Ads tend to be annoying, right? When you are watching porn, the last thing you want to see is an ad, right? You are there to have a wank. You want that to be as fast as possible. However, inevitably, an ad from Brazzers will pop up. And you know what? These ads are damn superb. They are the ads that you want to be sitting through until their damn conclusion. This is a list of the 20 best Brazzers ads.

If you have seen a Brazzers ad before (and you almost certainly have), then you will know that most of them follow pretty much the same format. You will have a top porn star talking to you, and they will encourage you to sign up to Brazzers. It is pretty damn simple, but it is a format that seems to work exceedingly well for them. By all accounts, once they started to pump out these adverts, the number of subscribers that Brazzers got went through the absolute fucking roof.

Since there are so many different Brazzers ads, and arguably pretty much all of them could be included in this list of the best Brazzers ads, it was ridiculously difficult to put together the list that you see on this page. However, we reckon that we have done a pretty bloody fine job of it.

Yep. We are asking you to click actual ads here if you want to check out these videos. It is probably none of the oddest articles that we have ever had to produce but, hey, you want to find out more about the world of porn, don’t you? So, without further ado, let’s jump into this awesome list of the 20 best Brazzer ads, shall we? We are sure you are going to love each and every one of these videos!

Party Like a Finger’s Up Your Ass

It only makes sense that we kick this list off with one of the classic Brazzer ads. This minute long ad stars Xander Corvus and filthy minx LaSirena69.

Now, for some odd reason that is never quite explained, LaSirena69 has turned up to a fancy dinner party woefully underdressed i.e. she has absolutely no underwear on. It isn’t long before she ends up getting bored, and you know what happens at fancy dinner parties when you get bored? Suave men just pop up out of nowhere and stick their fingers deep in your asshole.

This ad pretty much shows off what Brazzers is capable of. Hot actors. Decent acting. Decent production quality. It is the perfect ad.

Cooldown Dicking

Xander Corvus is back for this one of the ads, but this time he has been paired up with Amber Alena.

In this ad, we see Corvus act as a personal trainer. It isn’t long before Amber Alena starts to get all that hot and sweaty. This means that it is time for one thing, and one thing only; a good pounding!

Now, the video would be pretty damn hot if you ended it here. However, you know Brazzers. This is a company that enjoys taking things to the absolute extreme. Just to make this ad doubly hot, there is a husband lurking a little bit out of view, completely oblivious to the fact he is spending a ton of cash on a personal trainer that is just fucking his miss.

I Love Your Dad

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We got a bit of MILF action going on in this one. Oh, and yes, this is another one of the best Brazzers ads that star Corvus. We promise you that Brazzers do have more actors than this one!

Anyway, in this ad, Corvus is the son of Abella Danger’s husband. It turns out that she cannot cope not being pleased sexually for the few hours of the day that her husband is away. So, rather than invest in a vibrator like any sane married woman, she starts to fuck his son instead.

This is a short and snappy ad, so do not expect to really dive into the intricacies of this relationship. However, if you want to see a hot MILF ass bouncing up and down on a youngish cock, then this is probably going to be the video for you.

A Room with a Cock

Codi Vore has some perfect tits, and a pretty damn amazing pussy. Therefore, it probably isn’t really a surprise that she has a shit ton of men after her. In this case, a boyfriend, and an older man that somehow has managed to work his way into a University building without anybody seeing him as a creep.

You only get to see the fucking in this little ad, but the full video is so much better. We honestly were not aware that there were so many different places to hide a guy if your boyfriend was at home. Not that we will ever need this information, but it is good to know!

Dripping Wet

Kendra Sutherland has been in a good number of porn movies in her time, each of them hotter than the last. Dripping Wet is the first video that she has starred in for Brazzers, though.

The title on this video is a bit of a play on words. Now, while we have no doubt this lass is dripping wet when she is in this video (it is a pretty hard fuck), the video is about her being fucked mostly in the bath and in the shower. Obviously, by a guy that is far younger than her, played by Ricky Johnson, one of the more famous male porn stars.

Shower Curtain Cock

Next up on our list is a Brazzers video that showcases one of the weirdest situations we have ever seen in a pro porn video, and that is saying something. Again, Abella Danger makes a return, with Jordi ENP rounding out the cast.

Turns out that Jordi ENP wants to be inside of Abella…badly. The problem? She has a boyfriend? The solution? Stick your cock outside of a shower curtain and pray to God that she doesn’t realize it isn’t her boyfriend. Obviously, she does, but that isn’t going to stop her begging to have that lovely, large cock buried deep in her asshole, is it?

Best of Brazzers Working Out

Brazzers is well-known for its videos showcasing people getting fucked while they are working out. So, that is what this video is all about. You have countless porn stars being fucked in a variety of different ways, mostly using gym equipment in a way that we are 100% positive is being used not how it should be. But hey, when you have sexy people like this being ravished all over it,. we are 100% positive nobody is going to be reporting it to the gym owner, right?

There isn’t much more to say about this ad, only the fact that if you watch it, you are going to really be able to see the shit that Brazzers is capable of.

Facial By Surprise

Tiffany Watson wants a facial. Well, actually, no. She wants to play a prank on Juan El Caballo Loco. Just as he finishes, she decides to move out of the way. If that wasn’t enough, she bullies him for missing. Of course, when Juan El Caballo Loco is told he is having a facial, Juana El Caballo Loco is going to get a facial.

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You probably are not going to win any prizes for guessing what happens next. However, if you are sitting there with a gormless expression on your face because you can’t get over how good Tiffany Watson looks, we will tell you; he ends up tracking her down and cumming over her face by (wait for it) SUPRISE!

Our Son’s Girlfriend Remastered

Kendra Lust and Keiren Lee team up for this one. Their son has a new girlfriend. Suspicious of how beautiful Adriana Chechik is, they arrange a plan to try and see if she is a filthy slut. Because, you know, that is exactly what parents end up doing right?

Obviously, since this is a Brazzers video, she does end up being a filthy little slut, and that now means you get to enjoy tiny snippets of lesbian sex in this rather hot advert. Not 100% sure what happened after this, but we can’t imagine the boyfriend was that pleased he lost his girlfriend to a rather perverse sex game formulated by his parents.

Almost Sisters Remastered

This one of the best Brazzers ads stars Melissa Moore and Riley Reed. You may think that this is going to lead to some awesome lesbian sex, and we suppose it does to an extent, but it is Keiran Lee who seems to be ending up having all of the fun in this porn film.

These lasses decide they are going to please him in the only way they know possible; with their gorgeous pussies. You have a bit of lesbian play between these two ladies, and you will be damn surprised at how well the two of them work together, but here, it is all about that cock.

Shy Redheads Want Anal Remastered

The title of this video ad from Brazzers is pretty descriptive enough as it is, right? You have a redhead lady that wants a bit of anal fucking. Ella Hughes is said lady. Of course, with how hot this woman is, there is no shortage of people willing to give her the pounding that she wants. Enter Chris Diamond. In this short clip, he is going to shove his massive cock deep into Ella’s ass.

Now, there is actually more plot to the story than just this but hey, you are going to be so mesmerized by this porn pairing, that you are going to forget about how the rest of the plot exists. Although, let’s be honest, that is the same for pretty much any great porn movie out there.

Strap On, Strap Off

This video shows that they are running out of porn star names, at least on the male side of things. In this video Small Hands (see what we mean) has a girlfriend Kira Noir. She is cheating on him…with another woman! Demi Sutra is this woman, and she is coming over to cheat.

Only, this time, she wants to use a strap-on. Turns out that Small Hands (seriously, what is up with that name) comes home a little bit early, and rather than being pissed off that his gilfriend is cheating on him, he instigates a threesome.

Best of Brazzers Summer Edition

This is a compilation video that shows pretty much every single Summer-focused Brazzers has produced in recent years. This means plenty of outdoor sex, a lot of it featuring lifeguards because obviously in this day and age, lifeguards spend a lot of time fucking the people whose lives they save.

Now, there are too many porn stars featured in this video for us to mention, so we won’t. However, we can firmly say that if this video doesn’t end up selling you on the world of Brazzers, we doubt anything will. This video is just way too fucking hot.

Bodacious Bikini Threesome

Madison Ivy and Kendra Sunderland are the focus of this rather hot little video. Here, the two go at it like animals, after tearing off their bikinis. Of course, Brazzers are not one to leave a good lesbian sex scene when they can ramp it up to the next level. This, of course, means they end up bringing a guy in. Mick Blue is the lucky fella here, and it isn’t long before that twosome turns into one of the hottest threesomes you are ever likely to see.

How To Squirt

Laying the Landlord

Eliza Ibarra and Lexi Luna star in this video. The latter is Eliza’s landlord, and, apparently, in some weird twisted punishment for Lexi walking in on her having sex, she decides to punish her with the only sensible thing you would do in that situation, you would have lesbian sex with your landlord.

Now, putting the plot issues to one side for a second, this is a pretty bloody hot video, and it shows just how great Brazzers are when it comes to putting together some awesome lesbian sex scenes. This ad, and ultimately the full video, are pretty much ‘must-watch’ if you want the best of the best when it comes to porn.

Best of Brazzers Massage Mania

There isn’t really one porn star that is the focus of this Brazzers ad. Instead, Brazzers have put together a compilation clip of their most popular series; Massage Mania. In this one, you are just going to see a whole lot of fucking. This is an ad. The company doesn’t really have time to waste on boring massages and the like. They want you to get down and dirty the second you see the video.

Expect lesbian sex. Expect straight sex. Expect blowjobs. Expect everything. By the end of it, you are either going to be wanting a massage, or you want to be out there and getting a Brazzers subscription. The perfect video, huh?

Bridge to Pussy

Who knew that a game of bridge could get hot and steamy? Well, only Brazzers could have come up with that idea! In this video, we get to enjoy Petite Princess Eve and Lou Lou Petite having lesbian sex, mostly because playing bridge seemed to have turned them on so fucking badly that they ended up with very little choice. Jordi is the male porn star that gets thrown into this video. Luckily for him, he gets to taste their beautiful pussies.

Mom Makes it All Better

Victoria Cakes isn’t a big fan of Jordi fucking her girlfriend. However, she is a pretty big fan of Jordi fucking her. This video is your pretty typical story of a hot MILF teaching a young man how to fuck, but in true Brazzers style, it so much damn hotter than simple sex. Even if you are not into either of the porn stars in this ad, we are 100% positive that you will be popping a chubby watching this video.

Reunited and She Looks So Good

Luna Star is heading to a school reunion, and she is dressed to impress. Isiah Maxwell is the one that decides that he is the one that is going to end up having her, so they sneak away from the party and get their groove on. Again, this is a pretty damn simple concept, but Brazzers make this whole video so incredibly hot that words cannot do it justice. Check out this one of the best Brazzers ads.

Junk in the Trunk Remastered

Jada Stevens and Sheena Shaw are the focus of this classic Brazzers video. Jordan Ash is the lucky fella that gets to pound both of them in the ass. There isn’t much to this video ad beyond that, but this video is the best of the best when it comes to anal videos from Brazzers, so it is worthy of being an ad for them.

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