It is a common trope that good things often come in a small package. This is a fact that holds true in the world of midget pornstars. For those porn lovers that crave jerking off to pint-sized starlets, there is much to be excited about.

It is one of the most amazing sights to see tiny little sluts that can easily handle massive cocks that look like they would tear them apart. Midget pornstars are an integral part of today’s impressively diverse porn industry and there are many amazing performers within this niche that continues to grow in its popularity.

For those that crave watching hot midget pornstars, there is something that is absolutely erotic about watching these little beauties. For many porn fans, midget pornstars are one of their go-to niches when they need to cum fast and hard.

There are a lot of amazing midget pornstars that are currently fucking and sucking their way across the porn industry in 2021. At the same time, there are some starlets that truly stand out above the rest of the pack. We have put together our list of the 20 hottest midget pornstars for 2021.

These lovely little ladies represent pure sexuality and they are completely devoted to the art of sex. For their fans, busting a nut to these amazing midget pornstars is a thing of beauty. With this said, these are the top 20 hottest midget pornstars of 2021.

Best Midget Pornstars

Bridget Powers

Bridget Powers has built a career off of demonstrating her impressive sexual prowess in front of the camera. This chick might be short of stature but she excels at taking long, thick cocks into her tight cunt with absolute glee. Since 1999, she has been delighting porn fans around the world and she continues to be one of the most popular and consistently viewed midget porn stars in 2021.

This brunette slut stands only 3’6″ and weighs in at just 80 pounds. These proportions have delighted her loyal fans over the years. They love watching her work her pierced tongue on a throbbing cock and they also love watching massive dicks disappear inside the wetness of her sweet little cunt.

Stella Marie

Stella Marie began fucking and sucking her way across porn sets in 2008 and she has amassed a large fanbase since that time. Her tiny body has welcomed in one huge penis after another during her porn career and this fact has earned her great notoriety in the industry. She consistently shows off just how horny she is once she gets naked in front of the camera.

These factors have helped Stella Marie to earn a spot on our list of 2021’s top midget pornstars. Her impressive career is one that is worth checking out. You will quickly find that you are reaching for your cock after a few minutes of watching Stella Marie getting to work.

Hellen Renata

Hellen Renata is one of the hottest midget porn stars in the industry and she has used her looks and her impressive sexual skills to amass an impressive adult career. This filthy slut started off performing in fetish content such as fisting vids and has moved on to sex scenes that include lots of anal and double penetration.

She is also ready to jump into a hot group sex scene at the drop of a hat and loves having her sweet face blasted with loads of hot sticky cum. These factors, along with her massive fanbase have helped Hellen Renata to earn her position as one of 2021’s best midget pornstars.

Mini Mya

It will only take a couple of seconds of watching Mini Mya to start making your cock stiffen and throb. Jerking off to this short little babe is easy because she is such a filthy slut. Mini Mya is very short in stature but she is a pro at taking huge cocks. Her cunt has consistently demonstrated an ability to stretch to accommodate massive cocks. She loves getting down and dirty and it shows in her impressive performances. Watching Mini Mya ride a big cock is impressive, to say the least. So are her cock sucking skills. She is an undeniable member of the top 20 hottest midget pornstars of 2021.


Trishelle has made a name for herself in the world of midget porn based on her relentless sex drive and her ability to squirt. Her fans love her short stature, her juicy cunt, her cute, puffy nipples, and her round ass. This filthy tramp is known for engaging in hardcore sex scenes that involve getting her tight pussy pounded out by massive cocks. This midget pornstar is a real size queen and she loves to show it. All of these attributes have helped Trishelle to establish her reputation as one of the best midget pornstars in the industry. Trishelle is also known as Bea Smalls

Twidget the Midget

Twidget the Midget has built her reputation on appearing in porn films that run across a wide range of different categories. This girl is a slut, plain and simple, and she loves showing this fact off for her countless fans around the world. The career of Twidget the Midget has seen her showing off her sexual skills at many top porn studios. For her fans, watching Twidget the Midget fuck and suck one throbbing prick after another is the perfect recipe for a hot and steamy jerk off session. These attributes have helped her to achieve the status of a top 20 midget pornstar.


If you love to wank your meat to midget porn, then you are going to be in for a real delight when you look up the pornographic work of Daysha. She is a short little slut that loves showing off her tits, ass, and pussy for viewers around the world. She also loves showing off her highly developed sexual skills are.

It is clear that this filthy girl loves sex that is down and dirty. That includes taking the massive, swollen pricks of her male co-stars into her hungry vagina and a good pounding. Daysha is one of the world’s best midget pornstars and a member of our top 20 list for 2021.


Cinnamon is a hot ebony honey that also happens to be one of the porn industry’s hottest midget pornstars. Both of her sets of lips are juicy and sweet and so are her sexy tits and her sexy ass. During her adult career, Cinnamon has appeared in many different genres of porn in her career and she is known for always giving her all.

She is a true slut who loves to spread her legs for huge cocks and her hungry cunt has an impressive ability to pull out every last drop of cum contained in the balls of her male co-stars. It was an easy choice adding this sexy midget starlet to our top 20 list of the best midget pornstars.

Alyssa Chase

With a curvy body, a sweet ass, and a juicy cunt that begs to be pounded, Alyssa Chase is one of the leading midget pornstars in the porn industry. She specializes in easily taking cocks that one would think would split her in half. Alyssa Chase also has some impressive blowjob skills that she loves to show off.

Her career has seen her getting freaky on the sets of some of the porn industry’s leading studios and she has steadily built a fanbase of devoted strokers that love to get off watching her fuck and suck. Once you see Alyssa in action, you might find yourself becoming another one of her devoted fans.

Alyssa Moore

Alyssa Moore is accurately named because she will have you coming back again and again and always wanting more. She has a curvy body that includes a sweet ass that looks even hotter when she is bent over offering her holes to big-dicked studs.

Throughout her pornographic career, Alyssa Moore has made a name for herself by performing in sizzling hot blowjob and vaginal fuck scenes. This is a midget pornstar who will have you cumming quickly when you put one of her flicks on for your next jerk off session. She is highly deserving of her spot on our list of the top 20 hottest midget pornstars of 2021.


Akina is the next filthy slut on our list of 2021’s top 20 best midget pornstars. This Asian slut has been fucking on porn sets since 2010 and she continues to thrill her army of loyal strokers that love getting off to her debauched on-screen acts. Akina has gained notoriety for her hot solo scenes. Watching her play with her juicy cunt will have you reaching for your cock in a flash. She is also highly skilled at blowjobs and loves to take huge cocks in both her pussy and her asshole. All of these factors have helped to make Akina one of the most recognized midget pornstars out there and one of 2021’s best.


Fuko hails from Japan and she has been involved in the adult industry since 2007. This horny honey has big tits and a sweet bubble ass that go along perfectly with her short stature. Her massive tits are truly impressive and her sexual energy is addictive. Fuko has worked tirelessly in the adult industry to build a name for herself and she has accomplished this by gleefully fucking and sucking as many cocks as she can. For those porn fans that are unfamiliar with the pornographic work of Fuko, we recommend you change that today. Your cock is going to thank you for that choice.

Sunny Lane

Sunny Lane is a short little slut that has more than 200 erotic movies to her credit in a career that first began in 2004. Her sweet pussy has an impressive ability to coax out explosive orgasms from her male co-stars and watching her do this helps her countless fans to coax out massive orgasms from their own cocks. Sunny Lane also has a sweet and sexy ass and a cute little asshole that you just want to lick and fuck. She is a seriously hot midget pornstar and a deserving member of our top 20 list.

Karina Lemos

It is easy to see why Karina Lemos is one of the world’s most popular midget pornstars. Her body is absolutely incredible and it has helped Karina Lemos to attract a following of fans around the world. They love seeing every inch of this midget pornstar’s body and they love getting off to one fantasy about her after another. The inclusion of Karina Lemos on this list of the 20 hottest midget pornstars was never in doubt. She truly is one of the hottest little trollops in all of porn.

Aiden Starr

Aiden Starr is a sexy, busty little midget pornstar that began her on-camera sexual exploits back in 2002. Her love for giving nut-busting blowjobs and load blowing vaginal sex has helped Aiden Starr to win many major industry awards during her career in the porn business. They have also helped her to become one of the top 20 hottest midget pornstars. Checking out an Aiden Starr scene is always a lot of fun and a great way to inspire one’s self to a massive orgasm.

Alexis Devell

Alexis Devell is a sultry and slutty MILF who happens to also be one of the world’s hottest midget pornstars. This busty beauty loves showing off her huge tits as well as her sweet pussy and ass. The career of Alexis Devell is one that has earned her fans around the world. This little slut can certainly take cock with the best of them and she loves to demonstrate this fact. She is another example of a midget pornstar who we had to include on our top 20 list.

Jasmine Grey

Jasmine Grey’s is a tiny little whore of Filipino background. She has an impressive body of pornographic work to go along with her impressive body. The career of Jasmine Grey has seen her engage in solo masturbation, hot and sloppy blowjobs, filthy threesomes, wet squirting scenes, and ball draining group sex. Her performances are truly inspiring in the sense that they consistently inspire massive orgasms from the countless fans that Jasmine Grey has amassed during her career. It was an easy call to add her to the list of 2021’s top 20 hottest midget pornstars.

Petite Princess Eve

Petite Princess Even is aptly named. This little 4’9″ tart hails from the U.K. and she has established herself as one of the filthiest, most erotic midget pornstars in the industry. Watching a Petite Princess Eve scene is always a cock-stiffening experience. Her scenes range from threesomes with men and women, solo scenes, and plenty of intriguing scenario-style scenes.

This chick knows how to swallow a cock whether she is doing it with her mouth or with her slutty cunt. It is an impressive sight to watch this dirty girl easily take cocks that you would think might tear her apart. She takes them with ease and loves every second of it. It wouldn’t be an accurate list without including Petite Princess Eve as one of our top 20 hottest midget pornstars.

Jessi Palmer

Jessi Palmer has enjoyed an impressive career fucking and sucking in the porn industry. This slutty little midget pornstar is as happy to eat pussy as she is to get her hungry cunt drilled by throbbing cocks. She has also performed in risky outdoor fuck scenes. Jessi

Palmer has a seriously impressive ability to take massive cock despite the fact that she is a tiny little trollop. Her fan following is a massive one and it is filled with devoted strokers who love to bust their nut watching her engaging in all types of erotic filth. She is the perfect little slut to round out our list of the top 20 hottest midget pornstars of 2021.


We hope you have enjoyed our list of the top 20 best midget pornstars of 2021. These ladies are all absolutely gorgeous and every single one of them are absolute sluts. If you love watching tiny little tramps taking massive cocks and getting freaky with other women, then the ladies on this list are right up your ally. There were a lot of lovely ladies to choose from, but these filthy midget pornstars truly stood out. We believe you will find our choices to be quite appropriate and we hope that this list helps you out during your next masturbation session.


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