In one of our first interviews (will try to do them weekly), we have asked Pantydeal some important questions, and here is what they replied.

You all remember when we talked about selling your used panties? Well, a long time has passed since we covered another related topic.

In order to offer you more insights on how to sell your panties and what are some of the industry stats, we’ve contacted to help us out.

Hope you like the interview we prepared for them, enjoy…

1. What is Pantydeal and why is it important for our readers or the adult industry? is a members-only platform, marketplace, and community where people buy and sell erotic content and fetish items. We’re the biggest used panty marketplace in the world.

Our site is dedicated to panties, but there are other things you can sell on here, including photos, videos, sexting and webcam sessions, and more.

We enable the right buyers to find the right sellers. Our features make it easy to create and run an erotic business. We provide panty selling advice, sex-positive content, and our team is always on hand to offer support.

We believe in celebrating the erotic side of life. As well as getting everyone to enjoy their kinks, we believe in destigmatizing sex work and making it as safe and simple as possible for people to work in the adult industry.

2. How did the whole idea start, and when?

Pantydeal was founded in 2012 by Paul Richter and Caren Smith. With Paul’s business knowledge and Caren’s experience in the erotic industry, Pantydeal was born!

Pantydeal quickly became the go-to site for panty lovers. This isn’t surprising given how popular the panty fetish is, and how fun it is to make money selling your underwear. We currently have over 1,000,000 active users.

3. Who is behind Pantydeal and where are your headquarters?

The Pantydeal team is spread across the world. Our team is fun, open-minded, and passionate about making the adult industry a great place to work. We want to spread kink-positivity worldwide!

4. How does Pantydeal work?

Members can sign up for free on Pantydeal and immediately start browsing the marketplace or create their own store. You need to pay for Premium membership to access our full range of features. We take no commission on your sales, so every dollar you make is yours.

5. How to sell on Pantydeal, is it legit & safe?

After you create your profile, you can upload items to sell (eg. photos of you in the panties you’re offering) or list the services you offer (like sexting, erotic videos, etc). Then, contact buyers or wait for them to contact you, arrange the purchase, receive payment and ship the product. That’s it! There are detailed descriptions and panty selling advice on our site and in the Pantydeal magazine.

Yes, Pantydeal is safe. Our platform was made to give people interested in selling a place where they could do so without disclosing personal details or worrying about being scammed.

6. How do you get paid on Pantydeal?

Buyers and sellers agree on a payment method between themselves. There are lots of common payment methods used by our sellers, including Amazon Gift card, Cash App, and Google pay. We wrote an article about the best ones here.

7. Any success stories so far? (Sellers making money)

There are so many success stories! Many sellers who have been in the industry for a while have a regular client base from whom they get a lot of money every month.

Every day, thousands of pairs of panties are sold for around $40-50. But it’s not uncommon for someone to pay hundreds of dollars for a special garment or particularly sexy session.

8. Any stats you can share? (traffic, sales, social media followers)

On average, used underwear is sold for $45, texting and chats for $20 per sale, other used clothing for $38, and videos and photosets for $24.

We have over 1 million active members, with thousands of new sign-ups and panty sales every week – sometimes every day.

9. How can people learn more about you? (where they can follow you and check for updates)

Check the Pantydeal magazine for panty selling tips and tricks as well as information about the world of fetish and sex. Like us on Facebook and follow our Twitter and YouTube to stay up to date and hear the latest news!

Join the Pantydeal community for free today. (25% OFF for Lustfel Readers)

10. Anything else you would like to add?
We look forward to seeing you soon, kink lovers!


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