One of the best things about the human body is the fact that it is absolutely covered in erogenous zones. These are the areas of the body that tend to be rich in nerve endings. Due to this, these areas can bring a persona a lot of sexual pleasure when they are stimulated in the right way.

If you want to drive your partner wild in bed, you have to know where all of their hot button erogenous zones are. To help you out, we have this handy list of the 20 best erogenous zones of the human body.


The scalp might seem like an unexpected place to kick off this list of the 20 best erogenous zones, but the truth is that this one is highly underrated. Your scalp is full of highly sensitive nerve endings and the right kind of stimulation can send highly pleasurable, tingling waves through your entire body.

Giving your partner a slow and sensual massage on their scalp can feel amazing to them and get them into the mood for more. This is an erogenous zone that is perfect for stimulating during foreplay activities. This is why we are leading off with it on this list of the best erogenous zones.


The next topic on our erogenous zones listing is the ears. This one might not be as unexpected as the scalp, but the ears are still overlooked much more than they should be as a pleasure center in the human body.

Your ears are sensitive to stimulation from their tips all the way to their lobes. These important organs are highly sensitive given that they conduct sound. They are also highly sensitive as an erogenous zone and can be an area of focus during sexual activity.

Many people love having their ears played with in ways such as kisses, and nibbles. Heavy breathing into the ears is also highly pleasurable. We also cannot forget the benefits of dirty talk. The ears allow for this sexual activity to take place and therefore can help you to truly drive your partner wild in bed.

Small of the Back (Sacrum)

Your lower back is often referred to as the small of your back. Its more scientific name is the sacrum. This is another one of the best erogenous zones to target during both foreplay and sex. Most people derive pleasure from having their back caressed and brushed.

This can be effective as a part of foreplay, but it is also effective during the heat of a heavy sex session. Kissing the small of the back is another way to bring your partner a lot of pleasure in this area.

When it comes to sensitive erogenous zones on the human body, the small of the back is definitely up there with many of the other most sensitive ones!

Lower Stomach

Your lower stomach area is another top erogenous zone that often gets neglected but needs plenty of love as well. The area of your lower stomach, around your belly button, is also full of nerve endings. The fact that this area is near your genitals makes it a perfect place for stimulation during foreplay and sex.

Many people find that they get great sexual pleasure from having their lower stomach area tickled, kissed, and licked. This can produce a supercharged sexual response for many individuals. For this reason, the lower stomach makes our list of the top 20 best erogenous zones.

Inner Arms

The next spot that we are covering on our top 20 best erogenous zones is the inner arms. This includes areas such as your armpits. Like all of these sexy erogenous zones, the inner arms are chocked full of nerve endings that respond well to stimulation and can really get you and your partner in the mood.

Just a slight touch can be enough to elicit a response from your partner when you stimulate their inner arm areas. This is another top erogenous zone that you want to remember as it is too often overlooked.

Inner Wrist

When it comes to the inner wrist, its delicate skin is ideal for stimulation when you are engaged in a steamy foreplay session and getting ready to get busy. You can use light touches along your partner’s wrist as a way to get them warmed up and going.

This is a great way to initiate foreplay that leads to a hot and steamy night of passion for you and your partner. For this reason, this is another one of the top 20 best erogenous zones on the human body and you want to make sure that you give it the attention that it deserves.

Palm of Hands and Fingertips

Your hands are the parts of your body that you most closely associate with touching as they are what you use to reach out to your partner. Both your fingertips and the palms of your hands are full of nerve endings that are highly sensitive to the right kind of stimulation. You can drive your partner wild when you put your hand under theirs with it facing upward.

From there, you can tickle their palm. This will drive many people completely wild and have them ready for more touching in other places. Do not leave these great erogenous zones unaddressed. They can be the source of plenty of sexual pleasure.

Behind the Knee

The back of the knee is another one of those areas of the body that many do not recognize as an erogenous zone, but it truly is one. Just like areas such as the armpits are touch-sensitive, the back of the knees are also highly sensitive and full of nerve endings that are just waiting to be stimulated during foreplay and sexual intercourse.

This is a great area to tickle and touch lightly while you are working your partner into a sexual frenzy that will last all night long. This is another one of those lesser-known entries on this list of the top 20 best erogenous zones of the human body.


It is no secret that the nipples have to be listed on any top 20 best erogenous zones compilation. On both men and women, the nipples are highly sensitive and perfect for licking and sucking on as a way to bring sexual pleasure to your partner. They are also just an awful lot of fun to play with.

Another great thing about the nipples is the fact that some people like to have theirs played with quite roughly. This can go as far as piercings, and nipple clamps, and weights. These things are not for everyone but those who enjoy them end up deriving a lot of sexual pleasure from their use.

Mouth and Lips

The mouth and the lips are key erogenous zones that were obviously going to be on this top 20 list. The act of kissing is one of the most sensual and erotic activities that you can do with a partner. It is also one of the most intimate and personal.

The mouth and lips are full of the kinds of nerve endings that will have you and your partner going wild with one another. For many individuals, taking things to the next level with lip biting and lip piercings is something that they really enjoy. These factors all make the mouth and the lips among the best erogenous zones of the human body.


Kissing on your partner’s neck is one of the best ways to get them into the mood. This area of the human body is so sensitive that having it stimulated will set off absolute fireworks for many individuals. Kissing and licking the neck, as well as caressing it with the fingers can really get someone going sexually and ready for more.

Many people also like to take things further with neck biting and hickeys. This is on an individual basis, but virtually everyone likes having their neck sexually stimulated in one way or another. This is why the neck has to be listed as one of the top 20 human erogenous zones.

Inner Thighs

The inner thighs are another hotbed of nerve endings that just love to be stimulated and can bring a sense of electric tingles to the body. The fact that their inner thighs are close to the genitals is another great reason to pay this area some attention.

Playing with your partner’s inner thighs is a great way to work your way toward their penis or vagina during a heavy foreplay session. For many individuals, some inner thigh stimulation is an absolute must as a part of foreplay activities that lead up to a wild night of sex!

Bottom of Feet

It is no secret that the bottom of the feet can be highly ticklish. Beyond this fact, the bottom of the feet is also one of the best erogenous zones due to their intense sensitivity.

It is indeed a case-by-case basis as to whether someone enjoys having their feet played with. Some people love it and others do not like having them touched. This is often due to them being self-conscious about their feet.

At any rate, you must always respect your partner’s stance on having their feet touched. If they do enjoy it, there is a lot that you can do there. this includes rubbing them, massaging them, kissing them, and licking them. All of these things can bring tremendous sexual pleasure which shows why the bottom of the feet is among the best human erogenous zones.


Though the G-spot is probably the more famous orgasm spot on a woman, the A-spot is another area that should be paid attention to. This one is exclusive to those who have vaginas and it can bring tons of orgasmic pleasure as well as the legendary squirting.

If you are unsure of where the A-spot is, you first need to locate your partner’s G-spot and then go a little bit further above this. This the right fingering technique, you can make your partner squirt with pure ecstasy while you drive her to one orgasm after another with this great erogenous zone.


It might just be safe to say that either the clitoris or the next erogenous zone we are going to speak about is the undisputed champion when it comes to nerve endings that are just begging for sexual stimulation. The clit is essentially a little ball of nerves that is ready to explode with orgasm when touched in the right way.

It is important to get to know your partner’s clit on an individual basis as no two are alike. Different people’s clits react differently to specific stimulation types. Some react better to more subtle stimulation while others like it rough. Giving your partner’s clit a good tonguing through oral sex is virtually always a winner with this top erogenous zone.


If the clit is not the champion of the erogenous zones of the human body, then it is probably only the G-spot that can give it a run for its money. To find your partner’s G-spot, you want to insert your fingers into the vagina facing upward and then do a come hither motion. You should feel a slightly rough patch of skin just slightly inside the opening of the vagina.

Learning to stimulate this area right can bring your partner to a state of mind-blowing orgasmic bliss that will have her cumming all night long. It should shock no one that the G-spot ranks as a top 20 human erogenous zone.


The glans is the technical term for the head of a guy’s penis. This is almost certainly the champion of all male erogenous zones. Your glans is highly sensitive to all kinds of stimulation from sucking and kissing to stroking and squeezing.

Penetration of the vagina or anus is one of the best ways to stimulate the glans and bring your partner to an explosive orgasm that will have a big load of cum shooting out of the head of his dick. When it comes to the best erogenous zones, the glans is right up there toward the top of the list for sure!


The scrotum is that fleshy sack that contains the testicles. Often, this is referred to as the ball sack. Just like the penis loves plenty of stimulation during foreplay and sex, so does the scrotum.

The scrotum is the perfect candidate for sloppy oral sex. A good ball-sucking is enough to drive most dudes wild. Some even like to have their balls played with quite roughly. Others even like having them lightly bitten. This is an obvious erogenous zone but one that should never be neglected. Attention to the scrotum should always be included in a night of wild sex.


The prostate is one of those erogenous zones that can lead to tremendous pleasure. At the same time, it often does not get paid attention to. Some people refer to the prostate as the male G-spot. It is even sometimes referred to as the P-spot.

When it is stimulated in the right way, it can lead to an increase in the intensity of a guy’s orgasm. For this reason, more people should pay attention to it and learn to do prostate massage.

For men that are into it, the P-spot can be stimulated by sliding a finger into their anus about two inches. From there, it can be stimulated. You can also stimulate your partner’s P-spot by way of their perineum. That is the area often referred to as the taint.

The Anus

When it comes to the anus, it is absolutely a top erogenous zone. At the same time, it is one of those areas where people either like having theirs played with or they do not. Many people are self-conscious about their anus or find it unpleasurable to have it stimulated.

For those that enjoy anal play, there is a lot that can be done. From oral sex on the anus, known as analingus, the outright anal fucking, this is one of those erogenous zones that many people go crazy for when they have theirs played with. Many people truly get off from anal play and it should never be neglected if your partner is into it.


This is where we are going to wrap up our top 20 list of the best erogenous zones. These are the places that you can get great pleasure from when your partner stimulates them. On the flip side, you can drive your partner absolutely wild when you stimulate these areas. Doing so is the perfect way to ensure a long night of passionate sex. Some of these erogenous zones are great for foreplay.

Others are great for sex itself. Still, other ones are great for stimulating in both instances. If you want to become a true master when it comes to your bedroom prowess, you need to learn to pay attention to all of these hot erogenous zones. Knowing how to stimulate each one can help you to drive your partner crazy as you engage in the best sex of your life!


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