Do you know what there is a lot of on OnlyFans? Accounts that are aimed at straight people. They may include a bit of lesbian sex every now and then, but probably nothing that you would be writing home about. Thankfully, if you look hard enough around the website, it won’t be long before you start to stumble across some OnlyFans lesbian accounts, and boy are they going to be good.

During our research for this list of the top 20 OnlyFans lesbian accounts, we went through hundreds upon hundreds of accounts. We feel that the list we have put together genuinely is the best of the best.

We know that not everybody is going to be excited by all 20 of the lesbian accounts that you find on this page. However, we are confident that most people should be able to find at least one or two accounts that really tickles thier fancy. Hell, we certainly love all twenty of them.

Since we have delayed a little bit too much already, what do you say we just jump right into the best lesbian OnlyFans accounts right away, huh?

Best Lesbian OnlyFans: Featured This Month


Hottest Lesbian OnlyFans Accounts of 2023

Samantha Ava

Hi, my name is Samantha. I’m 22, professional model and yoga instructor. I also love anything tantric and love to play with both boys and girls 😉 People tell me I have a puppy like personality. I’m always ready to have a playful conversation and get down and dirty! Remember to turn your AUTO RENEW ON! Don’t miss out! Every month my content gets better and better and if you do resubscribe I throw in free video/pics every month as a thank you. So what are you waiting for?!


Victoria 🌸 (NEW)

Hi my name is Victoria ☺️ I’m 21 and just decided to create an OnlyFans so i could share all my dirty moments with you 🤤 everyone thinks I’m this sweet innocent girl but you won’t think that after you subscribe to my OnlyFans where I have all the best XXX videos you’ll ever see 💦


Kat Aphrodisiac

Hi, I’m Kat, your aphrodisiac 😈
I’m 19 years old and I love having a deep connection with my sensuality.
I live a very reserved life 😇 and this platform is for me to be my real self and pay my studies. I love all things кιηкү and ρℓαүғυℓ 😼 and I fuck in Spanish and English 😇. Let’s have fun bb.


Doutzen 💋 (NEW)

Find out why they call me the queen of anal 🍆 • sex tapes • anal • lesbian • threesomes


Lola 💖 (18 years old)

Hi my name is Lola! I’m going to be your favorite girl on onlyfans, I already know it 😉

I just turned 18 and decided to make an onlyfans so i could share all my very best content with you 🥰 i have everything you could think of from solo videos to boy/girl/girl threesomes! Subscribe to my onlyfans and let’s play 😈


Miss🦋 Katie OnlyFans

Katie is an over 40 classy milf with a charming personality and sex skills that will blow your mind. If you have milf fantasies Katie is the onlyfans you want to subscribe to. She has hundreds of hours of high quality xxx content, has made over 500 custom videos for her fans, is known as the queen of dirty talk and mother of dick rates, performing the amazon position, her popular taboo & pov videos, amazing large 36 DDD breasts as well as an unmatched pink butterfly that her fans love. She has over 1.5 million social media followers and has been in the top 0.0% on onlyfans for 2 years for a reason, come see for yourself. 


Lexi (19 yo hot French teen)

Hey, my name is Lexi and I’m a 19 yo student from France. I love to get nasty and wet on camera with real orgasms. It makes me so horny to think about all you guys jerking off watching me. I love making custom content and getting feed back. I’m very active and down for anything…

I post daily full nudes, hot pics and xxx videos and answer all my DMs.

By the way, I fuck in French and love dirty talk! (I speak English and Spanish too)



MissFloraBerlin specializes in femdom content. So, of course, when you subscribe to her OnlyFans lesbian account, you can expect to be getting a shit ton of femdom stuff. This is going to be mixed in with a bit of BDSM.

The thing that we love about this lady is that she is a proper lesbian. It appears that she is in a lesbian relationship, and thus you are going to be enjoying a ton of content from that side of things too, which is always going to be nice. While there will be a ton of nudes posted on her account, she also seems to enjoy sharing a bit of information on her day-to-day life.

Now, we know that there are some people that are never going to be huge fans of this. However, we love it. When we subscribe to somebody on OnlyFans, we genuinely want to get to know them as a person.



The username pretty much tells you exactly what you are going to be getting when you subscribe to these two. You are going to be enjoying a genuine lesbian couple.

None of that posed shit for camera or anything like that. You are going to be watching two people that are genuinely in love playing with one another. It really helps to add a whole new dynamic to things.

They genuinely love to get their hands over each other’s bodies. Expect tons and tons of couples content here. This includes videos and photos. On occasion, you may also get a dash of solo content thrown in for good measure too.


We have yet another lesbian couple that you are going to be able to enjoy with Blakebambiwild. Yes. It is going to be a real, genuine lesbian couple.

Two people that are in love and just want to show off how much they love one another to the world. Of course, they are going to get naked and have a shit ton of sex while they do so. Lots and lots of videos and photos are going to be shared from this couple here.

Each seems to be a ton hotter than the last two. We hope that this couple stays together for a long ass time, because we genuinely do love everything that they produce.


We have some more lesbian goodness here. This British couple actually offer free subscriptions to their content. So, we guess that a lot of what they do while they are on OnlyFans is purely for the fun of showing off their loving relationship.

While you can’t really expect to be seeing tons and tons of nudes on their free account, there will certainly be enough content to keep most people excited. Sometimes it just feels really fucking good to be able to watch two people who are clearly madly in love with one another.

Just so you are aware, there is probably going to be a ton of oral and BDSM in their videos. Although, we are sure you probably don’t care about that too much.


Subscribe to Lesbianrealness, and you will have instant access to over 400 photos which really show the intimacy in their relationship. Of course, there will be a ton more to come too.

This is a couple that posts every single day. it may not always be a nude, but damn, are you going to be in for a world of fun. This is a couple that really loves to interact with their best fans too. If you feel like a one-on-one chat with a real lesbian couple, then you are going to be able to enjoy that with lesbianrealness.

If you stay subscribed, you may even get sent some bonus content to your inbox every so often. It is evident that this is not a couple that are only on OnlyFans to make money. They just enjoy getting naked on camera…and that is our favorite type of couple.



Sallyxmdvip already has over 1,000 photos and videos in her archive. As soon as you subscribe to her, you will be able to enjoy instant access to all of her content. Now, Sallyxmdvip is actually a bit more unique than some of the other OnlyFans lesbian profiles that we have covered so far.

She is a lesbian. Don’t worry about that. Well, at the very least, she is a bisexual. However, she does not appear to be in a relationship at the moment. This means that you are going to be enjoying a ton of lesbian content starring a variety of different women.

Of course, some of the time, you will just get to see Sally playing with herself solo. Although, that is quite alright with us. She is a beautiful minx.


The thing with some of the other ladies that we have covered so far is that they really cater to the crowd that love those perfect bodies. Don’t get us wrong. We do love ourselves a perfect body on occasion.

However, we also really do enjoy getting to see some beautiful ladies that are a bit more on the natural-looking side of things. That is exactly what you are going to be getting when you subscribe to the Sexysisterwives profile.

This is a real lesbian couple that have some epic tits. They post a lot of content too. One thing that they absolutely love to share is their beautiful pussies, and you will be able to see those being posted on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes, there will be fingers buried deep in them.


This is the free account for Shelma. It is designed to encourage you to head on over to her paid profile. However, don’t worry. If you don’t have a lot of cash to spend, her free profile is still going to be introducing you to some absolutely fantastic content which we are 100% positive you are going to enjoy.

We certainly do. There is something about how filthy this tattooed lady gets with her other half that really makes us go crazy. She promises that the videos and the photos that she posts are guaranteed to make you cum.

We 100% agree with that. These pictures are among the hottest things that you are ever going to see, particularly from a free account. You will probably be itching to sign up to her paid profile rather quickly.


Since you are into the whole lesbian thing, then this is a lady that we are sure you will have heard of. Dorothy Black has starred in lesbian content for pretty much every major porn studio out there.

She has a couple of profiles on OnlyFans. The link that we have given you here is going to take you directly to her free lesbian OnlyFans page. She doesn’t share a ton of content here. However, it is going to be more than enough for you to really see what this lady is truly about.

She does share a couple of nudes here and there too. If you do want more, then we encourage you to sign up to her premium page. We can assure you that she is going to be sharing even better content with the world there.


June and Margot are going to be the couple that you will be enjoying here. As you can probably guess from their name, they are an Asian couple. We are telling you now, Asian couples are incredibly rare on OnlyFans, let alone lesbian Asian couples.

This means that this pair is probably going to be a real awesome treat for you. They love licking pussies, BDSM, foot fetishes, anal, and a whole lot more.

They regularly post videos and photos that give you a peek into their highly sexual relationship. This is a pair that really does need to be seen to be believed. They are just that damn good.


This is a real lesbian couple. They do enjoy playing into a couple of kinks, though. For example, they love the whole little vs mommy kink. We know that this is not going to be for everybody, but they are one of the rare lesbian couples on OnlyFans that will offer this.

The photos and videos that they offer on their profile are going to be unlike anything you have ever seen on OnlyFans too., This is because this couple prefers to go down the more artistic route with the content that they produce. This means that it is still hot, but they get to show you what they really love about themselves.

Don’t worry. You are probably still going to be getting a small amount of hardcore fucking here and there. However, for the most part, it is going to be all about those artistic shots for this beautiful couple.


Savannahsolo has actually been nominated for an XBIZ award for the work that she does on OnlyFans. This is a lady that really does care about the sex industry too. For example, 10% of all of her earnings go to help sex trafficking victims.

It is hard to segue from that, but we know that you are probably just going to be here for the lesbian content that she offers. There isn’t a whole lot of it. As the name suggests, she does fly solo the vast majority of the time.

However, whenever that lesbian content does pop up in her feed, you know that you are going to be in for a real treat. This is because Savannahsolo always does her best to ensure that she gives her subscribers exactly what they deserve and want.


This lady bills herself as a lesbian hippy. We assume that this is because she does have a slightly more carefree attitude to life. Now, if you are looking for regular content posts, then you will probably want to look elsewhere. Lesbianhippy makes it clear that she is not going to be posting every single day onto OnlyFans.

However, she does post at least once per week. We are telling you now, the content that she posts is going to be more than worth the wait too. There will be a bit of lesbian content mixed in with some solo content. This is exactly what we want.


If you want a lesbian OnlyFans account that is going to give you real bang for your buck, then check out Allesandrasnow. This lady has hundreds of photos available. She also has over 50 masturbation videos on her profile.

You will get instant access to this for just $4.99 per month. She is even going to be regularly adding to that treasure trove of content. She posts daily. Not all of it is going to be lesbian content but, damn, it is going to be content that features one of the finest ladies on the platform.


Do you love your girls to be German, gamers, and covered with a ton of tattoos? Great, then Gymgamergirl may be just the lass for you. She is probably one of the more expensive ladies on this list, coming in at $20 per month. however, she does take a lot of time to produce some amazing content.

Some of it is lesbian. Some of it is solo. All of it is going to be showing off her stunning figure. This is probably not going to be a lady for everybody. However, as we said at the start, we are going to try and cover as many different kinks as we can. We love tattooed ladies, so she had to go on our list.


Here, we have the AVN Award winner Sinn Sage. You may have seen her in a bit of porn before. Now she is being featured on OnlyFans in all her sexy glory. Obviously, the bulk of her time is going to be spent showing off her body in actual porn movies.

However, she certainly does not neglect the OnlyFans side of things. She regularly posts lesbian content with tons of different women. She also has some straight content with her husband every so often. So, you really get a nice mix of things here.


This is another lesbian OnlyFans lady that you may have heard of. This is because Abella Danger works incredibly hard to build a brand around herself. Access to her OnlyFans page is going to be completely free. While she is not going to be sharing much in the way of nudes, she is sharing enough content to get you really excited for how damn beautiful she is.


Charlotte Stokely was added to the 2020 AVN Hall of Fame. So, this goes to show that she is a real fucking big deal in the world of porn. She is said to be one of the best lesbian porn stars working in the world right now.

She regularly posts content on OnlyFans. On occasion, you may get to see her lick a pussy or two, which is always exciting. Considering she is a top porn star, she doesn’t even charge that much for her content. You are looking at just $10 per month.


Abigail Mac is a bisexual. She doesn’t really post that much lesbian content on her OnlyFans page. However, it is important to know that she is a bisexual because she is one of those people on the site that really loves to interact with their fans.

This means that women shouldn’t be afraid of flirting with her. She is a top porn star too. She even has her own Fleshlight out. This means that you know she is going to be putting on an awesome performance on her account.


And let’s wrap up with Dani Daniels, yet another lesbian that has won countless awards for her performances. She has that whole nerd, cute look about her. Hell, load up her OnlyFans page and she will be rocking a Star Trek outfit.

We know a lot of people will like that. Her OnlyFans profile will include a ton of different content for you to enjoy. It seems that there is something added almost every single day that you can sink your teeth into. Awesome!


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