Mia Khalifa

Beirut-born Mia Khalifa is a woman that took the world by storm just a few years ago. It is fair to say that based upon the hubbub generated each time she releases a new video, she has no plans of slowing down her porn escapades any time soon. This is a big-titted Arab babe. The latter is something that you do not find in the porn industry all that much.

For most of the porn scenes that she stars in, you are going to find Mia Khalifa rocking both a hijab and a pair of glasses. Again, something that is pretty decent. While she did stumble across the porn industry accidentally, and the first place she worked was a major studio (Bang Bros.) she clearly knows what she is doing on camera. It is sad that this pornstar with glasses isn’t producing anywhere near as much porn as one would hope.

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