Dick enlargement is known as the treatment that consists of the use of hands, devices, medications, and surgeries to increase the size of the dick in its flaccid state.

The dick, like any other organ in the body, can have variations in terms of its morphology (length and diameter) and because of this there are methods to increase the size of the dick, both in its thickness and its length.

Also, even though it is very popular today, the truth is that the origins of dick enlargement date back to about 20,000 years ago.

Since man has been a man, the concern for dick size has always been present throughout history, in all civilizations we can find references to how our ancestors did this practice.

In Africa, it was customary in some cultures to use stones attached to the dick in order to achieve an increase in its length.

In eastern countries such as Korea, dick size was associated with youth and vigor, and retraction was associated with aging and loss of sexual potency. Even in ancient Egypt and ancient Greece they also did this practice.

However, in our society today this concern is still present, and due to various means such as pornography, the proliferation of nude beaches, social pressure, and many others. They have caused many less gifted men to feel bad about themselves and want to find a solution to this problem.

But worry no more, because in this article is your solution, whether you want to enlarge, feel safer and better with your body or your dick to simply be a better lover, here we will guide you with everything you need to know.

Below, we will find all the information and the best tips to make your dick bigger.

Pills, supplements, and lotions

During a dick enlargement treatment, vasodilator-type products are also often used.

What are these vasodilators for? What they do is increase blood flow in the area, thus temporarily increasing the size of your dick and intensifying the results.

Pills and Supplements:

Most pills and supplements are made with natural ingredients, the supplements cause better blood flow to the dick, increasing the volume of tissue, and this, in turn, makes your dick bigger and thicker.


Like pills and supplements, Enlargement lotions are a type of vasodilator creams that cause more blood flow to the dick area, thus increasing the volume of the tissue. These creams are often used with treatments to lengthen the dick.

Naturally, creams are more effective than pills for the simple fact that their effect will always be more focused on a specific area, the dick.

However, according to the manufacturers of these types of supplements for enlargement treatments, they say that the pills and supplements somehow complement the effects of the cream, thus achieving better results in general.

There is a noticeable increase in size after a short time, but it is due to the vasodilation function. The effects may only be permanent if used long term.

Exercises and stretching devices

Not all men find that they can lengthen their limbs through systematic exercise. These exercises refer to the use of the hands to massage the tissues along the dick.

This causes the skin to stretch and create micro-tears in the tissue, which as they heal, the tissue may appear swollen, making the dick appear somewhat longer.

Consistency is a fundamental term that we must take into account for the results to be fruitful and lasting. Also, you can count on an improvement in erections and an increase in sexual sensations.

Just as we can make our dick look longer with just our hands, we can do it with vacuum pumps or dick enlargement.

Both of them pull on the dick so that the tissues are stretched and it is exactly the same as with the hands.

However, the truth is that the results with these devices are much more effective and visible because by not making any physical effort it turns out to be more comfortable and is practiced more frequently.

These exercises can be combined with a dick enlargement cream, which will act as a vasodilator, to make the dick look longer over time and get better results.

What exercises are worth doing to enlarge the dick?

1. Jelquing:

This is an exercise that is used mainly by the peoples of Asia and Africa, although it is known in Europe as well. This method is commonly called “ordering the dick”.

The method consists of bringing the member to a partial erection, without actually causing a full erection.

It involves connecting the thumb with the index finger of one hand, grasping the member near the head. Then make massage movements to the member, moving the hand from the root to the tip.

This is an exercise that pumps blood to the shaft of the dick, which favors its enlargement, and thus you can have a bigger dick.

It is recommended for this exercise, that at the beginning it is with a small number of repetitions of the massage movements, then increase the number of repetitions with the following sessions.

Steps to do the Jelquing:

1. Put your index finger and thumb together in an O shape.

2. Bring your fingers in an O shape to the base of the dick and place them there.

3. Make the O smaller until it exerts a slight pressure on the shaft of the dick.

4. Slowly move your fingers towards the head of the dick, reaching the tip. If you feel any kind of pain, reduce the pressure you are exerting.

5. Repeat this exercise once a day for about 20 to 30 minutes.

2. Extenders, pumps, and rings:

How to use the vacuum pump for a bigger dick:

1. You have to place the dick inside the air-filled chamber.

2. Use the mechanism that brings the pump to suck the air that is inside. This action will cause the blood in the dick to increase, causing an erection.

3. Then, put the ring on the dick, this ring is included to be able to keep it erect for at least 30 minutes. During all this time you can have sex or masturbate without any problem or risk.

How to use an extender device:

1. For the first step you have to place the dick at the end of the base.

2. Secure the head of the dick into the two slots at the opposite end.

3. Next, hold the silicone tube around the dick.

4. Grab the ends of the silicone tube at the bottom and slowly pull the dick out. Do not continue pulling if you feel any discomfort or pain.

5. Fix the stretched position of the dick with the help of the device and keep it that way for about 4-6 hours a day.

What is the use of the rings?

The idea of using rings on the member is due to the increase in the amount of blood in the member during erection, which could cause a temporary enlargement effect.

However, this is a technique that has no scientific evidence, it is also considered dangerous because if the ring is too tight or remains on the dick for a long time, it can stop the blood flow in the area.

Health, hygiene, and aesthetics

Some men do not want or need a physically larger dick but want it to be optically larger. How could I make my dick bigger like this?

The truth is that you will not need pills or other supplements, nor will you need to do any exercise. You just need to take care of yourself a little.

1. Shaving can help the dick look bigger:

Having excess pubic hair is not good for the dick optically. A lot of pubic hair hides the length of the dick and visually makes it look smaller. This is why it is worth betting on systematic hair removal in the intimate area.

Shaving in this area of ​​the body is a delicate practice and if not done correctly, it can cause itching, pain, and the most dreaded thing, ingrown hair or ingrown hair.

Here are some tips that will help you achieve a smooth and good shave in your pubic area, and thus achieve a few extra inches.

Trim the longest hairs first:

Use an electric razor or hair scissors to trim longer hairs for easier shaving. If you use manual razors, preferably use a multi-blade, especially on the scrotum. This will help you avoid possible cuts to thin, loose skin that could get caught in the electric razor.

If you use an electric shaver, it is best to use a safety comb to avoid leaving the head free, so you can shave with more confidence. Also, try to focus on the hair around the dick and scrotum, and avoid delicate areas.

Find a comfortable position:

You can shave in the bathtub or shower, the warm bath water softens the skin and makes shaving easier, and through trial and error, you will find the best position to shave comfortably.

Soap the area:

Sensitive skin shaving cream is excellent for this task. You can also use soap, but it is not recommended as it is not lubricating and increases the risk of cutting.

It is important to avoid scented shaving creams and menthol – these products can burn freshly shaved skin. The best are antibacterial products, these minimize irritation and prevent infection in the pores of the skin.

Start shaving:

Gives short, light cuts. It is very important to remember that shaving in the direction of the hair growth is smoother but not a close shave, on the other hand, against the direction of the hair can cause irritation but a better shave, the way you choose is up to you. Practice will help you.

You can complete shaving the area using these three steps:

1- With the help of your hand, pull the dick down and shave from where it connects with the body towards the navel.

2- In the same way keep the dick to one side and shave from the upper part of the thighs towards the dick and along with the scrotum, then repeat on the opposite side.

3- Finally, it is necessary to shave the lower part, to do this, keep the dick up and shave from the scrotum towards the lower part of the shaft. Keeping the skin stretched will help you shave this area.

Rinse and dry:

Once you have removed all the pubic hair from the dick, you should rinse and dry the area. Remove all the soap or gel that you have used and wash the area with a mild soap, finally pat the area dry with a soft towel. Rubbing can increase irritation.


If after shaving you want to hydrate the skin. Without a doubt, your best option is to use an aloe vera gel, in addition to being natural and has a calming effect on the skin.

Remember that not all creams are good so you should be careful.

2. Lose weight

Having a huge belly and excess thigh fat can make your dick look smaller than it actually is.

When a person is obese or has a few extra pounds, their dick may appear smaller than its actual size.

The truth is that the size of the dick does not get bigger or smaller with the weight we have, but the feeling it gives us may be wrong.

When we pass with the kilos or with the weight, the member becomes embedded in the adipose tissue of the pubis, that is, the “tummy” that hangs covers the base of the male member, and this causes the dick to look smaller.

As we lose weight, a flatter belly is left where nothing hangs that can cover the dick, thus gaining a few more centimeters in length.

Eating a proper diet and regular physical exercise is very beneficial for everyone, and the member will benefit from that as well. When you lose weight, your dick will look even bigger.

This is the ideal, not only for the size of the dick but also for sexual health in general, so to eat a healthy diet and maintain our ideal weight.

Medical surgery

This method is for men who increase member size is a high priority matter and do not want to wait.

Medical surgery to make the limb larger may be possible in the future, but it is quite a complicated process and these types of surgeries are currently only performed in specialized clinics.

It is an invasive operation, and its execution does not guarantee 100% that it is efficient and safe.

A dick enlargement surgery involves cutting a ligament at the base of the dick to make it longer, at least about 2.5 centimeters, when it is flaccid and also erect.

This surgery also serves to make it thicker, and for this, the fat obtained from the patient’s butt or stomach is taken and injected into the limb, and on other occasions, hyaluronic acid is also added.

In total, this makes it possible to add some 4 centimeters of thickness.

People who are interested in surgery to enlarge the member should know in-depth the clinics that are suitable or that offer these surgeries, also, they should know the opinion of the doctor who is in charge of performing the surgical process.

Risks and complications

Although it is promised to leave a long and thick dick, the truth is that the results are rarely flattering.

This is why you must do all the exercises that we have mentioned listening to your body and without too much abruptness, because, if you do not, tears in the tissues or some damage to the ligaments that connect the limb could occur with the body.

These injuries may make it difficult to get or keep an erection.

This is why it is very necessary to do each piece of advice following the indications of a specialist, always with the recommendations of people who already know the product.

After the pump is used, we mustn’t keep the ring for more than 30 minutes, because it ensures that the blood remains there and that could cause serious diseases.

Surgery to enlarge the member also has some side effects:

-Deformity in the limb.

-Permanent powerlessness.


-Complete loss of sexual desire.

-Incapacity to achieve an orgasm.

-Incapacity to achieve an erection.

It is for all these reasons that it is recommended to first consider the other methods that exist and are safer for a bigger dick.


As we have previously observed, dick enlargement is a practice that, although it can bring good long-term results (With exercises, devices, or medications), can also be dangerous (With medical surgery). Therefore, it is very important to take their respective precautions, so that you only enjoy the benefits and help you feel more comfortable with your body.

Using exercises and devices is one of the safest ways to

make your dick bigger and although at first, the results may be temporary, it can give you good results if you practice them constantly.

Also, if you choose to use pills, supplements, or lotions it is good that you consult with your doctor, be sure to follow the instructions of the product and those given by your doctor. As we already know, if dick enlargement is done incorrectly, it can cause erectile dysfunction and severe injuries.

Remember that good aesthetics and hygiene can also make a difference.

And finally, if you want to enlarge your dick with medical surgery, we highly recommend that you consult with your doctor, in this way you can solve the doubts and concerns you have and you can discuss with him your options to make your dick bigger in a way safe.

If you feel discomfort or pain with dick enlargement, see your doctor immediately.


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