Anal orgasms – are they real, are they manufactured in adult movies? Can you derive pleasure for anal play and penetration? People who have given those a try will tell you that the anal orgasm is as real as gravity. The anus features many nerve endings, which can lead to seriously pleasurable sensations through stimulation.


Is anal stimulation alone enough to produce an orgasm, however? The following guide will trace the science, the research and the recommendations aimed to make anal play really great.

What Is an Anal Orgasm?

As the name suggests, this is the kind of orgasm you can receive through anal foreplay or penetration.

It doesn’t really matter how the anus is stimulated – with a finger, a sex toy, a penis or a tongue. When the right nerve endings get aroused and repeatedly hit with a ton of pleasurable stimulation, an orgasm can eventually be experienced.

So how exactly does it come in existence?

For men who are being penetrated, an anal orgasm can result from stimulation of the prostate or the so-called P-spot. For women, anal orgasms work through stimulation of the A-spot.

The A-spot or anterior fornix erogenous zone, is located deep in the vagina and it is sometimes called the female prostate. While being close to the G-spot, the A-spot necessitates a different kind of stimulation.

Is an Anal Orgasm Comparable to Another Kind of Orgasm?

Depending on your sex, you have experienced an orgasm through clitoral stimulation/vaginal penetration or through ejaculation.

Thus, you have a pretty good idea about what an orgasm should feel like. Is an anal orgasm comparable to what you already know?

According to people who have had an anal orgasm, the feeling seems to originate from deep inside the body. Like a classic vaginal orgasm or ejaculatory orgasm, this one is defined by pleasurable pulsations and contractions.

Research on the topic suggests that an orgasm always feels the same and happens employing the same mechanism, no matter where the stimulation is concentrated. This innovative research has come to debunk the previous theory by Sigmund Freud who defined clitoral and vaginal orgasms as completely different from each other.

The buildup to the orgasm is usually the same when the anus is being stimulated.

Some women who have had an anal orgasm believe that it tends to last longer and it’s defined by more intense contractions (hence – a higher level of pleasure). 

Getting Started: Preparing for Anal Play

If you’re going to be on the receiving end in anal sex, you may have some worries.

For a start, most people who haven’t experienced anal sex before worry that it’s going to be painful.

This doesn’t have to be the case.

In order to enjoy the sensation, you should be properly relaxed. That means being with someone that you trust and someone who’s a foreplay expert. When you’re properly aroused and comfortable with the situation, you may experience just a bit of mild discomfort at first.

It’s very important to refrain from using numbing creams when doing anal sex. Pain signals that something’s wrong and the current activity should be discontinued. If you cannot feel that pain, you risk getting tears and other injuries.

As far as hygiene goes, there are tons of myths and legends.

If you have regular bowel movements, there’s really no need to worry about a mess. Frequent anal douching can have unpleasant side effects and it should be avoided.

A good wash in the bathtub or the shower will be enough to feel fresh and ready. Having a hot bath is also a good idea because it can help you get relaxed.

Explore Anal Play on Your Own First

Anyone who is curious but also somewhat worried about anal stimulation should test it out solo first.

A well-lubed finger is a good choice if you want a better understanding of what anal penetration feels like.

Using jeweled sexy butt plugs is even a better choice. These gemstone butt plugs are created for the purpose of anal training and deriving anal pleasure while adding a visual appeal to your anal play. There are many different sizes – from tiny butt plugs for beginners to large butt plugs for more experienced users.

Start out with a small butt plug. When you are comfortable enough using it on your own, you can start incorporating the butt plug and other toys into your foreplay and sexual routine.

Remember – you should not be doing anal sex if you’re not feeling ready for it. Being curious is one thing. Taking it to the next step is completely different. If someone’s pressuring you to test it out, you have the right to say no and move on with anal play at a different time.

Different Types of Anal Stimulation

The number one rule if you want to achieve an anal orgasm is take it slow and have the stimulation building up.

Hence, your partner should be prepared to engage in more than one kind of arousing activity.

Rimming is one of the first techniques to master. It involves tongue stimulation. Swirling the tip of the tongue around the anus is really pleasurable for the receiver (albeit the fact it may feel a bit weird at first).

This is one of the first foreplay techniques to experiment with (alongside the touching, licking and kissing of other erogenous zones). The next step would be some kind of penetration.

For most couples, the first step would be finger penetration. Once a finger is inserted, there are many techniques that can be employed to intensify the sensation. Come hither motion, circling and simulated vibrations that originate from the wrist can all feel great.

Obviously, sex toys come next. Butt plugs and dildos, as well as anal vibrators, are all excellent choices.

Needless to say, all of these should be used alongside a ton of lube to make the penetration easy, pleasurable and completely pain-free.

Anal Sex Tips for a Once-in-a-Lifetime Orgasm

Some people may experience an orgasm through anal foreplay and stimulation with a finger or a sex toy.

Still, experimenting with penetrative anal sex may be a good idea. For many couples, this is a wonderful bonding experience that also adds a lot of variety and excitement to their sex lives.

When penetration is happening, things need to go even slower. 

The giving partner should experiment with pressure and depth to determine what feels comfortable for the receiver. Needless to say, verbal communication throughout the process is critically important to make anal sex a massive success.

Some of the best positions to try out if you’re getting started with anal sex include facedown with a pillow underneath you, on your side, doggy and even cowgirl. When you choose the final position, you’re the one in control of the speed pressure, depth and angle. Hence, if you’d like to be more in charge of the experience, that’s the one position to stick to.

One final thing to pay attention to is your breathing.

Due to excitement or nervous anticipation, you could forget to breathe. Take some deep breaths throughout the experience. Taking deep breaths allows your body to relax even further and you’ll also get a better range of sensations.

A Few Additional Strategies for Ensuring an Anal Orgasm

For some, an orgasm will never happen through anal stimulation alone.

That’s ok.

We all have other bits and pieces that can be stimulated to get a spectacular climax.

Some women like rubbing their clitoris or using a small vibrator while they’re being anally penetrated. The combination of the two sensations can definitely take the orgasm to the next level.

Some like using a vibrator for vaginal penetration while they’re being penetrated by a partner in the anus. That’s another great combo for a quick and powerful orgasm.

Guys who are being anally-penetrated shouldn’t underestimate the importance of other kinds of stimulation to get pleasure. Prostate massages through anal sex can feel really great. To make the experience more intense, however, a man or their partner could stroke the penis, the testicles and other favorite spots.

If anything hurts, you should discontinue the activity immediately. While small anal tears may occur (these can also contribute to a little bit of minor bleeding), you should never experience intense pain or profuse bleeding. In the event of either happening, consider visiting a medical emergency center.

Here’s one final essential that’s obvious but so important it should be mentioned.

Do not have penetrative anal sex without a condom.

The anus is filled with bacteria and tiny bits of fecal matter. These can contribute to a urinary tract infection whenever the giver is not using a condom.

Anal sex is also the riskiest sexual activity when it comes to STI transmission. All kinds of sexually transmitted diseases can be passed during anal sex, including HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia and HPV infections.

Never underestimate safety and comfort, especially when it comes to such sex.

If you want to experience an anal orgasm, you have to take care of the essentials first. Protection, lube and proper relaxation are the three keys to having great anal sex without fear. Once you take care of these, you’ll be left focusing exclusively on the pleasure.


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