On August 31st, 2014, the world changed for several celebrities over the world. Dozens and dozens of celebs woke up to the fact that their nudes were all over the web. They had been plucked from the Cloud through a series of rather sophisticated hacks, although a lot of it was down to the fact that Apple’s servers were not secure at the time.

These images were leaked in a multitude of places. 4Chan and Reddit being the big ones. It is likely that the name originated on the latter. It is, of course, a combination of the terms ‘fap‘ and ‘happening‘. An original name, we know!


So, what is fappening?

It, mostly, referred to the event that happened on August 31st, 2014. It did for a long while. However, as more and more celeb leaks started to happen over the years, The Fappening came to refer to any sort of nude leak from them.

In fact, the vast majority of the sites that we are going to be discussing in a short while do not even feature any images from the original event. Instead, they have a collection of images from celebs (both minor and major) from just about any nude leak ever…as well as a couple of other images that are sure to turn you on.

We have selected this list of the best fappening sites based on the wealth of celeb nudes that you have to sink your teeth into. There are twenty of these sites, so be sure to browse through all of them as some of them may have images that the other sites do not seem to have!

Yes. We know that some of you will have ethical issues when it comes to browsing these images. After all, they appeared online without consent. So, if you do have an ethical issue, then you may not want to click on any of these sites.

There is plenty of other porn you can browse, and this porn comes from people who have actually given permission for their images and videos to be online!


This was the first site to pop up when The Fappening happened. As a result, if you want the original images from that leak, then this is probably going to be the best place to head. Although, it has expanded a lot beyond the original The Fappening. This site is actually packed to the brim with all sorts of nudes from your favorite celebrities. It also does things a little bit different from other websites on this list too. You see; the bulk of what you can currently find are journalist shots of celebs e.g. celebs with see-through shirts in public. That sort of thing. It is really quite hot once you start sinking your teeth into it!


You probably are not going to get a prize for guessing what this site is about. On here, you are not going to be able to find leaks from the original event.

Well, not easily at least. Instead, this is a website that is completely dedicated to porn from some hot YouTubers.

Do bear in mind that most of what you find kicking about on Sexy YouTubers isn’t really going to be leaked images as such. Most of these pictures are going to come from sexy photoshoots. Don’t worry, though. There is enough kicking about on Sexy YouTubers that you are going to get turned on. Really turned on.


This site actually has somewhat of a suave look to it. It is dreadfully simple to navigate too.

Once again, like the other Fappening sites on this list, this is a website that has long since expanded beyond the original leak. It is absolutely packed to the brim with videos and photographs of some of the hottest celebrities in the world.

Oh, and the best part is that AZNude has a fantastic editorial team. They make sure that everything that they put on their website is 100% real. It is regularly updated too, so we promise you that no matter when you head to AZNude, you are going to have an awesomely fun time.


This is one of the original Fappening websites. So, if you want to take a peek at some top nudes from the original leak, then head here. The site is simple and, in our opinion, this means that CelebGate is going to be simple to browse. While there are a few sexy, but clothed, shots here and there, the bulk of the content is completely nude. There are thousands of images, and hundreds of videos to watch. So, give yourself a few days when you are browsing CelebGate, because there is always going to be a whopping amount of content for you to discover here!


Yep. Another original porn site here, and we love it. We had a browse about when we were putting together this list of the best Fappening porn sites, and we found all of the original Fappening leaks on here. Although, once again, this is a site that has pretty much expanded beyond what the original intention was. It is now a general collection of nudes images and videos. Interestingly, the site is still somehow managing to get its hands on brand new celeb leaks, and they seem to be appearing on The Fappening Pro before they are picked up anywhere else. This means that it is always going to be worth having a browse around.


Yep. All of the original leaks from the Fappening here. There are also new leaks appearing a couple of times per week. However, the awesome thing about Scandal Planet is that it picks up sex scenes from celebs who have starred in movies, and provides you with direct access to them. In our opinion, this is one of the best for that. However, do bear in mind that Scandal Planet does have a couple of fake videos and pictures here and there. Although, this isn’t really something that we are going to see as much of a problem. After all, if you are having a bit of a wank, you can suspend your belief for a second, right?


We are not 100% sure why the site is called Celebs Roulette, since you aren’t really going to be able to randomize anything on the site, but who cares?There is a lot of celeb nude content that you can find on the site. One of the things we love about Celebs Roulette is that the site doesn’t just focus on more recent porn. Oh no. You see, Celebs Roulette loves to dive into older stuff from the 70s and 80s, particularly when it comes to movie sex scenes. So, you have a shit ton to explore on that front. It also means that Celebs Roulette has a lot more porn than you are going to be able to find on most other sites out there. Well, at least if you want something that is a touch more unique.


In our opinion, this is one of the best looking sites out there for leaks. You see, it almost looks as if it is a celeb news site. The only difference is that there will be a shit ton of nudes that you can jump into. In fact, there are over 1 million leaks that you can find on the site…which is a crazy amount. Each day, the site will feature a new celebrity on the front page, so you can check out their pictures. Although, of course, you will be able to jump into any sort of image you want. The search functions are stellar, and it should be pretty damn simple to find whoever you want nude. This site is pretty much a ‘must check out’.


This is a site that tries to keep things simple. Most of the site is, of course, focused on nudes and the like. However, Nudography also gives you updates on celeb news. Nah. None of that stuff that nobody gives a shit about (like who is sleeping with who), but celeb appearances. That way, if you have a crush on a particular celeb, you can see when they are appearing on TV. This site is completely free to browse, and it is a site that seems to be getting updated fairly regularly. The only downside is that you are not going to be able to find any video clips here. However, who cares? There is more than enough content to sink your teeth into without that.


We are sure that you have heard of Motherless, right? This is one of the largest porn tube sites out there. However, did you know that they also have a section dedicated to the Fappening? This part of the site is known as Motherless Fappening. This means thousands and thousands of images and pictures for you to be able to sink your teeth into. It is easy to browse through, and since everything here is going to be user uploaded, you will always have a ton of content to dive into. Of course, if you do get bored of that, you also have the massive site of Motherless to explore. You are never going to be bored. We promise you!


No. This is not going to be a kinky side of Wikipedia, but that is cool. It is so much better. This is an online porn site that is updated by users. Tons and tons of leaked images are added to Wikipedia-style pages. If you can think of a celeb, then it is likely that you are going to be able to find a ton of porn that you can sink your teeth into. Yes. There will be a ton of fakes that do seem to appear here. That is what happens when you have a site that allows anybody to edit the site. However, the users tend to remove the fakes quickly.


This is a site that focuses heavily on celeb porn. It is a bit tough to browse, but you are going to find a lot of content here. Most of the content is not going to be related to The Fappening. Instead, you are going to find awesome sex video leaks from the hottest celebs in the world. Oh, and yes. You will be able to find that Kim Kardashian sex tape. Obviously, the site is going to be 100% free to browse. It gets regularly updated too. It is just a bit annoying to have to click around a lot if you are after some of the best shit on the site.


Yeah. The name makes this seem like it could be an incest porn website, but it isn’t. Instead, it is a site dedicated to celeb nudes. However, some nudes from amateurs appear on occasion too. There is a good selection of content here. This means tons and tons of videos and photographs for you to have a gander at. There are daily updates. It is done in blog form, so keep an eye on the front page and you will likely be able to find something great for you to be able to watch each and every day!


Yes. There are going to be a good selection of nudes that you are going to be able to find on this site, but most of the content is dedicated to feet pics of your favorite celebs. A lot of what you find here isn’t going to be a leak, so you should probably have no ethical concerns about what you are going to be watching here. This is a site that focuses on user uploads, which means that you are going to be able to find hundreds and hundreds of images that are going to be added to the site each and every day.


Yep. This is a site that is dedicated to nip slips. If a top celeb gets caught in public and their shirt falls down, then you are probably going to be able to find a picture that is added to The Nip Slip. Yes. There are daily updates. Of course, you also have access to some of the pictures that come from the old Fappening leaks. You also have a ton of celeb sex tapes that you are going to be able to find on the site too, so we highly recommend you take time to browse through all the content on the site.


This is a site that not only boasts nudes, but also has a ton of videos and images of celebs in sexy positions. Whether it is a nip slip on the red carpet, being caught in public wearing tight gym shorts, or something completely different. Most of what you find on Fappening Book is not actually going to be nudes, but that is cool. The other pictures that they are going to have on the site are going to be a lot hotter, which is bloody awesome. There is content here that you simply will not be able to find anywhere else.


This is pretty much just a blog dedicated to nude leaks, and sexy photos of top celebs. It gets daily updates, and the content is always going to be brilliant. You have years and years of posts that you will be able to sort through too. You could easily waste a good couple of days just exploring everything that Egotastic has to offer. It is one of our favorite sites to browse each day.


This is a small website at the moment, but The Fappening Celebs is growing by the day. We have seen a ton of nudes on this site that we haven’t been able to find anywhere else online. We have absolutely no idea how the site is able to get so much content this quickly, but we can’t complain, can we?


More leaked images from the red carpet. Once again, there is a lot of content that you will not be able to find anywhere else too. Not as many nudes as other sites, but if you love a bit of a thong poking out or the odd nipple here and there, then Celebrity Slips is where you need to go.


We are going to wrap up with a subreddit on Reddit. All the hottest nudes get added here, and it seems that somebody is adding something to this subreddit at least once every few minutes. This means that you will be able to spend hours here, and you will see hundreds of new images. This is on top of all of the content that has already been uploaded.


So, there you have it. If you want to look at leaked images from the Fappening, then just about any site listed here is going to be a good place to head. As we said before; each of these sites does boast something a little bit different. This means that you should probably click through each of them to find what each site brings to the table. You will quickly discover that you will have a favorite!

Remember; we really do care about you here. This means that you can never assume that this list is complete. We are always going to be on the hunt for brand new sites to add to it. After all, the world of porn is constantly changing. So, we do recommend that you give us a bookmark and check back with us regularly. You never know when you are going to be able to find something brand new to browse!


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