If you are a content creator who makes adult-oriented content or you are a fan of adult content, you have probably heard of an exciting platform called OnlyFans.

You might find yourself asking what it is and what it is all about. To put it simply, OnlyFans is one of the most unique content creation platforms available for today’s adult content creators and creators of a variety of other types of content.

You can find out much more about what OnlyFans is and how does OnlyFans work by reading further.

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What Is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is one of the most exciting platforms available for content creators that want to be able to offer their fans exclusive content.

Since the platform launched in 2012, it has empowered countless content creators to connect with their fans in a new and meaningful way and to reliably get paid for it.

The platform is a unique subscription service model that allows today’s content creators to earn money from the fans that subscribe to their OnlyFans page. Content creators can set their own monthly subscription price that their fans can pay to gain access to the exclusive content that they are posting on the platform.

Many types of content creators have become active on the OnlyFans platform. This includes musicians, influencers, and fitness experts. Many celebrities have also become active on OnlyFans. Sex workers are another type of content creator that is highly active on the OnlyFans platform.

OnlyFans offers a truly unique way for creators of adult-oriented content to provide their fans with exclusive material such as videos, pictures, and live chats. Creators who post exclusive content to the OnlyFans platform receive 80 percent of the earnings that their fans pay to them while the company takes the other 20 percent as a fee for using the service.

How to Open an Account With OnlyFans?

One of the first questions that content creators have regarding this subject is how to open an account with OnlyFans. The process itself is fairly straightforward and simple. You start by heading to the OnlyFans website.

From there you will need to click on the Sign Up for OnlyFans feature. From there, you will be asked to provide your email address and you will need to create a password. You will also need to provide your name at this stage of setting up your OnlyFans profile.

As soon as you have entered and submitted these pieces of information, you can head to the Edit Profile page and begin to customize your OnlyFans account to your own liking. You can create both a Username and a Display Name.

The user name will show up in the URL for your OnlyFans page and it will also show up as your @ name. The Display Name will appear above your User Name.

This name can be customized to make it stand out.

Setting up your OnlyFans account also includes adding both a profile photo and a cover image. The cover image will act as the large banner that will appear prominently at the top of your page. Your profile photo will appear over this at a smaller size. It is important to remember that full nudity is not allowed on your cover image or your profile photo.

Your next step in signing up for OnlyFans and creating your profile is to upload a profile picture. When you initially add your profile picture, the section that states your monthly subscription price will be grayed out.

This is because you will have to provide documentation to OnlyFans that proves that you are over 18. You will also have to add a bank account so that you can get paid through the platform. To add your bank account or payment information, you must first submit some pieces of required documentation that OnlyFans needs to verify your eligibility to post content to the platform.

Required Documentation

One of the most common questions that content creators have when asking about how to open an account with OnlyFans relates to required documentation. This is one of the most important things to understand when learning how does OnlyFans work.

You start the process of submitting the required documentation by going to your profile and then to your subscription price. From there, you can add your payment information or your bank account.

During this process, you are going to be asked to confirm your legal country of residence. At this point, you are also going to be asked if you are at least 18 years old.

The required ID to verify your eligibility to create content on the OnlyFans platform includes a government ID with a picture of you on it. This can be a passport or a government-issued ID card. You will need to submit a picture of your ID to OnlyFans. You will also need to submit a selfie that shows you holding your ID card. In this selfie, your face must be clearly visible and your ID card must also be clearly visible.

It is through this method that OnlyFans can effectively verify your identity and confirm that you are eligible to legally post content to the platform. At this point, you are also going to be asked about the type of content that you will be uploading to OnlyFans.

Once you submit these documents, you will receive an email that states that your account is pending approval. If everything is in order then you will receive a second email within the next 72 hours stating that your account has been approved.

Once you have sent OnlyFans your required documentation and received account approval, you are then able to add your bank account or payment information so that you can start getting paid through the platform.

You will also be able to set your monthly subscription price that your fans will pay to gain access to the exclusive OnlyFans content that you post for them. Once you go through this process and you get your OnlyFans account fully verified, you are ready to start making money on this exciting content creation platform.

Types of Content You Can Upload

Content creators that want to know how does OnlyFans work will also commonly ask about the types of content that can be uploaded. There are three primary types of exclusive content that you can upload for your OnlyFans fans on the platform. They include images, videos, and text posts.


Images are one of the most popular types of content that creators upload to their OnlyFans pages. This is particularly popular with content creators who upload adult-oriented content.

There are a lot of ways that you can go with this. Creators on the platform upload images that range from day-to-day activities to images of them wearing skimpy outfits that leave little to the imagination.

You can also upload full nudes. This includes the option to upload solo nudes that show you engaged in a variety of sexual activities or to even upload nudes that involve yourself and a partner.

When it comes to uploading adult-oriented image content, OnlyFans really does stand out from the crowd for online content creators that are looking to provide their fans with exclusive content.


You can also upload a wide variety of different types of videos to your OnlyFans page. Just ask with uploading images, many content creators on OnlyFans will give their fans a glimpse into their day-to-day activities through the videos that they upload.

You can also upload full nudity, solo masturbation, sex content with partners, and much more. The ability to upload these types of content with very few restrictions has helped to make OnlyFans the go-to spot for many of the top adult content creators around the world. It truly has become the best way for many creators to connect with their fans.


You can also use text in a wide variety of ways on the OnlyFans platform. From posting messages to your OnlyFans members to sending text-only DMs, there really are a lot of options. The text feature gives you a lot of unique methods to interact with your fans in ways that will be meaningful to them.

How to Set Up a Subscription Price?

Setting up a subscription price is one of the most important things that you need to know about related to how to open an account with OnlyFans. This is the price that your devoted fans will pay to you each month for access to the exclusive content that you are offering them through the OnlyFans platform.

To set up your subscription price, you need to have your account go fully through the verification and approval process. From there, you can go to the My Profile tab and then click on Edit Profile.

The default subscription price for an OnlyFans account is free and you must set a monthly price of at least $4.99. Most content creators on the OnlyFans platform will set their monthly subscription price anywhere from $9.99 to $14.00 per month.

It is also possible to offer special deals for fans that subscribe to your OnlyFans page. Many content creators will run promotions such as 20 to 50 percent off of the first month that a fan subscribes.

It is also common for OnlyFans creators to offer bundled deals that provide a percentage off of a monthly subscription for three or six months. There are a lot of ways to go with this and running the right promotional prices can help you to build your OnlyFans fanbase much quicker.

How to Earn From Pay-Per-View Message?

The pay-per-view message is one of the most valuable features that OnlyFans offers to content creators. Using this message can be a highly effective way to grow the overall earnings that you make through the OnlyFans platform.

Pay-per-view message content is a type of exclusive offering that fans can take advantage of by paying you an extra fee. This is a great way to offer your OnlyFans fans another level of exclusivity in terms of content. There are several ways to send a pay-per-view message to your OnlyFans members.

You have the option to send individual pay-per-view messages to specific fans by going into your messages and writing the fan a message. When you do this, you can then attach the exclusive content that you want to send to your fan. This is a great way to offer your fans the option to order exclusive, customized content that adds a personalized touch to the experience that they receive by being a member of your OnlyFans page.

You also have the option to send out a pay-per-view message to all of your OnlyFans members. To do this, you go into your messaging and then select that you wish to send a new message out to all of your OnlyFans subscribers. From there, you can compose your message and attach the content that you wish to send out on a pay-per-view basis.

You also need to click on the price tag tab so that you can set your pay-per-view price for this exclusive piece of content. Once you send this message out, all of your OnlyFans subscribers will have the option to pay for this exclusive content.

Commissions and Earning

As you learn more about how does OnlyFans work, it is important to learn about commissions and earnings. The OnlyFans company charges a 20 percent commission fee on all of the earnings that you make through the platform. Each payout that you receive from OnlyFans will represent 80 percent of the amount that all of your fans contributed to you during that period of time.

How to Promote Your Profile

One of the most important aspects to achieving success on the OnlyFans platform is understanding how to effectively promote your profile. It is a key part of understanding how does OnlyFans work.

To get the most out of the work that you do in creating exclusive content for your fans on OnlyFans, you will need to effectively promote your work so that your platform can consistently grow. Effective promotion of your OnlyFans account is the best way to grown your profits and get the greatest benefit out of using the content creation platform.

Several primary ways have been proven by OnlyFans users to be effective at promoting a profile. As with all things, what you get out of OnlyFans will depend on the amount of work that you put into it. This includes working hard at creating great content that will encourage new fans to sign up for your OnlyFans profile but it also includes working hard to promote your profile so that you are constantly drawing in new subscribers. With this said, the following methods are some of the top ways to promote your OnlyFans profile.

Promoting Through Your Social Media

Social media is one of the most popular and effective ways to promote your OnlyFans in a way that will consistently bring you new subscribers. The use of social media is one of the most effective ways to promote your profile on Onlyfans and it is also one of the simplest methods.

This is particularly the case if you already have a loyal following on platforms such as Twitter. It is the Twitter platform that has served as the chief promotional tool for many of the top content creators on the OnlyFans platform. content creators who succeed at promoting their OnlyFans through their Twitter feed do so by regularly sending out tweets that let their followers know that they should join them on OnlyFans.

It is also possible to let Twitter followers know that you have posted new content on your OnlyFans. It is a great way to entice new followers. One of the best ways to use Twitter as a promotional tool for your OnlyFans profile is to go into your settings and then click on account. From there, you can integrate your Twitter account with your OnlyFans account so that your Twitter followers will be notified anytime you release new content on your OnlyFans page.

Collaborating With Other OnlyFans Content Creators

Another way to promote your OnlyFans profile is to collaborate with other content creators for mutual benefit. This is another thing you can use your Twitter feed to facilitate. Getting other creators who you are friends with to promote your OnlyFans page can be a great way to bring new traffic to your profile. You can then do the same for them and assist them in growing their platform as well.

Promoting Your OnlyFans Through Online Forums

There are also online forums such as Reddit that can be highly effective places to promote your OnlyFans profile successfully. For many OnlyFans content creators, this is as effective a way to promote their work as their social media platforms are.

Running Promotional Discounts to Encourage New Subscribers to Join

Running promotional discounts is yet another way to promote your OnlyFans profile and draw in new subscribers. Many OnlyFans creators will offer discounts on the initial month of membership. It is also common to offer bundled deals that give discounts for 3 and 6 month subscription periods.


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