If you pay attention to the porn world, then you will know about ThePornDude.com. This website is one of the largest porn reviewing websites in the world. Hell, you have probably stumbled across it a couple of times yourself, no doubt searching for that ‘next big site’ where you can have a good wank or two.

In recent months, The Porn Dude has started muttering about a new project that he was just about ready to launch, and we are happy to say that it has now been released; ThePornDude Casting…and this may be your next favorite porn website. Let’s tell you about how PornDude casting works, shall we?

We were lucky enough to be able to interview The Porn Dude when we put together this page, so a lot of the information that you find here will be straight from the horse’s mouth.

What is PornDude Casting?

If you have headed on over to ThePornDude.com, then you will no doubt have seen the mascot, right? It is one of the most popular mascots in the porn world. You know that when you see that little fella recommend some porn, you know that you are going to be in for a real treat. Of course, PornDude Casting had to feature him.

You can think of PornDude casting as a little bit like those premium porn websites. So, you have professionally shot videos with some top actresses being fucked. Pretty simple stuff, right? Well, you have a twist.

As you can probably guess from the name, this site is all about people being fucked on the casting couch. However, they are going to be railed by the actual Porn Dude. Well, at least a guy dressed up as him. Yep. That’s right. These girls are going to be pounded by a mascot. A unique concept for porn, but certainly a welcome one.

PornDude Casting offers some fantastic shots. When we spoke to the guy behind it, he told us that he wanted to take lessons from other ‘casting couch’ sites he had reviewed before and make them better…while also adding his own unique twist into the mix. This means that the interviews on the couch are actually exciting. If you have read his site, then you will know that humor is all over the place, and this translates pretty damn well into the porn world. It is crude but, hey, you are going to be watching porn. Did you expect the humor to be nice and fluffy? Like bollocks you did.

How Much Does PornDude Casting Cost?

At the moment, nothing.

It is marketed as a premium porn website, but for at least a year after you sign up, there is no cost to it. Hell, you don’t even have to give up your credit card details when you are creating a membership. This means that you won’t be forgetting about the site only to end up with a random charge on your bank account a year from now, not that we think that you will end up forgetting about PornDude casting any time soon.

When we interviewed the team behind Porn Dude Casting, they aren’t even sure whether they want to charge for the website in the future. They want to see how things go and whether it makes any money for them, or if it manages to gather any interest. Their whole aim is to try and keep things free. In the future, they reckon they may have some ads or merchandise that you can buy on the website, but they still hope that all of the content will remain free to watch.

Because it is free to sign up for now, and you do not have to hand over your credit card details at all, you have absolutely no excuse to not be checking it out, right?

Is the Content Good?

Damn straight it is.

When wer first heard about this project, we figured that it would be nothing more than a way for The Porn Dude to advertise his own review website. We figured that the porn would be fairly mediocre, as a result. Turns out that we were wrong.

Obviously, the parent website has a ton of cash flowing into it. That is what you get when you are promoting major porn websites. It seems that a lot of this money has been filtered through to PornDude Casting. Like, a lot of money. The set-up is professional and, from what we can see, the look of he videos seems to be far superior to other similar websites too.

If you are a fan of either of these sites, then you will know what to expect:

  • Czech Casting
  • Net Video Girls
  • Woodman Casting
  • Backroom Casting Couch

In fact, according to The Porn Dude, he based the style of content around these websites…and even he reckons that what he produces is better than them. We suppose that is what happens when you spend a ton of time reviewing porn websites and regularly writing news on the porn industry. You start to get a feel for what works on other platforms and what doesn’t work.

The team have done a fucking amazing job pulling in some top ladies too. Like, some of the sexiest people that we have ever seen perform on camera. If you want a real treat, then we suggest that you check out the Madi Collins video. It is one of the best casting couch videos we have seen. Although, to be honest, every bit of content that we have seen on the site is great. This guy does a great job in picking the ladies that are showing off their assets. However, did you really expect anything else? This guy does know the porn world inside out.

How Much Content Is There?

Obviously, the site is still brand new. This means that Porn Dude Casting doesn’t have whopping amounts of content on it right now. At the time of writing, there are around 10 videos. ‘

Now, we know what you are thinking, this doesn’t seem like a lot. However, Porn Dude Casting is adding one video every single Friday, and they tend to be around 20-minutes to 45-minutes long, so you have a decent amount of content to add to your spank bank every single week.

As the site starts to ramp up in terms of visitors and funding, you can bet your bottom dollar that the amount of content added to the site will start to ramp up. While it probably won’t be rivaling the big casting couch porn sites in terms of content right now, we reckon it will be well up there in the future.

What Are the Future Plans for the Site?

When we asked The Porn Dude, he said that he has a ton of videos lined up for the future, and he has started to gather feedback from the viewers on the type of people that they want to see starring in their videos. Since this fella is so big in the porn industry, we reckon that he won’t have that many issues drawing in some of the bigger stars too. After all, who doesn’t want to get fucked by one of the most famous faces in the porn business?

No idea if he was joking or not, but he did tease the fact that he may be able to coax Mia Khalifa out of retirement. However, we reckon that this would take an incredible amount of money on his part. She don’t come cheap. However, if he does accomplish that, then it would probably be one of the biggest things to happen to the porn business for fucking years.

For now, just expect him to add content regularly. As we said, it will be every Friday. You can also expect him to refine the style of the videos to the point where it is absolutely perfect. Now, we know that they are perfect now, but this is a guy that is always going to be striving to be the absolute best.

Rememeber, if you sign up to Porn Dude Casting today, you will be able to enjoy at least 365 sweet days of free porn from one of the best in the business…and it will probably end up being a lot longer than that once he has nailed how he wants to fund the site (in between nailing all those women, of course)


If you have been wondering what the fuck the Porn Dude has been up to recently, you now know. He has been creating his own porn website where he is lucky enough to fuck some of the most beautiful babes in the business. All of this is shaping up to be one of the best damn casting couch porn websites around too…and it is all for free. We reckon that you should be checking it out. It certainly is a unique concept.

Remember, since this site is 100% free, you have absolutely no excuse. Check it out now. Will probably be the best decision you have ever made.


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