removed from their bank account). This may lead to a lot more sales than a simple debit or credit card payment.

You get plenty of tools built into a Segway account. This is even when we put aside the fact that Segpay is known to integrate with almost every single major shopping cart system, and often it will take no more than a couple of clicks to get it set up on that front.

Segpay allows you to offer loyalty discounts to your customers. It can help you to set up affiliates, and it even allows you to suggest ‘cross-buys’. There is also built-in anti-fraud protection which will help to keep chargebacks to the absolute minimum.

Everything is managed from a single portal too, which has even been optimized for mobile use, so you will always have access to your money no matter where you are!


Epoch is a company that has been around for around 25-years now, which means that they are one of the original online payment processors. While high-risk payments are not the main focus for their business, they are known for allowing adult companies to sign up to them. However, do bear in mind that you will likely need to be put through a rigorous process to ensure that you are a good fit for their platform. This is just to help Epoch keep their chargeback rate down to the absolute minimum.

The main reason as to why one would want to sign up to Epoch is due to the huge array of payments that can be accepted through their platform. This is because Epoch has managed to work with companies in over a hundred countries worldwide. This means that Epoch is one of only a few adult payment gateways that will allow you to accept payments via Paysafe Card and PayPal. Not even PayPal will allow you to do this if you work with them directly!

You will also be pleased to know that Epoch has the ability to ‘read’ where your customer is located, and it can serve up their system in the user’s language, which means an even greater chance of a conversion.


Zombaio is one of the only online platforms that has been designed just for the adult entertainment industry. This is brilliant because it means the team at Zombaio are able to understand the needs of their customers and deliver the exact payment processing systems that they need. It has also made it a little bit easier for them to refine their fraud prevention services, which reduces chargebacks even further.

One feature is the ability to dynamically price downloadable content with Zombaio checkouts. This is great if selling content at a discount. However, the main reason why we recommend Zombaio to people is the ability to accept live payments if you are streaming online. This is fantastic if you are the type of person to regularly offer cam shows. It just provides an easier way for your customers to pay you.

The best part? Their fees start as low as 4.9%, which makes them one of the cheapest services in the industry.


Paxum is a company that you may have heard of before. This is a platform that is packed to the brim with features that may be useful for some people. Although, do bear in mind that it can be tricky to be approved for an account with Paxum if you are a higher risk seller.

Paxum is available in 50 countries and works with 20 different currencies. You are able to accept payments via the standard debit and credit card. However, Paxum also allows you to receive payments directly through wire transfer (i.e. somebody pays you from their bank account). You can withdraw money the same way.

The reason why we feel that Paxum may be appealing to some people is due to the addition of a prepaid card. If you sign up to Paxum, you can also apply for a debit card with them. This means that you do not have to worry about waiting to withdraw money from your Paxum account. The prepaid card will be linked directly up to your Paxum account, so you can just use it as if you were using a real bank account…just make sure that you keep a record of your income and outflow for tax purposes!


Instabill has been designed from the ground-up for high-risk merchants, especially those in the adult entertainment industry. We can’t say that the sign-up process is that simple, but the idea is to ensure that only those that are going to use their account properly get through. This helps to keep the fees nice and low.

Instabill has a plethora of features, although not that many more than the other platforms on this list. However, there are a couple that we feel would interest you with Instabill. This includes:

  • The ability to accept credit card payments ‘on the go’. While it may not necessarily be brilliant for all of those making sales in the adult entertainment industry, we do believe that there are some that may benefit from taking sales directly from customers over the telephone, or even ‘in person’. It could work for those selling toys, or maybe phone sex services…or, even as an escort in locations where that is legal.
  • Payments are sent to your bank account once per day. This means that you receive your money quicker.

Instabill can deal with payments in 160 different currencies, which means more of an opportunity to make money for your business.


eMerchantPay is a company that thrives on offering choice. In fact, it offers 60 potential payment options for your customers, and it is added more to the platform fairly frequently. This means that no matter where your customer is located in the world, it is likely that there will be a payment option available through eMerchantPay. This means that you can enjoy greater conversions.

The fraud system built into eMerchantPay is some of the best there is too. While it is not going to be able to keep all fraud at bay, it should be able to help in most situations. The quality anti-fraud technology that eMerchantPay boasts helps to keep their fees nice and low. It also helps that they only ever work with high-risk companies, which really helps them to develop their system to work better to serve the needs of their clients.

If that wasn’t enough, eMerchantPay works with all of the major shopping carts. If you need help on integrating the adult payment processor into these platforms, then the company is more than willing to help you out. In fact, they have massive guides on ensuring that it is done correctly. This is brilliant for those that may be lacking a little bit in technical knowledge.


NetBilling is another one of those companies that has been in business for a while. Since 1998, in fact. They do not just offer their services online, though. You will also find that NetBilling offers services to various retail outlets too, providing POS for them.

The main reason why NetBilling made our list is due to the simplicity of using it, both for you and your customers. The application process is dead simple, and it won’t be long before you are accepting payments online with NetBilling.

Like many of the platforms that you see on this list, NetBilling will allow you to accept payments directly from customers. This is because you will get access to a billing terminal that can be used on your phone. Just ask your customers to hand you their credit or debit card details, and you will be processing their payment in next-to-no time at all.

NetBilling also offers a call service system. Now, you may not think that this is a good idea if you have a smaller business, and you are right. If you are a small one-person content producer, then this is not a service that you will use. However, if you run a reasonably-sized adult entertainment business, then you may find that this feature will work for you. It can certainly help to save you a little bit of money.


PayDiverse.com has been in business for twenty years. It is a little bit different to some of the other platforms on this list, though.

PayDiverse.com is more of a ‘search engine’ (sort-of). While they can handle the payments for you, their main job is to put you in touch with banks that can hold the payments for you (i.e. the merchant account). PayDiverse.com works with 40 different banks around the world, and those banks know that they are going to be working with high-risk clients.

When you sign up to PayDiverse.com, they will take your details and put you in touch with the banks that are likely to be the best fit for you. The result is a higher approval rate, and often a better deal. The company claims that it has the highest approval rate in the industry for hgih-risk clients, and it is tough to argue with that!

The payment processing for this company is nice and smooth, with payouts made in around 24-hours. This means that you can get your hands on your money quicker.


We are going to wrap up this list with VendoServices.com.

This is an AI-driven payment processor. It has learned how to recognize fraud by looking at red flags that would normally be missed. It is only getting smarter too. This helps to keep fraudulent transactions to the minimum, which is important in the adult entertainment industry.

Outside of this, VendoServices.com is dead simple to integrate into the systems that you may currently be using. For the technology behind it, it is a fairly affordable solution too, although do bear in mind that it can be tough to get approved to work with them.


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