Looking for a male sex doll? Well, sadly, they are going to be nowhere near as common as female sex dolls. However, don’t worry. We have your back. On this page, we want to tell you everything that you need to know about finding the best male sex dolls. This includes a nifty little buying guide which should, hopefully, make purchasing one a little bit easier.

Short History of Sex Dolls

The history of sex dolls is actually quite interesting. However, we do want to point out right off the bat that contrary to popular belief, sex dolls were not invented by Nazi Germany. We saw a lot of stories claiming that the German Army gave their soldiers sex dolls to satisfy their needs. There is absolutely no evidence of this happening.

The first sex dolls can be traced to Germany and Austria, though. By all accounts, the very first sex doll was made by an artist who was madly in love with a famous musician. This happened in about 1920. He made this sex doll, realized that it probably wasn’t the same thing as banging the woman of his dreams, so he destroyed it. This first sex doll was made of wood.

It wasn’t until the 1970s that we started to see sex dolls that are a bit closer to the ones that we know and love today. These were made of silicone, and designed to be a bit more realistic in the way that they looked. While they may not have felt realistic, they certainly provided much better fun than the hand. A lot of these initial sex dolls were blow-up dolls, although they are becoming a little bit rarer nowadays.

Now, we have hyper-realistic sex dolls. In fact, some sex dolls are so realistic that they will have AI built into them for you to interact with. They are meant to provide a complete relationship experience. Sadly, this technology hasn’t crept into male sex doills at the moment. It is more for sex dolls designed for females, but it may happen in the future. Who knows?

What to Look for If You want to Buy a Male Sex Doll

The first thing that you will need to do when you are trying to hunt down a male sex doll is to set your budget. Some sex dolls can be purchased for a hundred or so dollars, while others can set you back over a thousand. Obviously, the more you spend on your sex doll, the better the quality it will be.

In terms of material, there are only two things that you should be looking for when you are searching for a male sex doll. Do not purchase anything bar one of these two materials:

  • TPE
  • Silicone

The latter option is a bit more expensive, but it is going to have the most realistic feel to it. Hell, this is about as close as you will get to having a real male companion without actually having a male companion there. Many people say that TPE feels pretty similar to silicone, and we guess it does, but it isn’t quite there. That being said, it still does feel great, and it is far cheaper than silicone. This means that if you do have a limited budget available to you, this may be one of the options that you want to look into.

If you are purchasing a silicone or TPE sex doll, then there will often be a strong skeletal structure inside of them. This will ensure that you are able to pose your male sex doll however you wish. This is partly the reason as to why you shouldn’t be buying some of the cheaper male sex dolls on the market. They have very weak skeletons inside, so you will not be able to pose them how you want, and this means that you will be able to get less enjoyment out of it.

The weight should be a major factor when choosing the right sex doll for you. The more realistic sex dolls will have a bit of weight to them. This way you will be able to fuck them properly, without them sliding about everywhere. Generally speaking, the most realistic sex dolls will have a decent amount of weight behind them to ensure that the sex is as realistic as possble.

Don’t forget to think about the look of your male sex doll. You probably already have an idea of what your ‘perfect man’ is. This could be about their facial features, skin color, or even their dick size. So, when you are trying to hunt down an awesome male sex doll, make sure that it looks like something that you would be attracted to. Now, we doubt that you are actually going to be attracted to your male sex doll. it is more going to be a sex toy but, hey, if you are going to be using something as a toy, then you may as well get something that you really do like, right?

Finally; you may want to think about the portability of the sex doll. As great as realistic sex dolls are, they can be pretty tough to store. However, many of the ones from top manufacturers will often have storage cases so you can keep the sex doll nice and hidden away. If you do not have the space to store a sex doll that is almost the size of a real human (i.e. in a cupboard), then you may want to opt for a cheaper blow-up sex doll, but do bear in mind that it may not provide the best ‘sex’ experience.

Of course, before you purchase any sex doll, always make sure that you read reviews. Assuming that the sex doll is coming from one of the top manufacturers in the business, we have no doubt that you can find countless reviews on it. Find out how other people have experienced that particular sex doll, and this should give you a good idea as to whether it is going to be a decent sex doll for you or not.

If you find a sex doll that you really enjoy (or that you really hate), then feel free to leave reviews online too. A lot of people are going to love your reviews, and you will be able to help people make the right purchasing decision.

Best Realistic Male Sex Dolls

There are a lot of realistic male sex dolls on the market. In this section, we want to take a gander at some of our favorite options.


Yep. RealDoll also offers a male sex doll option. If you want a sex doll that you can really customize, then a RealDoll is the perfect option for you. In fact, you can customize the doll even after you have received it. For example; you can change the face and the penis size of the RealDoll by changing out the attachments. This is perfect for those who may want something a bit different from their sex doll on occasion, but do not want to shell out a ton of cash on a whole army of them.

The RealDoll is well-known for offering some of the most realistic sexual experiences in a sex doll.

WM Dolls

While the WM Dolls do not have as much customization available as the RealDoll, there are a lot of people that love them. This is because WM Dolls come in a variety of different ‘styles’ (each modeled after real men), and you could easily mistake them for the real thing if you were a little bit tipsy. You will absolutely love to get your hands all over these seriously sexy bits of kit.

One of the best parts about WM Dolls is how realistic their muscles feel. Hell, close your eyes and you would almost feel as if you are touching a real man.

All WM Dolls will have an anus and a dildo attachment. This means that you can play with it however you see fit.

YL Doll

If you want a doll based upon Japanese anime characters, then the YL Doll is the way to go. Hell, these realistic sex dolls look like they have been pulled straight out of a Japanese RPG game like Final Fantasy. Yes. Some of their look is slightly exaggerated but, hey, some people enjoy that sort of thing, right?

Best Sites Where You Can Buy a Male Silicone Sex Doll

if you can, you should always try to purchase a male sex doll directly from the manufacturer. There are several different reasons for this.

The first is that the manufacturer is going to get a bigger cut of the sale. If a sex doll is being sold through an online store, then the online store is likely to be paying a rather low sum of cash to the manufacturer of the product. Since the sex doll industry is pretty cutthroat when it comes to profit margins, we genuinely believe that you should reward the manufacturers for creating something that you really love. Cut out the middle man. Since they are getting more money, they will be able to invest in creating even better sex dolls for the market.

Due to the manufacturer getting more of a cut of the profit for the best male sex dolls, you may often find that many manufacturers will sell their sex dolls far cheaper than some of the top online stores. Since a realistic male sex doll is likely to cost you a decent chunk of change anyway, it is always great to save a few dollars here and there, right?

While it is rare that there will be anything that goes wrong with one of the best male sex dolls, buying from the manufacturer directly means that you will often be able to enjoy far better customer support. This is because you are cutting out the middleman. If you run into an issue with the sex doll, then all you need to do is talk to the manufacturer. You do not need to talk to the online store. This means that any issues can be ironed out sooner as opposed to later. Hell, you may even find that manufacturers offer far superior customer support than dealing with an e-commerce store.

Finally; if you order directly from the manufacturer, then there is a stronger chance that you will be able to customize your male sex doll. If you buy from an online store, then they will only keep the more popular sex dolls in stock. It is unlikely that any of them can be customized to your needs. Even if the manufacturers does not list customized sex dolls on their website, you can still get in touch with them and ask if they can help you out. Many of them will be more than happy to oblige.

Of course, if you are really struggling to find a male silicone sex doll that you really like directly from a manufacturer, then you can always head to one of the top online sex toy stores. Although, do bear in mind that many of them will have a far more limited range of male sex dolls in comparison to the female options. This means that you may end up having an even harder time finding one that you genuinely do love.

Either way, we promise you that if you stick with some of the best websites online, it won’t be long before you are buying a male sex doll from a reputable company.

How to Play with Male Doll

Playing with a male sex doll is pretty simple. In fact, for the most part, it isn’t that much different to using a dildo or a vibrator. The only real difference is that with a male sex doll, you have something that is pretty much the size of a human being to move around.

You will want to start by getting the male doll into a position that you want to bang it in. Obviously, you will want to ensure that it is placed in a position that makes it easy to enter, or for the doll to enter you. How you position the sex doll will be dependent on whether you are a male or female. This is probably one of the main benefits of opting for a realistic silicone male sex doll. You will have a lot more control over the positioning of it.

You should always ensure that you use lube when playing with your male doll. This will ensure that your play session feels a lot better. It is vital that you use a water-based lubricant. Do not, under any circumstances, use oil-based lube. If you do, then it will ruin the sex doll!

Remember; once you have finished playing with your male sex doll, you will want to clean it properly. Warm water and a bit of soap will go a long way here. Obviously, you will want to ensure that you clean the areas that entered you. If you do not do that, then you will be leaving bacteria on the penis part of the male sex doll. This bacteria will continue to grow, and it will not only use the penis to smell, but it will also be downright dangerous to put inside of you. This could lead to an infection, which is probably the last thing you want to have happen when you are enjoying a sex doll, right?

Can I order a custom male sex doll?

You can, although you will probably want to bear in mind that finding custom male sex dolls is probably going to be quite difficult. Due to male sex dolls not selling as well as their female counterparts, most companies do not produce custom male sex dolls and, if they do, they tend to be very expensive. Perhaps your best way to find a custom male sex doll is to get in touch with the companies that produce a sex doll that you like. You never know, they may be able to produce something that you really want, for the right price.

If you can find a customizable male sex doll, then you will likely have full control over the look of the doll. This includes skin color, and maybe a few facial features. You will almost certainly be able to control the shape and size of the penis. You are probably going to have more customization options available to you if you choose to buy a custom male sex doll that is more on the realistic side of things.

Final Thoughts

Yes. Finding male sex dolls can be quite difficult. This is a female-dominated sex doll market. However, if you do hunt around, you will have a few different options available to you. You will likely find a sex doll that is perfect for your needs too. Remember; sex doll technology is improving quite rapidly, so even if you do not pick up an amazing doll today, you may be able to find a far, far better one later on.


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