Although some are loath to discuss the topic, sex is an important part of life for most people. Most people, though not all, have an innate drive to seek out a partner with whom they can share their physical intimacy.

That does not mean it is easy for them. The social implications of partaking in sex with your partner can be huge if you’re in situations like college, a strict workplace, or if you don’t want to be in the confines of a relationship.

To avoid these conflicts, more and more people are turning to casual sex. This offers the partakers freedom, but not everyone knows how to find such arrangements. So, how do you meet people for casual sex? We’re going to show you two general ways in which you may find casual sex and tell you why each is beneficial.

Chatting and Dating Sites

Looking for casual sex is becoming very common on chatting and Dating sites and apps allow people to meet strangers online from a large swath of their immediate area. Once they have completed a profile, people can begin to talk with others, gauge their interests, and make a move. In the same ways that people have found romantic love online, they’ve also garnered the ability to meet people seeking a one-night stand or another casual arrangement.

There are several benefits to meeting someone for these interactions online. The first reason people enjoy using dating sites to meet someone for casual sex is that they have a direct line to people trying to have casual sex. When you consider how many people are looking for romantic partners (not just sex partners), it’s easy to see how people might accidentally overlap their searches.

They might end up propositioning someone that is not into the casual relationship they are offering, and that can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Fortunately, online casual dating sites group people together based on their interests, providing direct access to those that want to have such specific physical entanglements.

People greatly enjoy using online dating services to find casual sex partners because the sites tend to be discreet. When you’re trying to pick someone up at your favorite bar, they can get a little too close. So, if you want to keep potential dates at arm’s length for the sake of safety, something many women prefer, then using a dating service that maintains your anonymity is the best idea. Dating sites are safer now than ever before, and the first line of defense for these sites is the physical safety promised to those using online services. Websites will not ask you to reveal your full name or location to a potential date, and they are bolstered by encryption and security. Staying safe while looking for casual interactions is very important!

While the past versions of date sites did not account much for local romantic outcomes, the modern versions do. The ability to meet someone online and then in-person is what has made the present-day casual dating sites so appealing to many people. Using the location of someone’s device, the app or website can help users meet people only in a specific part of the world. When they feel comfortable taking things offline to meet up in person after getting to know each other on the site, it’ll be easy for them to do. The local element makes more profound sorts of online casual sex possible, such as two people meeting up just by being in the same place. Some apps will tell you when someone who is active on the dating site and meets your criteria is nearby, and you can swoop in for a quick introduction.

Of course, other less significant benefits do exist with using online dating services. For one thing, they represent less of an investment in time and money than meeting partners in other ways. Think about how much time and effort you spend at a bar trying to pick up a date. Sure, the drinks and food you have while you’re cruising for fun are nice, but you could go an entire week without having the opportunity to fulfill your desires. Going online for dates does not come with this complication as long as you are willing to compromise on the outcome a bit. You can spend a flat amount every month and seek out partners for action that happens online and face-to-face. Thus, you can increase the returns on those financial investments and get the added benefits of not having to spend so much time in a bar environment when you’re seeking to connect with someone.

Lastly, dating sites have a unique feature that you could never replicate in a real-life setting: the ability to meet people based on specific characteristics. Most dating services these days offer the user the ability to filter out the people they would not find attractive. This can allow people on dating sites to determine which specific kind of individual they would like to romance and then seek them out for the casual sex outcomes they desire. While some of the filters are for non-physical attributes like culture or location, many of them take into account physical features like weight, height, hair color, skin color, and more. The chance to meet someone for casual sex with the perfect combination of features to fit your desires is difficult to imagine happening outside of these dating services, which is why they remain so popular.

Nowadays, more and more seekers of partners for casual sex are using a site that was created for such cases. They understand that there is such a fantastic capability to meet people for casual sex online that any other way just seems dimmer by comparison. However, there is another way to meet people for these romantic outcomes, and it’s just the one that you think it is!

Night Clubs, Pubs, and Anything for Casual Dating

The other way to meet people for casual dating is by going out on the town and rubbing elbows with them at your favorite night club, pub, or sports bar. Many drinking and eating establishments are the perfect venues to meet someone that is looking for these sorts of dating results.

Before we start talking about finding people for casual sex in person, though, it’s important to look at the current situation.

Presently, there is a pandemic occurring throughout much of the world. That means going out to meet strangers is a very dangerous and possibly irresponsible prospect at this time.

While it is unfortunate, that is the reality of the situation.

Even if you wear a mask while you’re out in public, indoor gatherings can still expose you to the virus that causes COVID-19. In fact, research has found that in two states in the United States, Colorado and Louisiana, upwards of 20% of all new cases can be traced back to restaurants, bars, and night clubs.

While the virus might not appear to be deadly to people in the younger cadre of people with a death rate of just, the fact is that underlying conditions or a poor immune response can kill people that are young as well as old. On average, most people have a 0.2% chance of dying from the disease.

However, that number skyrockets with age (15% over the age of 80) and does not take into account the lasting effects of lung and heart damage. Also, it’s irresponsible to catch the virus and then bring it to other people in your life that might not be able to fend it off.

Even the CDC has recommended that bars and other venues that serve alcohol be considered especially dangerous because people lower their inhibitions, take off their masks, or expose themselves to other people by not using social distancing measures. In short, while these places are very fun and flirty, now is not the time to use them to meet people for dates.

With all that said, when the time comes for you to seek out a partner for casual sex, few places are as fun, direct, and exciting as going out to the bars and clubs. When you consider the same elements as online dating, it’s clear that going out in person, when it’s safe, has some advantages. For example, when looking at the ease of access to people that want these dates, you don’t have to look at a screen. You peruse the right crowd bar, and you could find someone that is interested in going home with you the same night. It happens all the time. Thus, looking for partners in a bar is the most direct way to meet people.

Yet, some things limit the appeal of bars, like the lack of anonymity and the safety factor. While it might not seem like something men have to worry about, many women worry about going home with the wrong type of person. That’s something that can be ameliorated by getting to know them and letting people know who they are ahead of time.

Other considerations that make bars a great place to meet people is that they are the fastest way to have a physical interaction with someone. Online, you can do a lot of activities that are sexual but picking up someone at the club is the single fastest means through which to have a hookup, bar none.

Bars are also a great place to meet local people, completely removing the fears about asking someone out and discovering that they’re not from the same area of the world like you. Another thing to remember is picking people up at the bar exposes you to a whole new world of fun and connection. You will meet friends at the bar, interact with people more often, and get the chance to relax, unwind, and have some great food and drinks. Considering how this year has been regarding the pandemic, don’t be surprised if more people than ever before are out and looking for casual sex in bars in the near future.

Going to the bars can be a very fun way to meet partners for casual sex. It is a very direct method that provides you with a sense of companionship that you will have a hard time finding any other place. The same goes for night clubs and local pubs. Yet, you have to remember one thing: dating in person is dangerous right now. As we’ve said already, the inherent dangers of COVID-19 are not limited to you – the fact that you can track it around to other people even if you’re asymptomatic should make you second-guess any trips to the bar. Stay home for now; the bars and clubs will open again in the future.

All in all, the two different kinds of dating offer unique benefits to those who take part in them. That does not mean that one way or the other is inherently better or will make you more successful. It’s all about finding what kind of casual sex seeking supports your lifestyle the best.

Some people want to stay at home and meet people without having to venture outside because they’re too busy with the rest of their lives. Other people want to have the connection and challenge that comes with picking someone up at the bar. When you weigh all the differences such as cost, time investment, the ability to find people, and the amount of time between meeting someone and sharing a bed, the methods are just about equal.

As long as you choose the method that allows you to start playing to your strengths, you should have no problem finding someone that will fulfill your needs. Remember to take into account the current times, though. Stay safe at home and give online casual dating a try for now until it is safe for everyone to make their return to a normal situation.


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