Have you been looking for some new gay OnlyFans pages to follow? What if we told you we’ve found the hottest gay OnlyFans content creators of the year…and the pages are free to join? It’s almost too good to be true, right? Well believe it.

These generous content creators have made some of their hottest pics, teasers, clips, and more available to their subscribers at no charge. Of course, if you’re feeling inspired, you could also purchase additional pay-per-view content or personalized services from them as well, but it’s never required. Read on to see our top choices for the best OnlyFans gay (free) content of the year. There’s a lot to explore!

Top Gay OnlyFans

Best OnlyFans Gay Accounts

The Best Gay OnlyFans Accounts Reviewed in 2024

1. Charlie – Best Fantasy-Fulfilling Free Gay OnlyFans


  • 180+ posts
  • Free to join

Where to Follow:

About Carlos:

Charlie, aka Carlos is a 20-year-old Latino lover with a thin, fit body, a tight butt, and a cute vibe that’ll make you smile. His OnlyFans gay content is unforgettable, as he’s the type of guy who doesn’t settle for boring routines or posting the same thing over and over. Watch as this Argentinian boy toy explores himself and his sexuality, pushing his boundaries to the max while trying new fetishes on-camera, for you.

Join Carlos’ account now and send him a DM to say hola, and let him know what type of kink turns you on the most. He’s open to almost anything, and ready for a good time.

2. Franzax – Spiciest Argentinian OnlyFans Gay Model


  • 80+ posts
  • Free to join

Where to Follow:

About Franzax:

When you subscribe to Franzax’s gay OnlyFans account, you have access to over 50 photos and video clips, with his locked pay-per-view escapades available for purchase as well. The best thing about this sexy Spanish-speaking content creator is his versatility. As he puts it, he can be sweet or sadistic, it’s up to you baby.

Judging by the sexy content on his social media accounts, there is a lot to gain by following Franzax. Find out for yourself by joining his page today.

3. Alex Argentino – Hottest OnlyFans Gay Content En Espanol


  • 220+ photos
  • 40+ videos
  • Free to join

Where to Follow:

About Alex Argentino:

Alex Argentino is, as his name suggests, from Argentina. He’s a sporty boy whose fit physique belies his love of fitness. While his page doesn’t say much, you’ll have to read between the lines. He mentions he wants to make a lot of new friends…and he does fetish content. Now those are some good friends, Alex!

Subscribe to this free gay OnlyFans account and enjoy all of the sexy posts, ab pics, and fetish fun that Alex gets into. He may only speak Spanish, but that’s what online translators are for. ¡Que te diviertas!

4. Vasya & Vlad – Best Free Gay OnlyFans out of Switzerlandcutevasya_free


  • 5.4K fans
  • 230+ posts
  • Free to join

Where to Follow:

About Vasya and Vlad:

Vasya and Vlad are one of the best OnlyFans gay models for anyone who is into youthful-looking European boys, and what they get up to on their naughty long road-trips together. This free account will give you a behind-the-scenes peek at two versatile twinks in love, including fun travel pics and, of course, plenty of sexual content and nudes too.

Vasya is the main contact on this account and he is always available to reply to messages. He reads them all, and replies whenever there’s time. Subscribe to this page now for a fun look at young love.

5. Free Kyle and Kam – Most Versatile Gay OnlyFans Couple


  • 560+ fans
  • 200+ photos
  • 160+ videos
  • Free to join

Where to Follow:

About Kyle and Kam:

Kyle and Kam are the hottest gay OnlyFans versatile British duo. When they’re not getting busy in the sheets, this real life couple spend a lot of time online to talk to fans in the DMs and upload new content. They have hundreds of posts on their free page, ready to be explored.

You’ll have to join now to find out what they’re doing that’s earned them a spot in the top 3% of all content creators worldwide. They’re fun, they’re energetic, and they’re always getting freaky for your entertainment.

6. Jacob Jerald – Best Gay OnlyFans Teases


  • 110+ posts
  • Free to join

Where to Follow:

About Jacob Jerald:

Jacob Jerald is more than your average content creator. In fact, he has the top gay OnlyFans account for anyone looking for free access to a cute and well-groomed hottie like him. He has over 100 photos and videos to check out on his free page, with plenty more on his paid account if you’re looking for something a little more explicit.

Jacob is online often, and is available to chat almost every day, but you’ll have to tip for a response on his free page. Go ahead, get that credit card out and ask him that burning question, he will let you know exactly what he thinks in the DMs.

7. Free Gay Underwear – Best OnlyFans Gay Live Shows


  • 420+ fans
  • 180+ posts
  • 120+ live streams
  • Free to join

Where to Follow:

About Free Gay Underwear:

The Free Gay Underwear page is the best gay OnlyFans account for anybody who is turned on by boxers, briefs, thongs, and jocks. This ginch-wearing guy is always uploading new pics in his skivvies, giving his subscribers new content often. He also does free live cam shows (there are over 120 already on his page to check out), and he loves to chat.

Join Free Gay Underwear and enjoy sharing a mutual love of boys in shorts (and in the nude) without paying a dime. It’s completely free to subscribe, and well worth your time.

8. Gay Chrissie 18 – Hottest Gay OnlyFans from the Netherlands


  • 490+ likes
  • 40+ posts
  • Free to join

Where to Follow:

About Gay Chrissie 18:

Chrissie is a 28-year-old OnlyFans gay man from the Netherlands, who has created his free page to be able to share his naughty inclinations and sexiest pics with his subscribers. This Dutch model is not shy about nudity, and uploads plenty of NSFW content you’ll certainly enjoy if you like hot dudes, hairy legs, and a slutty European accent.

Chrissie replies to all his messages and he is open to filming custom content too. You can send him a DM to find out more about pricing, and how it all works.

9. Homegiant – Top OnlyFans Gay Macrophilia Content


  • 1.6K fans
  • 1.3K+ posts
  • Free to join

Where to Follow:

About Homegiant:

And now for something completely different! Homegiant runs a page based around gay macrophilia, or, in other words, his content involves sexual fantasies that have to do with giants. While this fetish usually centers around female giants, Homegiant is different, posting exclusively gay OnlyFans macro and shrinking content to his page. You may not see sexually explicit stuff on the free account, but there is a lot more to purchase after you subscribe. Just check out the “video” tab to see all available clips.

10. Free Gay Stuff & More – Best OnlyFans Gay Pics from the UK


  • 4.6K fans
  • 70+ posts
  • Free to join

Where to Follow:

About Andras (Free Gay Stuff & More):

Andras is a professional photographer who has created his account to showcase some of the sexiest male models he’s had the pleasure of capturing with his camera. Subscribe to his account for free gay OnlyFans content that goes well beyond your typical fashion shoot. He promises you’ll see dicks, ass, and lots of cum.

Interested? Then join Andras on his naughty photo adventures. Who knows which UK model he’ll set up a shoot with next!

Top Gay OnlyFans In Conclusion

The hottest gay OnlyFans boys are not just fit and pretty, they also offer top-tier fan services, high-quality content, and plenty of opportunities for one-on-one interaction and more. These boys are all hard-working individuals who deserve every tip and purchase made on their page.

If you’re inspired to subscribe to the top gay OnlyFans free accounts, make sure to like your favorte pics, comment as much as possible, and show your love for what they do. They’ll appreciate the attention, and you might get something hot in return.

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