Ever wanted to spend a bit of time with a pornstar? Well, you really only have a few options available. You could have an amazing personality and a sexy body, or you could become a pornstar. Although, one would imagine that becoming a pornstar purely to shag a pornstar is somewhat on the crazy side. This leaves one more option; finding a pornstar escort.

A lot of pornstars live and breathe the sex industry. This means that when they are not acting on camera, they are looking to get their groove on in other ways. Therefore, it probably shouldn’t be that surprising that there are a lot of pornstars doing escort services.

Obviously, we cannot say for sure that these pornstar escorts will sleep with you if you hire them. It would be illegal if they offered that guarantee. However, if you hire them, they will certainly offer you a bit of company and that ‘date’ experience.

We have tried to stick with some of the more popular of pornstar escorts out there. We are sure that if you did your research, you may be able to find more options than this. In fact, we know you can. It seems that pretty much every escort has an Only Fans nowadays, and that is enough to be classed as a porn star, right?

So, without further ado, let’s start to jump into the world of pornstar escorts, shall we?

Anastasia Doll

If you are looking for a lass with some of the largest knockers that you are ever going to feast your eyes upon, then Anastasia Doll is probably that. While we couldn’t possibly tell you exactly how large they are, we will tell you that if you came into contact with this lady, they will be the first thing that you look at.

Therefore, she probably makes the perfect pornstar escort. Like most porn stars nowadays, Anastasia Doll spends the vast majority of her time kicking around on OnlyFans, Twitter, and Instagram.

She is pretty selective on who she offers her escort services to, so there is no guarantee that you are going to be able to work with her. Oh, and the cost is rather high. However, to be close to those knockers is more than worth the money that you are going to be spending on her services.

Sophie Dee

Sophie Dee is one of the top webcam models in the world. While she is a British lass, coming from Wales, to be specific, she now spends most of her time in the United States.

This lady has starred in well over 500 porn scenes, so we are pretty confident that she knows what she is doing in the bedroom department. As with most of the porn stars on this list, she is not going to be cheap to book as an escort. In fact, you are looking to be paying around $2,000 an hour.

However, you will also be spending time with one of the most beautiful ladies in the world. Honestly, we would throw that cash at her purely for the ability to look deep into those beautiful, blue eyes. Everything else is going to be a nice little bonus.

Jasmine Black

Oh my. Whenever we look at Jasmine Black, we can’t help but think she is one of the sexiest women in the world. There is something about her jet-black hair and those piercing eyes that make us go crazy absolutely every time.

Unlike the previous two escorts, Jasmine Black is based in London. However, we are fairly confident that, for the right price, she is willing to go wherever she is needed. Jasmine Black is currently contracted to both Bluebird Films and Digital Playground, so you know that she is going to be brilliant in the porn department.

She has also been lucky enough to win several awards for her performances on camera. We are fairly confident that a night with her is probably going to be every straight man’s dream.

Chelsea Heart

Chelsea Heart is probably going to be one of the more affordable of the pornstar escorts on this list. She sells her services for about $200 an hour, although her price rate is determined on what you want her to do.

If you want her to do some of the crazier sex things, which she is often more than happy to do, then you will be paying a bit more for her services. The reason why her prices are somewhat on the lower side is because she works in Australia.

We assume that the market is a little bit smaller there. However, if you are an Aussie that is looking to get their groove on wit a 19-year-old (at the time of writing), then brunette beauty Chelsea Heart may be worth checking out. By all accounts, this lady is proper filthy in bed.

Nicole Love

Who doesn’t love a good Eastern European lady? Isn’t it even better when they are a top porn star at the same time? Nicole Love is based in the Czech Republic. She offers a tremendous service.

This is all backed up with her fantastic Eastern European good looks, coupled with a huge amount of filthiness. She isn’t going to be cheap based on Czech standards. You are looking at about $300 an hour.

However, as near as we can tell, she is one of the only pornstar escorts that will offer threesomes. So, if you have a girlfriend, then you will be able to bring her along for the ride (quite literally!) although, of course, that threesome is going to cost you a little bit extra in the way of money.

Daisy Lee

Hey! We have another porn star from the Czech Republic here. However, Daisy Lee is considerably younger than Nicole Love. We did read a couple of reviews of her online, and it seems that some people are not huge fans of the prices that Daisy Lee charges for her services, mostly because she is inexperienced.

She actually charges the same price as Nicole Love. However, she is a beautiful lady, so we are confident that there are a lot of people that are willing to part with their cash for her.

We reckon that as she becomes more popular on the porn scene, and she almost certainly will do soon, the amount of money that she charges is going to go up. So, we reckon that you should get in there while the price is as low as it is.

Karen Fisher

You know the thing with escorts is that the industry is often dominated by the younger crowd. This is all well and good. But, what happens if you want a proper MILF to hang out with (read: have a good shag with)? Well, you have Karen Fisher.

If you watched porn back in the 2000s, then this lady was a big deal. Her fantastic knockers were creating a lot of buzz on some of the largest porn networks in the world. Now, she is not going to be a lady for those that don’t have a lot of cash to splash.

In fact, it is going to cost just $1,000 per hour for her. However, we suppose that people are willing to pay anything for a bit of nostalgia, right? Don’t worry. We heard that she is damn good in the sack too.

Monika Wild

Monika Wild is an Eastern European porn star currently living in France. Sure, she isn’t really the biggest name in the world of porn. However, when she has a body as beautiful as this, she is more than capable of being able to justify her $350 an hour rates.

She is more than happy to do anything with you. Well, as long as it is legal. She doesn’t charge that much extra for some of these bonus services that she offers either.

This means that if you are pretty filthy-minded, then Monika Wild may actually be one of the cheapest porn stars that you can work with. She does get booked up pretty quickly owing to her ravishing good looks, so you probably will need to book rather far in advance if you want to take advantage of her services.

Susan Ayn

We guess that working as a pornstar escort must be pretty damn good business for the Eastern Europeans, because Susan Ayn is another lass that has managed to get into that business. She also lives in France.

We suppose that is a brilliant place to go if you want an escort. In fact, many of the escorts on this list will actually be located in France or the United Kingdom. If you want a brunette lass with a banging, slim body then Susan Ayn needs to be at the top of the pile.

She is happy to do a lot of things with you. This includes anal. The prices for this Czech girl are hardly going to be breaking the bank either, which means that she is going to be more than worth checking out.

Liza Shay

We now finally have a French lady living in France. It seems so far that many of the pornstars that work as escorts in France are Eastern European. So, this is a nice break from that. However, don’t worry.

Liza Shay is still going to have a body as banging as those Eastern Europeans. She is still fairly new to the escort and porn business, which means that she may come across as inexperienced. However, trust us, she is anything but.

The number of positive reviews that she has received for her escort services are huge. It seems that pretty much everybody loves this lady. She is worth checking out, because you can be sure that you are going to be potentially shagging one of the sexiest ladies in the world.

Cherry Kiss

Good lord. We absolutely love ourselves a blond bombshell, and we reckon we would struggle to find somebody that looks better than Serbian lass Cherry Kiss. If you want a porn star with one of the best asses in the industry, then this is who you need to go for.

However, we think she knows just how in-demand she is actually going to be. At $1,100 an hour, she is going to be one of the most expensive pornstars on this list to work with.

However, with a body like that, we don’t blame her for charging such a high amount. She knows that people are going to be banging down her door to work with her. While we would never be able to afford her ourselves, we know that a lot of people have paid for her services, and they have come away with a huge smile on their faces.

Eva Lovia

Eva Lovia is probably the most expensive escort on this list. She charges a whopping $2,000 an hour. As near as we can tell, you have to book her for a minimum of 3-hours too. So, we are hoping that you do not suffer from premature ejaculation.

She has a banging body, and we suppose that a lot of people will be able to justify the cost of Eva Lovia. She operates within Los Angeles, and she has starred in some pretty big porn movies in her time.

Melanie Gold

There are a few places in the world where you can do big business as an escort. These tend to be the largest cities and countries in the world i.e. where there is a bit of cash to spread around.

This is why you will find that the majority of pornstar escorts on this page will live in places like the UK, France, and the USA. Melanie Gold doesn’t live in any of these places, but she is certainly living somewhere with a lot of cash; Singapore. We have no doubt that she is entertaining a lot of business clients.

She charges $350 an hour, which is somewhat on the higher side for a relatively unknown pornstar. However, we think that she understands her market, and we reckon that there are still a lot of rich businessmen willing to spend money on her.

Sandra Luberc

It is another Russian living in France. However, because Sandra Luberc isn’t working with an agency, she can be pretty tough to track down and make a booking with. She is incredibly selective about her clients, after all.

If you can track down Sandra Luberc, then you will love the fact that you will be working with one of the hottest porn stars to come from Russia. We are sure that there will be quite a few people that enjoy the fact that she does look on the younger side of things too.

Valentia Bianco

Considering Amsterdam is known for the sex scene i.e. the Red Light District, it is surprising that none of the people we have discussed so far actually work in Amsterdam. Valentia Bianco is going to be breaking that trend.

We are sure that you have probably guessed this already from her name, but she is Italian. She has been in the porn business for a long time, which means that she is on the older side of things.

However, once again, we find that the women on the older side of things in the escort business have a bit more experience under their belts. This means that they can really, really surprise you. Oh, and because she is working in Amsterdam, you pretty much know she is going to be having sex with you.

Alyssa Reece

Alyssa Reece is another lady that may be going for the nostalgia more than anything. Don’t get us wrong, she is still a sexy lass. However, she has been in the business for well over a decade now.

This means that there are people that have watched a lot of her porn. She has starred in videos for some of the best companies in the business too. Trust us. You have probably seen a porn video starring Alyssa Reece, and now you can meet her for yourself…you just have to part with $600 an hour.

Aletta Ocean

Aletta Ocean is a Hungarian living in London. We wouldn’t be surprised if you recognized her name. This lady has a couple of AVN awards under her belt. This includes awards for the best sex scene.

So, you just know that she is going to give you a fantastic time. Although, you will be paying $1,800 an hour for her services. This lady is seriously sexy, so she is more than worth the money that you spend on her. “I started 37.5 mg phentermine on May 20 to assist me with weight loss http://medicalspecialistsoffairfield.com/phentermine/

Misha Maver

Misha Maver is the first pornstar escort on this list that lives in Barcelona. If you like tattooed teen ladies with tits on the smaller side of things, then it may be worth having a look at her.

You probably won’t have seen her star in much porn because she sticks to Russian and Spanish videos. However, that is fine. it is the sex and the sexiness that counts, right?

Kayla Green

We have another lady that is all about the nostalgia! $600 for this vintage porn star per hour, plus hundreds and hundreds of dollars for some extra services. While we can’t imagine that she is going to easily be attracting people that have never heard of her, we reckon that a lot of people that remember her from some classic porn videos (i.e. more than a couple of decades ago) will be more than happy to empty their bank accounts.

Ashley Bulgari

Ashley Bulgari certainly isn’t the most popular porn star on this list, nor does she live in the most escort-heavy region. However, she does seem to be an awesome escort based on reviews.

Living in Athens in Greece, she barely charges $200 an hour. This is normally a rate that you could expect for ladies that aren’t quite as famous. So, she is a bargain.

Amina Danger

27-year-old Amina Danger currently operates in Dubai in the UAE. She is a Hungarian and gives off that whole ‘sexy schoolteacher’ vibe.

She claims that she is more than happy to do most things in bed. All you need to do is throw money in her direction. She does travel around a lot, so she may not always be in Dubai.

Stacey Saran

Stacey Saran is such an expensive lady that it is actually tough to find a price on her. It seems as if she adjusts her prices based upon who she works with. It is actually alright she doesn’t list a price, to be honest.

This is because she is one of only a few pornstar escorts that is willing to fly just about anywhere in the world. She is a smaller lass, but she has a massive pair of knockers. It is evident that they are fake tits, but we are sure that most people won’t be complaining when they have them in front of them.

At the age of 35, she would be regarded as a MILF in the world of pornstars. In the world of escorts, she is probably still on the older side of things, but we would prefer to see her as ‘experienced’. She is certainly worth checking out…if you can afford it.

Klarisa Leone

This Czech lass has been in the business for over a decade now, and she is still sexy enough to be regularly starring in videos for some of the biggest porn studios in the business. One of the great things about this blondie with huge tits is that she is willing to travel just about anywhere in Europe for a paid shag, so get in touch with her if you are into that.

Lara Onyx

Let’s wrap things up with Lara Onyx, a Russian lady with a fantastic ass. Now, she didn’t star in that many videos. However, the ones that we have seen are fantastic of hers. She has a huge pair of tits, but she is 100% natural. So, if you want a 100% natural Russian lass, check her out.


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