Looking for the best online sex shop where you can buy sex toys? These days, there are so many online sex shops that it is not exactly the easiest thing in the world to find the right ones or the most trustworthy ones.

Plus, if you are looking for something specific, it can be confusing to sift through the enormous selection of online sex shops.

Questions such as which ones will carry the products you have in mind begin to surface. Plus, how can you possibly know which ones will deliver discreetly? All of these factors are important when it comes to knowing what to get and where to get it from.

Here we’ve put together a short list for you of the tested and tried sex shops on our list that we have found to be reliable, confidential and most of all, dependable.


adameve sex shop

When it comes to adult sex shops, Adam and Eve is hard to beat. Anything and everything you have in mind to purchase, they probably sell.

This is probably the reason they have been in the online sex shops biz longer than most. The USA’s leading company for sex toys, Adam and Eve has been in the business for over forty-five years and for good reason.

This reliable, trusted toy store for adults has built its reputation and increased its clientele through great products and great services. When you want erotica toys for gay, straight, female or male, Adam and Eve is the sex shop for you.

Products include sex games, sex furniture, anal lube, massage oils, female or male enhancers, adult movies about parodies or group sex, crotch-less and open cup lingerie and the like. There is even a guide to sex on the website as well as Dr. Jenni, their sexpert to meet your every sex-related query.

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lovehoney adult toys shop

Lovehoney is one of those online sex shops that offer a complete line of products. Nothing is off-limits or taboo. This shop features adult toys by the people selling sexual happiness.

With over three hundred staff globally and fifteen years in the business of selling sex toys, millions of happy clientele keep coming back to Lovehoney. Sex lives are invigorated, enhanced and enriched by the selection of essentials, lingerie and toys this online sex shop has to offer.

The store caters to any orientation, all appetites and tastes. Enjoy extremely discreet, fast shipments from their warehouse in the USA and they look forward to increasing your sexual happiness as it arrives straight to your door.

The best part is that you can choose products from the comfort and privacy of your own computer, send your details and expect the products to arrive swiftly and without much fuss. It really doesn’t get better than this.


babelend sex toys online shop

CBD wellness, fun factory, same-sex relationships and the latest, most organic and down-to-earth products on the market are up for grabs at Babeland.

In fact, Babeland celebrates healthy sexuality and feels that it has made the world a better place by supplying you with the most pleasurable sex toys money can buy. The site says that Babeland is a state of mind, a lifestyle and a destination.

We couldn’t agree more. There were links plus information about sex toys. This is great for newbies who are unsure what they want or what will best work for them. Helpful tips, how to’s and workshops are up for grabs from Babeland.

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They have partnered with merchants and local vendors to bring memorable, interactive events that you can attend solo or with a group. Enjoy informative, fun evenings in this awesome community.

The moment you click to open the Babeland website, it almost feels as if you have entered an actual, rather than a virtual destination.


amazon adult shop

Amazon lets you shop for sex toys by category. As an online sex shop, Amazon is as complete and as thorough as it gets. This means that if you are looking for anything under the sun, this is the online shop to get it.

In fact, if and when other adult sex shops don’t have a specific product you are looking for, Amazon will most likely not just have it, but have several variations of it. You can shop by category such as click the links for bondage and fetish gear, performance enhancers, sex furniture, novelty toys, men’s toys, lubes, condoms and the like.

Featured shops include Worry Free Store and Prime Samples. There is even a category for sensual delights, jewelry and safer sex. Best sellers tell you exactly what people with like minds as you are looking for and actually purchasing. See what is really out there and find exactly what you are looking for only from Amazon.


jackandjill adult store

Fulfill all your sexual fantasies with the enormous array of products available at Jack and Jill. When it comes to online sex stores, Jack and Jill is enormously popular for a reason.

This sex toy shop is for higher end toys for adults. This superstore makes your wildest dreams a reality. Anything you could possibly need or want are all found right here at their website.

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No matter what your fetish or fantasy happens to be at the moment, they can provide the toys for it. Exceptional customer service plus the highest qualities for every piece of merchandise is yours for the asking.

Games, costumes swings and even sex toys for couples are available. There are also bondage toys, anal toys and dildos in various sizes, colors and shapes. Get the satisfaction you are yearning for from the sex toys they offer. Superior performance, quality and ease of use make Jack and Jill store one of the most popular online sex shops today.


unboundbabes sex toys online store

Unbound Babes is a virtual space for people to have inclusive, fun conversations about sex and encourage everyone to enjoy as well as explore their sex lives. This online shop even features its own magazine.

The great over-sized graphics and minimal text plus the magazine they feature on the site almost makes it seem less of a shop and more of a lifestyle. NYC-based founders really do make a mark and has created an online sex shop that looks different then the rest.

It almost feels as if they really do care for you! The tabs include rewards, shopping and the magazine. They also encourage you to keep in touch, follow them on social media and subscribe. This online sex shop really does offer more value to the viewer than most other sex shops in terms of substance and so we kept this best one for last on the list!

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