, owned by Vixen (more on them soon), is a website that offers some of the best, most sensual erotic porn you are ever likely to see. While it doesn’t have the wealth of porn that some of the largest membership sites in the world have, it has arguably some of the best. Let’s take a little look in this review.

The Owner of

This website is owned by Vixen. Never heard of them? Well, they own some pretty popular porn websites. This includes:

Vixen (this one was obvious) Blacked, TushyRaw, BlackedRaw.

If you have ever visited any of these websites, then you will know that Vixen aims for a slightly different ‘porn experience’ than most other porn sites. They try to make their porn as sensual as possible. It isn’t just about sex. Although, to be honest, the sex in their videos is pretty awesome. It is all about the entire ‘experience’. It is about the build-up to the sex (we are not just talking about the foreplay). We are talking about lighting. The camera angles. That sort of thing. There is just something about Vixen videos that feels completely different to other porn videos out there.

The Type of Video on is about the kinkier videos. There is a bit of light bondage here and there. Most of it is about domination. You have people in positions of power (managers, the rich, staff on a plane etc.) using that power to seduce some pretty damn fine ladies. Honestly, it is pretty hard to tell you exactly what their videos about, because every video is slightly ‘different’. Right now, we can see a sweet little video about somebody losing their virginity. After clicking about a little bit, we found another video about some rich dude tossing money at a couple of women to spur them into a bit of lesbian sex. videos are characterized by the sensuality of it all. Think quality mood lighting. Fairly decent scripts that pull you into the action. Classy music. Lots of ‘up close’ shots of skin being gently caressed. Kissing. That sort of thing. These people are not just going to jump directly into a bit of hardcore shagging. The thing with these videos is that they never actually feel ‘unrealistic’. The whole build-up to the sex makes you really feel like the two people (and sometimes more) have a bit of a connection to one another. To us, this just makes the sex so much more exciting. There is just too much porn out there that just doesn’t feel ‘real’, and it is just boring.

It is worth noting that you will be unlikely to find videos outside of Vixen is a company that goes to massive lengths to send out ‘takedown notices’ to anybody that steals their content. This means that if anything appears on one of the large free tube sites, it is going to be taken down in mere minutes. These companies know not to mess with Vixen. Thankfully, if you head on over to, you will be able to get preview clips before you sign up for a membership. At least this way you will have some sort of idea about the type of porn you are potentially buying.

The Models

Since isn’t exactly a massive porn site, it doesn’t attract the ‘top models’ in the business. However, the models it does seem to attract are pro models. There isn’t an amateur in sight. These women know how to perform on camera and that creates a far more enjoyable viewing experience. That being said, some of the biggest porn stars in the world have likely appeared in videos before making it ‘big’, they just are not shooting regular content for the website anymore.

The people on are seriously sexy. It seems that the team at has a ‘type’. Think along the lines of sleek and slender bodies, with jet black hair. A couple of ebony models, and some blond models, are mixed in on occasion. However, it seems to be the black-haired women that seem to be stealing the scene almost all of the time.

One thing we do want to point out is that doesn’t seem to feature any Asian models. Obviously, we have not been able to browse through every single video on the website (there is a ton of content), but we have yet to see an Asian model on the site. So, if you are into that sort of thing, then is probably not the right website for you.

Videos and Updates

There are a LOT of videos currently kicking about A good couple of hundred, in fact. Of course, if you register for a membership at, you will have access to the other sites in the Vixen network, which means even more content for you to sink your teeth into.

The videos are a reasonable length. We would estimate a minimum of 10-15 minutes for each video, although some of them are a lot lengthier than that.

The website has new scenes added to it 5 times per month. There is actually a little countdown timer on the website that tells you exactly when something brand new is going to be added. It seems as though new content additions are always incredibly popular on the site. The second they go live, you always see a little bit of a slowdown on This means that you may want to wait a good few hours after a piece goes live before you watch it.

The Cost

The cost of access to is somewhat on the high side compared to other porn websites. Although, if you opt for the 6-month subscription as opposed to paying monthly, you can save a decent sum of cash. We recommend that you actually check out the 2-day trial to get a feel for whether you like the site or not. We reckon you will.

Conclusion has a video style that is a bit different from the norm. If you want your videos to be nice and sensual. Maybe with a bit of light kinkiness thrown in for good measure, then is a brilliant place to head. However, if you want to watch a top-quality pounding without any of the bells and whistles, then look elsewhere.


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