The best things often come in small packages, and the same is true with Midget OnlyFans. These creators own their small stature and dwarfism and embrace their sexuality on the platform to create engaging content their fans swoon over. Whether you’re on the smaller side yourself or it’s simply a kink, the top Midgets on OnlyFans are here to satisfy your fantasies.

As a small number of people experience dwarfism, MIdget OnlyFans are not the most abundant on the site which makes each one even more special. Some come from the porn industry with hundreds of hours of experience while others are horny amateurs who’ve been at it away from the camera until now. Dwarf OnlyFans is a rare opportunity to meet unique individuals from all around the world and live out a fantasy you’ve always wanted. Here is our list of the best Midget OnlyFans.

Top Midget OnlyFans Accounts

Midget OnlyFans Models You Can Follow On OnlyFans

The Best Midget OnlyFans Accounts

1. Midgetgem — Best British Midget OnlyFans


  • Over 1,000 likes
  • Free to subscribe
  • Over 60 media posts

Where to Follow:

About Midgetgem:

Listening to sweet nothings being spoken in your ear always sounds better when it comes with a sultry British accent. That is exactly the case with MidgetGem who uses her sexy accent to entice Midget OnlyFans viewers all across the globe. She hasn’t been in the OnlyFans game for long but is eager to learn and try new things to please her fans. Take the opportunity to subscribe while her page is still free and watch MidgetGem build her own OnlyFans niche.

2. Big Tit MILF — Sexy Mommy Midget OnlyFans


  • Free to subscribe
  • Over 7,300 likes
  • More than 200 media posts

Where to Follow:

About Big Tit MILF:

Her name says it all, this model has got massive melons and is one mom you’d like to take to the bedroom. Describing herself as a princess slut, Poppy expects to be treated like royalty and will accept nothing less than the best. Your reward? That slutty behavior that she claims to love. Poppy will get down on her knees for those that seem worthy, and trust us, she desperately needs some stress reliefs after dealing with her kids all day.

3. Sassee Cassee — OnlyFans Midget with Stripper Skills


  • Over 275 media posts
  • Free to subscribe
  • 5,000 likes and growing

Where to Follow:

About Sassee Cassee:

Just because you are small doesn’t mean you can’t do everything you set your mind to. Sassee Cassee always wanted to be a dancer, and standing at just 2’10” she made her dreams come true. After dancing for a few years Cassee decided to adorn her first pair of stripper stilettos and has never looked back since. Her Midget OnlyFans page highlights a lot of her stripping skills as she wants to show that small people can still do a lot, even when society thinks they can’t.

4. Marie Midget — Midget OnlyFans with Daily Content


  • 77,000+ likes
  • Over 1,600 pics
  • More than 250 videos

Where to Follow:

About Marie Midget:

Come play with Marie Midget, your new slutty bestie. Marie loves to get down to business anywhere the wind takes her, the bed, the floor, the kitchen sink, it doesn’t matter to her. For renew subscribers Marie offers tons of free videos to choose from, so if you renew month to month you’ll always be getting freebies in your inbox. Head over to her Midget OnlyFans page now to put in your custom requests and get acquainted with this 3’9” slut.

5. Valentina Midget — Dwarf OnlyFans with Fun Freebies


  • Over 750,000 likes
  • 650+ pics and videos
  • Spicy live streams

Where to Follow:

About Valentina Midget:

By looks alone, Valentina Midget could be on the big screen with moviestar features. Luckily for you, she stars in her own movies on her dwarf OnlyFans page. As the lead role, she does anything from taking a fat BBC in the ass to pleasing herself alone at home. Look forward to new content posted daily and check your DMs often as she loves to sext and chat at all hours of the day. Renew for free videos every month and stay tuned for heart-pumping live streams from time to time.

6. Midget Love — Best Midget OnlyFans Pornstar


  • Over 28,000 likes
  • 1,500 pics and videos
  • Subscription deals

Where to Follow:

About Midget Love:

Midget Love is a country girl through and through and one of the rare Midget OnlyFans creators with a history in porn. Her experience in the industry has given her a big edge over her competition and attracted many fans from all over the world. Country girls are known for riding cowboys and Midget Love can easily jump on top to go for miles. Subscribe and see why she’s one of the most loved Midget OnlyFans accounts and taste her Midget jiggly ass or lose yourself in an immersive roleplay or cosplay experience, her world is yours to explore.

7. TinyTexie — Custom Loving Midget on OnlyFans


  • 89,000 likes and growing
  • Over 500 pics and videos
  • Subscription bundles

Where to Follow:

About TinyTexie:

Not everything is bigger in Texas, and that’s a good thing. TinyTexie is on a mission to become the sexiest, most wild girl on the site. As a sample, her first ever male video was her nailing the maintenance guy. She’s steadily pushing the boundaries on her Midget OnlyFans page, but she’s been a wild child from a young age. Subscribing to her account will give you access to ordering customs where she can role play or please herself screaming your name.

8. Sexy MiDget — European Midget OnlyFans Go Getter


  • Over 450 pics
  • 50+ videos and climbing

Where to Follow:

About Sexy MiDget:

One of the common misunderstandings about Midget OnlyFans creators is that they can only handle a small, micro penis. Sexy MiDget is here to put those presumptions to rest as she shows you exactly how big of a cock she can stuff into herself. Much of her content revolves around her and her partner, who both live in Romania, but you’ll also be treated to the occasional solo adventure ending in a wet explosion. She writes and speaks English as well so drop a DM her way and start chatting any day of the week.

9. Loreninha — Salacious Midget OnlyFans Seductress


  • 2,500 likes and growing
  • Over 1,000 pics and videos
  • Low subscription fee

Where to Follow:

About Loreninha:

Loreninha is 3’ 9” sexy little person who is a master at teasing and facial expressions. Whether she’s rolling her eyes back or sucking on her finger, you’re sure to get a boner and fall even more for her ways of persuasion. You’ll see pictures of her in the bath, in bed, and around the house getting dirty in a variety of ways. If you feel tempted to follow her down the rabbit hole, be careful, you may never want to leave her Midget OnlyFans.

10. Alexis — Devilish Midget OnlyFans Temptress


  • Subscription offers
  • 18,000+ likes
  • 40+ pics and videos and climbing

Where to Follow:

About Alexis:

Tossing around a hot girl in bed is easier when she’s under four feet tall, and that’s the kind of rough and tumble Alexis loves to experience. As a Midget OnlyFans creator, she still has a lot of growth to go through and is building her account around sexy photos that can give you goosebumps. Videos are not yet her forte, but if you DM her personally maybe she’ll start making more just for you.

OnlyFans Midgets In Conclusion

Getting to know people on OnlyFans is a big draw to the community, as it’s not just about getting access to sexy content from your favorite creators, it’s also an opportunity to look past the curtain and get to know them on a human level. Midget OnlyFans all have their own stories and are often willing to share their experiences in the DMs while showcasing their sensual side on their page. The best Midgets on OnlyFans turn you on in a flash while holding your attention on a deeper level. For more Midget OnlyFans content, check out our other related articles below.

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