The popularity of the content platform OnlyFans has exploded over the last few years. Since the launch of the platform in 2016, countless content creators have flocked to the platform as a way to connect with their fans exclusively. OnlyFans has become particularly popular amongst creators of adult content and it has become the perfect way for their fans to check in on their latest offerings regularly.

Though OnlyFans is the home to countless content creators of all varieties, it has also become the home to many notable celebrities that have fame outside of the work that they do on the platform. Many celebrities are now using their OnlyFans pages to connect with their fans in a more intimate way than they would be able to anywhere else.

You might be shocked to find out how many individuals with a celebrity status are now active on the OnlyFans platform. To give you an idea of some of the most notable celebrities currently active on the content creation platform, we have put together a top 20 list.

Best Onlyfans: Featured This Month

These are the top 20 Celebrities on OnlyFans in 2023:

  1. Bella Thorne
  2. Tana Mongeau
  3. Amber Rose
  4. Austin Mahone
  5. Tyler Posey
  6. Tyga
  7. Cardi B
  8. Aaron Carter
  9. Shea Couleй Joins
  10. Plastique Tiara
  11. The Vixen
  12. Daniel Newman
  13. Bretman Rock
  14. Blac Chyna
  15. Ryan Kelley
  16. Gravity Balmain
  17. Harry Jowsey
  18. Jordyn Woods
  19. Chris Brown
  20. Milk (Drag Queen)

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne has become an established celebrity figure by way of her work as a model, actress, singer, and director. She rose to prominence through roles that she did with Disney and has been seen in films such as Blended and Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

Though Bella Thorne has gained notoriety for her work in film and television as well as for her musical efforts, she is on this list because she is one of the most notable celebrities on OnlyFans. She is using this space as a place for her fans to get to know her better and in a much more intimate way. Since landing on OnlyFans, Bella Thorne has quickly amassed a large number of subscribers. To date, she already has more than 300 OnlyFans content posts to her credit.


Tana Mongeau

You almost certainly recognize Tana Mongeau from the work that she has done as a notable internet personality as well as her modeling and musical work. She is also making quite a big name for herself on the OnlyFans platform by giving her fans a more intimate glimpse into her life.

She has been taking full advantage of the fact that OnlyFans offers her a place where she can get naked. This is certainly a fact that has delighted her legions of fans that are taking full advantage of the opportunity to see Tana Mongeau in the nude. She has been providing them with plenty of exclusive content that has them continuing to come back for more daily.


Amber Rose

American model and well-known tv personality Amber Rose has achieved stardom due to her appearances in music videos from top hip-hop stars such as Kanye West and Young Jeezy. She has also released her own music tracks such as her debut Fame which included a performance from Wiz Khalifa.

Amber Rose is also another notable one of the OnlyFans celebrities that is giving her fans a much more intimate look into her life. From sharing shots of her donning a sheer bodysuit to using her OnlyFans as a way to say Happy Valentine’s Day to her countless fans around the world, Amber Rose really is showing off how effective the OnlyFans platform can be for celebrity figures that want to give their fans an inside glimpse of their daily lives.


Austin Mahone

You probably recognize the name Austin Mahone as a result of his music career. The popular singer/songwriter first gained widespread attention when he released cover versions of popular songs through his YouTube page. Since then, he has gone on to release three albums of his own.

Though he has gained a tremendous amount of success releasing music as an independent artist, he is also currently releasing content on OnlyFans. He has started his OnlyFans page as a way to open up to his fans in a way that is truly honest and intimate. This is something that his fans clearly appreciate as they are signing up to his page at a rapid rate. This is a key factor that has helped to make Austin Mahone one of the top celebrities on OnlyFans.


Tyler Posey

Renowned American actor and musician Tyler Posey became a recognized star for the work that he did on the television show Teen Wolf between the years of 2011 and 2017. Though his acting career has brought him man accolades, he is now opening up to his fans in a more intimate way by putting out exclusive content on OnlyFans.

Fans can see Tyler Posey doing things such as playing his guitar while wearing next to nothing. It is the perfect place for fans of Tyler to head if they want to see frequent glimpses of his body in a far more intimate setting than they would normally be able to. This is a key factor behind why he is one of the top OnlyFans celebrities.



Tyga is an American rapper, actor, singer/songwriter, and a notable television personality who has become a recognized name within celebrity circles. He is also another leading celebrity who has decided to thrill his fans by giving them a more intimate glimpse. He is doing so through the OnlyFans platform. Taking his act to OnlyFans has proven to be quite lucrative for Tyga as he is gaining subscribers at a rapid rate. These fans seem to be completely unable to get enough of the kind of exposed content that Tyga is offering through his OnyFans page.


Cardi B

Cardi B has exploded onto the celebrity scene through her career as a rapper, actress, and songwriter. She has scored a number one hit album with 2018’s Invasion of Privacy and continues to be one of the top-grossing performers in the world. Cardi B is also using her widespread fame as a way to promote her OnlyFans page.

Her OnlyFans page is the perfect place for her to provide exclusive behind-the-scenes content that her fans would not have access to anywhere else. Given her celebrity status, her fans are absolutely eating it up. There can be little doubt that Cardi B is one of the most well-known and popular celebrities on OnlyFans.


Aaron Carter

Fans know Aaron Carter as a beloved rapper, singer/songwriter, and actor but he has been giving them the chance to know him more intimately through the exclusive content that he is releasing on OnlyFans. Since he first went live on the popular content creation platform, he has bared it all for his fans to see and they are loving every second of it.

Fans of Aaron Carter also get the opportunity to engage in live chat with him through the OnlyFans platform. This unique and intimate glimpse into the star’s life is something that his fans are taking full advantage of as they continue to join his page daily. He is certainly a must-list member of the top 20 celebrities on OnlyFans.


Shea Couleé Joins

Shea Couleé Joins is a world-famous American drag queen as well as a musician. She gained notoriety due to her appearances on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Her music career has included the release of the popular EP Shea Couleé Joins. Shea Couleé Joins has recently joined the ranks of top celebrities on OnlyFans.

She is using it as a place where she can provide her fans with exclusive behind-the-scenes content. It is also the place to head to check out her latest videos and photoshoots. Fans also get the benefit of watching live makeup tutorials when they join up to her OnlyFans page. This is yet another celebrity figure who is showing that OnlyFans can be a great way for well-known personalities to connect with their massive fanbases.


Plastique Tiara

The next member of our list of the top 20 OnlyFans celebrities is Plastique Tiara. As with our previous list entry, she is a famous drag queen who is well-known for appearing on the popular television show Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Much the same as many other celebrities who have begun using OnlyFans,

Plastique Tiara has been utilizing her page as a way to provide her fans with exclusive content that they will not get access to anywhere else. It is a move that is clearly working out well for her as she is rapidly gaining a massive fan following on the popular content creation platform. She has also gained a spot on our list of the top 20 leading celebrities on OnlyFans.


The Vixen

The Vixen is another notable drag queen who is using OnlyFans as the perfect place to offer her fans exclusive content for their viewing pleasure. She was one of the contestants on the 10th season of the popular TV show Ru Paul’s Drag Race and came in seventh.

The Vixen has been able to translate her fame from the television series into a successful career that includes amassing a significant following on OnlyFans. Her OnlyFans is the perfect place for fans to head if they want to see The Vixen as they have never seen her before. Her massive popularity on the platform shows that she truly is doing something right and deserves her place on our list of the top 20 OnlyFans celebrities.


Daniel Newman

With success in acting roles for shows such as Homeland, The Walking Dead, and The Vampire Diaries, Daniel Newman has become a recognized face in Hollywood. He is currently parlaying his acting success into success on the OnlyFans platform. The platform is giving Daniel Newman a chance to offering his fans a different kind of content and they certainly seem to appreciate this fact. This is evidenced by how quickly his following is growing across the OnlyFans platform. It is easy to see why he is listed as one of the top 20 celebrities on OnlyFans.


Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock has gained fame as an internet sensation, influencer, and a personality on social media. He has become known for his memes as well as his beauty tutorials. These days, Bretman Rock is also giving his fans another type of content and he is doing so through the OnlyFans platform.

Fans are getting a chance to see exclusive nudes of Bretman Rock when they join up to his OnlyFans page. He first decided to start his OnlyFans page after running into trouble with Instagram deleting posts that he had made there. Regardless of the reasons, fans of Bretman Rock are delighting in the chance to see the kind of uncensored content creation that OnlyFans makes possible.


Blac Chyna

The modeling career of Blac Chyna has brought her a tremendous amount of success. She has worked as a stunt double for Nicki Minaj and worked with Kanye West. She is also one of the most notable OnlyFans celebrities and is regularly releasing content through the popular platform.

You can see Blac Chyna doing all kinds of things that are quite eye-catching when you join her OnlyFans. This includes enjoying content that features her wearing bondage-inspired lingerie. It is the go-to spot for fans of Blac Chyna that want exclusive content that they are not going to find anywhere else on the world wide web.


Ryan Kelley

The next member of our list of the leading OnlyFans celebrities is Ryan Kelley. The actor has gained notoriety by playing key roles in Prayers for Bobby, and Mean Creek. He has also been a member of the cast of Teen Wolf. These days, he is taking his act to OnlyFans and giving his fans the most intimate glimpse of his life that they have yet been offered. Fans who simply cannot get enough of Ryan Kelley are in luck because his OnlyFans page is the leading spot for adult-oriented content related to his career. He has quickly become one of the most notable celebrities on OnlyFans.


Gravity Balmain

Gravity Balmain is known as a dancer who has appeared in the first season of Legendary. Beyond this, Gravity Balmain is also another celebrity who is cashing in on the constantly rising popularity of the OnlyFans platform. As with many celebrities of OnlyFans, Gravity Balmain is using the platform to provide much more intimate and adult-oriented content to fans who are delighting at the opportunity to consume it. This fact has earned Gravity Balmain a spot on the list of the top 20 celebrities who are currently active on the OnlyFans platform.


Harry Jowsey

Reality TV star Harry Jowsey has become famous for his career as a model and entrepreneur. This includes his appearance on the Netflix show Too Hot To Handle. He is now turning to the OnlyFans platform as a way to offering his fans something different. Fans of Harry Jowsey can delight at content such as mirror selfies where he shows off his abs.

What is certain is the fact that OnlyFans is turning out to be the number one place for Harry Jowsey fans to get a glimpse of the star in ways that they never were able to before. They certainly seem to be enjoying this fact. That is evident by his constantly growing base of subscribers.


Jordyn Woods

Jordyn Woods is a well-known television personality who is known for her past friendship with Kylie Jenner. She is also becoming quite well-known for producing exclusive content for her fans on OnlyFans. She is using the OnlyFans platform as a way to be herself in the most authentic way possible.

She is also using the platform as a way to voice her support for today’s sex workers. Before she launched her OnlyFans account, she took the time to speak to many sex workers who are active on the platform. For Jordyn, her OnlyFans has been a great way to show the fact that she is a dedicated ally of today’s sex workers.


Chris Brown

Chris Brown is famous for his career as a rapper, dancer, singer, and songwriter, but he has also been the latest celebrity to start putting out exclusive content on OnlyFans for his adoring fanbase. Fans will see what might be the most intimate glimpse into the life of Chris Brown that they have ever been given access to when they sign up to his OnlyFans page. He is yet another celebrity who is taking his stardom and using it to propel him into success on the OnlyFans content creation platform.



The drag queen career of Milk has brought her a tremendous amount of notoriety. She has appeared on several seasons of Ru Paul’s Drag Race and built a massive fan following in the process. Those fans are now able to take a deeper and more intimate look into the life of Milk through her OnlyFans page.

For those that crave a regular flow of unique and exclusive content from Milk, OnlyFans is the hotspot to head to. She continues to grow her fanbase on the platform regularly and has become one of the top celebrities on OnlyFans.


Closing Thoughts

This wraps up our list of the top 20 celebrities on OnlyFans. These celebrities are really taking personal connection with their fans to the next level through the exclusive content that they are offering them on the OnlyFans platform. There is no doubt that you have probably heard of most or all of these celebrities if you have been keeping up with pop culture in recent years.

Their OnlyFans pages are giving you a chance to see them in ways that you never were able to before. Celebrity OnlyFans pages are the perfect example of just how versatile this content creation site has become and a perfect example of the wide variety of people that are using it to offer exclusive content to their fans.


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