There is something about the Irish genes that make women look good (very cute looks), fuck good and just, in general, put together an amazing performance on camera.

Since just about every Irish pornstar is good at what they do, it made it really difficult to put together this list of the best Irish pornstars. There were just so many of them to choose from! However, we are fairly confident that this list of 20 is the definitive list. If anybody asks you for hot Irish pornstars in the future, refer them here!

How did we choose these fine ladies? Well, we went by looks, quality of their productions, and ease of viewing their content. Some of the ladies do not have much content out there, but we found that they were so good at the content that they did have, we had little choice but to include them on this list.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the best Irish pornstars, shall we?

Hottest Irish Female Pornstars:

Dillion Harper

Dillion Harper sits at number 32 on PornHub for popularity. This goes to show that not only is she one of the best Irish pornstars, but one of the best pornstars in the world. Her cute and innocent look hides many dark secrets. She is proper filthy in bed. She has to be. She has been in-demand with some of the biggest porn producers in the world, having worked with the likes of Evil Angel, Wicked Pictures, MOFOs, and Bang Bros.

Most of her time seems to have been spent doing a good amount of lesbian porn (check out her cheerleader fuck videos for the best look), but you can also find her with a dick buried deep inside of her, particularly her ass, on occasion. Check her out.

Dana Vespoli

Dana Vespoli is an Irish pornstar that makes us sad. not because she is terrible or anything. It is because she is so bloody good at what she does. Our sadness stems from the fact that we do not have enough of her. She didn’t get started in the porn business until she was 31-years-old.

This means that we missed out on at least 10-years of potential porn! Luckily, she looked as if she was in the middle of her 20s when she starred in her content. She only starred in a few videos. Nowadays, she spends her time directing content for huge porn producers such as Evil Angel and Digital Sin. Despite having Irish heritage, she is regarded as one of the hottest Asian pornstars.

Rikki Sixx

Big tits. Sexy look. Beautiful blond hair. Epic blowjobs. Is there anything else you could possibly want from Irish pornstars? Now, if you look at Rikki Sixx, you will instantly be able to tell that her tits are fake. However, let’s be honest, that isn’t the point. Most of us just want to see a large pair of breasts bouncing up and down in a mesmerizing way, and that is exactly what you are going to be getting with Rikki Sixx.

Hot tits. Most of the stuff this Irish pornstar has been in has been just straight porn. However, she has a few lesbian orgies, and an incest video out there. It seems that she is more than happy to get pussy into as many porn pies as possible. That is what we like to see when we are putting together a list of the best Irish pornstars.

Tia Bell

Tia Bell bills herself as Ireland’s top pornstar. We suppose that is true. She is one of only a few Irish ladies that haven’t headed on over to the United States to do work. All of her work is done in Ireland, and maybe a touch elsewhere in Europe. She is so popular in Ireland that she is regularly featured in the newspapers! She refers to herself as the ‘Dogging Queen’, so we assume that she is doing a lot of dogging in Ireland.

We certainly know that she enjoys outdoor gangbangs. Hell, she has regularly made the news for holding orgies in porn cinemas. Pretty much all of the content is self-shot. It doesn’t appear that she has worked with many porn studios. This means that most of her content has an amateur feel to it. We know a lot of you will love that.

Ricki White

Do you love your Irish pornstars with big, juicy asses? Fucking fantastic! Ricki White is there for you. Sometimes, she seems to get billed as a Latina actress. However, she has Irish heritage, with a mix of Italian thrown in for good measure. This is a lady that pretty much knows how to work the camera to her advantage. You will be engrossed as you watch her videos.

She has a fake pair of knockers, but they do look pretty damn real, so we are willing to let that slide. Since the main focus for this lady seems to be on her ass, expect to see a lot of anal sex. Like, a lot of anal sex. Luckily, she does it well. Ricki White is a lady you will be checking back on repeatedly to whatever new content she has uploaded.

Hunter Bryce

Sadly, Hunter Bryce is no longer with us. She passed away at the age of 31. We know that knowing this may put some people off of watching the things that she has starred in. However, you may still want to watch it. She was an entertainer. We are positive that Hunter Bryce would have wanted you to continue being entertained by the content she made for you.

When she was still working in the business, she worked with porn producers such as Bluebird Films, Moms With Boys, ALT Erotic, and Blowjobs HD. These studios still promote her content, so we assume if it is alright with them, it is alright with us to promote it too.

Jayden Cole

If you could think of a hair color to associate with the Irish, what would it be? That’s right. Red. However, none of the porn stars that we have talked about so far have red hair, so we figured we would bring one into the mix with Jayden Cole. This red hair minx is always up for a good fuck on camera. This is a lady that pretty much exclusively does lesbian porn.

Although, all of her videos do feel a little bit different, so you never know what you are going to be getting from her. Well, beyond the fact that you are going to be watching a really hot Irish lass get her pussy licked. She has starred in videos from Brazzers, PUBA, and Party of Three.

Kimmy Lee

Kimmy Lee, sometimes billed as Kimmie Lee, doesn’t have a whole load of information out there. It is almost as if this is a lady that just wants to get on camera and fuck. She doesn’t care for anything else. Oddly, despite being Irish (and her profile clearly says she is Irish), this is another lady that often stars in Latina movies. We suppose it is because she has that darker, Latina aesthetic to her. Anyway, it probably won’t matter to you all that much what she is being billed at with porn websites.

All you care about is that she looks good on camera, and boy does she. She has starred in content from Brazzers and MOFOs, which goes to show her porn pedigree. Although, to be honest, it seems that she is willing to have sex for any studio that offers to pay her. We love Irish porn stars like this. It means more content for us to enjoy.

Chelsie Rae

Do you love your Irish porn stars to be on the shorter side of things? Great! Because with Chelsie Rae, we have the perfect blond beauty for you. This is a lady that seems to really, really fucking enjoy anal sex. Based on the videos that she has starred in, she is also a fan of being dicked by massive black dongs too.

Unlike most other female porn stars, she hasn’t really dabbled that much in lesbian porn. There is some, but it is vastly outweighed by the heterosexual stuff. Luckily, when she does that stuff, she goes ‘all in’. There are gangbangs galore. Most of her content has been produced for Brandon Iron and Fox Magazine.

Kelly Shibari

Now, technically, Kelly Shibari is a Japanese-American. However, she seems to have Irish qualities about her. This is because she grew up in the Irish-heavy districts of New York. So, she has all of that flair we were looking for in Irish porn stars. When she was in the porn business, she acted as a plus-size BBW lady.

Oh, and when we say BBW, we seriously mean BBW. Her real claim to fame however is away from the porn industry. Well, sort-of. She was the very first plus-size model to ever appear on the front cover of Playboy Magazine. This marked a massive change in tone for the magazine, one that continues to this day.

Tiffany Walker

We are back to the ladies that are 100% from Ireland now. Let us introduce you to Tiffany Walker. This lady boasts curly, red hair. Could you possibly get more Irish than that? She has been known by many different porn names over the years. Her main one being Lola but, of course, this was probably a little bit too generic to make a good shot at the industry.

She hasn’t been active in the business for a while. It is to the point where a lot of her content is now regarded as vintage. If you enjoy a good bit of vintage teen porn, though, then I urge you to check her out. She is probably one of the best blowjob givers of her time.

Emily Parker

Emily Parker has some of the most amazing tattoos we have ever seen in the porn business. Hell, we would have probably included her for the tatts alone. This mighty fine lady has worked with several different porn producers. You will find most of her content on Cam Soda, Real Emo Exposed, and Pornstar Platinum.

While she does seem to dive into a variety of different porn, a lot of the stuff she is in focuses on foot fetishes. We checked out a couple of her foot wanking videos before we wrote this. She also has some epic lesbian porn. This is a lady that really, really does seem to enjoy licking a good pussy.

Victoria Monet

Victoria Monet is somewhat on the older side of things now. However, guess what? We don’t care. Her body looks just as good as the day she started in porn. Of course, due to her age, most of the stuff will be MILF porn. However, you do have the younger videos to lean on too. This is incest porn, lesbian, and gang bangs. A lot of her content is incredibly hardcore too.

Like, to the point where she has worked for ‘Abusing Her’, and apparently she has some videos where she has deepthroated a cock so much that she vomits. Although, we can’t say we have checked that one out. However, if you are looking for an Irish milf that is willing to do anything, then you should probably watch Victoria Monet.

Amber Swift

Ginger-haired Amber Swift didn’t stick around in the porn business anywhere near as long as we hoped she would. Luckily, before she disappeared from the business, she did star in some mighty fine porn. She worked with porn studios such as Smut Puppet, Raw Fucking Sex, and AdultCentro.

Most of her content was solo content, but when she did do something else, it almost always involved a dick being thrust into her tight, teenage hole. As we said; she wasn’t active in the business for all that long, but everything she starred in is worth multiple watches. It is just that damn good.

Lana Sands

This lady is most often known as Lana Sands. She is a classic porn star, with pretty much everything she filmed way more than a decade or two ago. This cutie didn’t really star in all that much. It was mostly about the DP for her. Nearly everything was interracial porn, so we are positive that she loved the black cock.

We wish we could tell you more about her personally, but there isn’t a lot of stuff out there about her. Just watch her videos. We are confident that you will know what she is about.

Sophie Shox

Sophie Shox doesn’t really film much in the way of porn with major porn studios nowadays. This is because she is a massive hit on Only Fans. She bills herself as a dominatrix, so this should give you an idea as to the type of content that you can expect to be watching from her. She does get pretty damn unique with the photosets that she releases on Only Fans too.

For example; one of the more recent photosets that she has released features her getting doused in a lot of milk. We are sure that there are a lot of people out there that will find this hot. We certainly do. If you can catch a video of her touching her pussy, then buckle up. it is fucking amazing.

Brooklynn Jade

Brooklynn Jade hasn’t starred in that much content. This is a massive shame, because we seriously cannot get enough of her tits. So, why did she make this list? Well, it is because of said tits, plus the fact she loves threesomes. Not your normal two women and a man threesome that you normally see in porn. Oh no. She isn’t happy unless she has two massive black dicks buried deep inside of her. She also dabbles in a bit of anal from time to time. We hope she produces more content. You probably will too.

Felicia Fox

You know what you do not see all that much in the porn business? Clit piercings. We don’t know why. It seems to be the sort of thing that many women would rock. If you love your clit piercings, then check out Felicia Fox. Her content is a bit old now (she is no longer active in the business), but boy does her pussy look good. Most of her content is straight porn, and filmed as part of epic VHS porn movies (you know, golden age porn style)

Sarah Kelly

Sarah Kelly is a lass on the curvier side of things. Some of the time she rocks red hair too, so if you are into those sorts of things, she is the Irish lass you want. She has a good mix of content out there to explore. This includes some epic gangbang videos, solo bate content, and a bit of lesbian porn. She has now started to experiment in the world of MILF porn.

Tilly Mcreese

Tilly Mcreese isn’t so much a pornstar as she is an erotic model, mostly with photography. This means that you are not going to see her having sex, but you are going to get to see her in some really sexy poses. Like, really sexy. Enough to make you hard in mere seconds. In recent years, she has taken a role behind the camera and has started to introduce some Irish and British pornstars to the world. She is doing a good job on that front.


There you have it! A list of the best Irish pornstars around. Check them out. We are sure that you are going to love them all. We certainly did, and had an immense amount of fun putting together this list for you.


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