BLACKED.COM, a website dedicated to interracial pornography, was founded by Greg Lansky who is a French entrepreneur who founded the Vixen Media Group in 2014, which is one of the largest companies in adult entertainment.

Vixen Media Group’s umbrella includes pornography powerhouses such as Vixen, Blacked, and Tushy.

Lansky, in his career as a porn mogul, has been compared to industry leader Hugh Hefner of Playboy fame, and in his credit has been recognized for elevating the pornography industry as a whole.

Being called one of the most pirated man in all of porn, Lansky’s directed porn movies are some of the most watched adult films in the world.

Social Media

BLACKED.COM, winner of 15 AVN awards and 7 XBIZ Awards, features an Instagram account boasting 2.2 million followers and over 1K posts of beautiful women in revealing clothing, many big breasted and blonde, along with brunettes, mocha skinned, and long legs.

Though no direct pornographic content can be found here, it is a powerful marketing tool to have people visit its advertised site,

The website’s Twitter account has 434K + followers and shows off media, while slightly more explicit, doesn’t have any actual nudity and showcases advertisements, polls, and contests for BLACKED as well as the other websites in the Vixen Media Group umbrella.


BLACKED has been featured on FORBES, Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed, Vice, GQ, BBC, Men’s Health, New York Post, Elite Daily, Daily Beast, CBC, and LA Weekly!


On the website IMDB, BLACKED alone is shown to have produced 310+ videos and has a score of 7.2/10, which makes it incredibly well liked for its hair-raising pornographic content.

Incredibly well-designed, the website boasts a large video banner upon entering the website with clips of popular videos playing before you to whet your appetite.

Clips of gorgeous women, usually white, paired with one or more handsome and muscular men of African origin.

The contrast of skin tone and size of the man’s member in comparison to the usually petite women they’re paired with is the most enticing part of the content available on BLACKED.

Following the video banner at the top of the website is a set of 6 featured videos, often sponsored directly by the website itself.

These videos feature men and women in sexy poses, well lit, and in high definition, often portraying different sex positions, varied races and amounts of people in each shot, and 90% of the women are looking directly at you as if to say “Come and watch.”

Directly below the featured videos is a list of titles such as Hot Vacation Adventures, Work Hard Play Hard, Special Assignment, Last Chance, and Customer Service to name a few.

The benefit of having the titles right there for you to read is it gives you an idea of the kind of video you’re about to watch, and also features the name of the featured model for that video in particular.

The website focuses on bringing the women to the spotlight, ignoring the name of the male figure, as most visitors will be entering the site to watch these star women perform under rigorous and nearly acrobatic activity.

Scrolling further down, you’ll notice a list of some models with their full body pictures, though clothed in lingerie.

I believe the benefit to having the women lightly clothed instead of fully naked would be to entice you to click further into the model’s profile bio. Inside, a banner featuring the model in a sexual pose greets you, and a little bio about the kind of model she is.

Through the profile you won’t find any complete nude scenes of the women themselves; the website encourages you to sign up for a membership to view this kind of explicit content.

BLACKED highlights the most recent scene the models had appeared in, as well as some videos she’s been in as well underneath.

A search bar is placed at the top of the screen for easy searching of particular keywords and models. When you start typing, on the left will be listed some recently searched categories such as Creampie, Threesome, Facial, and Deep Throat.

Below that are the most popular model searches such as Jill Cassidy, Bree Daniels, and Kendra Sutherland.

The website will also show you a thumbnail, enticing you to click on a video they recommend based on the letters in the search bar you’ve typed so far.

With enticing images and clips to preview upon entering the site, clicking one will leave you only slightly disappointed as the videos themselves can’t be played without a having first signed up with a membership, though a prompt will appear to easily bring you to a page to sign up.


When there, you have the option to sign up for a 2-Day Trial, which only charges $2 a day to view as much content as you can fit in that time.

The most popular choice is a 30-Day Full Access membership which offers a recurring charge, and works out to be a mere .99 cents per day.

The following options allow for a 90-Day, and a 180-Day Full Access membership with lower prices per day as per.

Pros and Cons:

BLACKED, as soon as you enter, greets you with popular, high quality pornography you won’t find in the same quality elsewhere.

The webmasters really put a lot of thought into how to showcase the content to welcome their guests with. The search function is vital and handy, and the website itself is easy to click through and organized well enough so you won’t get lost.

However, with such high quality content around every corner it would be hard to feel lost at all. The beginner memberships are cheap enough to consider.

Their social media also boasts fantastic media to tempt the weary web traveller to their cantina for a drink.

Some cons would include that the prices of the memberships, as they ramp up, while offering cheaper cents-per-day over a longer period of time may not be worth it when pirating is just as easy.

To their misfortune, many of the featured videos can be found on rival Pornhub.

The most you can get to actual pornographic content from the website are previews on the front page, the rest is hidden behind a pay wall.


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