The island of Jamaica is known as a lush and beautiful, tropical paradise. With this in mind, it is no surprise that it is known for producing some incredibly hot women. Jamaican porn stars are some of the hottest in the business. Even though you might not be able to head off to the Caribbean to enjoy the beauty of the islands and the women amazing women that reside there, you can still get your rocks off by jerking off to all of the hot Jamaican pornstars that are currently active in today’s porn industry. The top Jamaican pornstars are currently offering you a little glimpse into this tropical island by showing off their gorgeous bodies and their tight pussies and asses.

There are some truly amazing Jamaican pornstars currently working in the porn industry, but we have taken the time to put together a list of 9 lovely ladies that truly stand out from the rest. The hot and sultry sluts on this top 9 list are some of the hottest little tramps currently showing off their sexual skills in the porn industry.

These hot little tarts know how to get down to business once a big cock or a wet pussy is put in their face. With this said, these are 9 Jamaican porn stars that you simply must check out. The hotties on this list regularly help their fans to achieve mind-blowing orgasms while jerking off to the relentless sexual antics that they display in front of the camera.

Maserati XXX

Maserati XXX is an ebony sexy goddess who hails from Kingston in Jamaica. Busty does not even come close to fully describing her massive set of tits and she has a thick juicy ass to go along with them. Maserati XXX also has a juicy pair of lips for kissing and a juicy pair of lips down below for fucking. She is as skilled at eating pussy as she is skilled at taking fat, throbbing cocks.

This sex-crazed starlet is also happy to take a huge strapon from one of her female co-stars. There was little doubt when we started putting this list together that Maserati XXX was going to be one of the lovely ladies on our list of the top 9 hottest Jamaican pornstars currently working in today’s industry.

Aryanna Starr

The porn career of Aryanna Starr has been an impressive one and it has led to her inclusion as one of the top 9 Jamaican pornstars that all true porn fans should keep an eye on. This thick and juicy ebony slut is often found engaged in lesbian sex scenes and lesbian threesomes but she is also a true pro at taking massive cock from the leading male talent in today’s porn industry.

This Jamaican honey is a real freak once the camera starts rolling and her sizzling performances have helped countless fans to drain their balls while jerking off to her whorish behaviors. Once you see her in action, you will realize why Aryanna Starr is considered to be one of the top Jamaican pornstars in the business.

Janine Speakey

Our next hot and sexy Jamaican porn star is Janine Speakey. You will immediately be blown away with the body on this hottie and you will be blown away by how she uses it to show her fans what a total slut she is. Watching her sexy pierced tits bounce as she rides up and down on a fat cock or when you see them swinging under her as she bends over doggy style for a hard pounding.

This freaky slut has serious skills everywhere the sex goes and can give an amazing blowjob as well. It should be quite apparent once you see Janine Speakey in action that she is a definitive member of the top 9 hottest Jamaican pornstars in the industry.

Karrine Steffans

Karrine Steffans has been showing off what a complete and utter slut she is since she first began her pornographic career back in 2006. Since then, this insatiable little trollop has been thrilling her fans in the various projects that she has worked on. She has appeared in a highly touted sex scene that included legendary big-dicked male star, Mr. Marcus.

She has also appeared in many music videos for successful hip-hop artists. This gorgeous beauty is of both Jamaican and Puerto Rican heritage and was born in the US Virgin Islands. Her career in porn and other professional avenues is truly notable and it has helped her to become one of our 9 Jamaican pornstars that you simply must take note of in 2020.

Lucea Brixton

Lucea Brixton just looks amazing with a massive throbbing cock stuffed down her whore throat. This Jamaican slut has some serious deepthroating skills and she also has a tight cunt that is perfect for taking the biggest dicks that she can find to fill it up. Her impressive sexual skillset is regularly on display on top porn sets and she excels whether she is riding cowgirl, on her knees giving head, or bent over like a good girl taking a doggy style pounding from a throbbing prick.

You will not have a hard time getting your own cock hard and throbbing once you see Lucea Brixton in action. She is a Jamaican porn star that you need to familiarize yourself with if you have not had the pleasure of doing so yet.

Sasha Fierce

Sasha Fierce is a petite little Jamaican tart who looks truly stunning when she spreads her slut legs and offers up her dripping cunt to a hard cock. Her body is also perfect for a hard doggy style pounding sex and for riding on top. If there is a hard, throbbing cock in the room, you can rest assured that Sasha Fierce is going to want to jump onto it as fast as she can.

She has some serious ball-draining skills that she is more than happy to show off for her fans. Once the clothes come off and the camera starts rolling, this Jamaican porn star shows you why fierce is the perfect name for her. She brings a true ferocity to the sex scenes that she performs in.

Roxy Rider

Roxy Rider is a petite little trollop who has featured in productions from leading porn sites such as Tiny 4K. She is the ideal slut for porn flicks that feature petite women. Her tight and toned body is built for hardcore sex and Roxy Rider makes use of it for exactly that. Roxy Rider has adorable little tits that you just want to pinch and suck on and her tight little pussy and asshole are perfect for licking and fucking.

Watching her go down on a fat cock in a POV tease or seeing her expertly straddle and ride a throbbing prick are both truly beautiful sights that will have you pulling at your own meat. This is one little slut that you must check out. Your cock will thank you and you will quickly see why she is has made it onto our top 9 list.

Adina Jewel

The impressively long porn career of Adina Jewel extends all the way back to 1998. That means she has been fucking and sucking on porn sets for the past 22-plus years now. Even though she has been in the business for all of these years, this Jamaican hottie is as voracious a slut as she has ever been. This Jamaican porn star can be found in a wide variety of different sex scenes during her long career.

From engaging in hot bukkake scenes to participating in risky public sex, there seems to be no limit for this relentless slut. This is a factor that has endeared Adina Jewel’s countless fans to her over the many years that she has been whoring it up in the porn industry.

Georgianna Robertson

Our last Jamaican porn star of note on our top 9 list is Georgianna Robertson. She is a true Jamaican MILF pornstar who has the perfect body required for hardcore sex acts. Georgianna Robertson has become quite notable as a nude runway model during her professional career.

Her career has seen her build an impressive fan following of devoted strokes that love watching this gorgeous ebony goddess as she struts down the runway fully nude. She is truly deserving of her spot on our list of the world’s hottest Jamaican pornstars.


We certainly hope that you have enjoyed our list of 9 Jamaican pornstars that you simply must know about. These ladies are all as slutty as they are beautiful. They come from a gorgeous island paradise and their fans would find it to be a true paradise if they were ever to get the chance to spend a night with any of these amazing beauties.

If you have never had the chance to go to Jamaica on vacation, you can at least get some great thrills by checking out these beautiful ladies when you head to your room for your next jerk-off session. The ladies on this list will not disappoint!


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