There are a lot of things to love about the wonderful world of video games and video game characters. Today’s video games allow players to enter into an immersive world where they can live out their adventure fantasies. Whether it is a fighting game, a first-person shooter, or an epic fantasy game, the world of video games offers so much and it is a world that continues to expand.

Another one of the best things about the wonderful world of video games is the fact that there have been some seriously hot characters that have been created over the years. The great thing about creating epic video game characters is the fact that the sky is the limit.

When it comes to creating sexy video game characters, some designers have really outdone themselves. There are so many hot video game babes that are fun to play with and make you want to consider playing with yourself as well.

This list is all about the hottest video game characters that have ever existed in the genre. These video game hotties are truly the best of the best when it comes to this dynamic realm of characters. With this said, we now present to you our picks for the top 19 hottest video game characters of all time!

Samus Aran

If you are talking about the hottest video game character list, you have to include the legendary Samus Aran from the Metroid franchise of video games. She made her first appearance in the initial installment of Metroid back in 1986. Many players of that original game did not even realize that underneath that suit of space-aged armor was a smoking hot warrior babe.

Samus Aran has continued to earn her position among the hottest video game characters of all time and has appeared in many more installments of the Metroid franchise. Other Metroid franchise games that have featured Samus Aran include Metroid Fusion, and Metroid: Other M, to name just a few.

When it comes to the character of Samus Aran, one thing is certain about this blonde stunner. This is the fact that she is in the running for the hottest video game character ever!

Lara Croft

The legendry video game babe Lara Croft made her first appearance in the iconic 1996 Tomb Raider game. She has gone on to appear in many more editions of the Tomb Raider video game franchise as well as adaptations within the realm of comic books, TV shows, and the Tomb Raider movies.

It is easy to see why Lara Croft is considered to be one of the top 19 hottest video game babes of all time. She is portrayed as a young brunette woman with a well-endowed chest. The body of Lara Croft alone has become the stuff of legend and her games are pretty damn fun to play in their own right.

Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine is a key figure in the game Resident Evil. She is also one of the hottest video game characters of all time and a must for our list. She is a strong female lead who is regularly the focus on many great cosplay outfits. This brunette bombshell looks amazing when she is in uniform or when she is dressed in clothing that is more revealing.

Though she is a real tough babe, Jill Valentine is also one of the hottest video game characters to ever be conceived. This is a key reason behind her massive fanbase and a big reason behind the success of the Resident Evil franchise.

Chun Li

The next member of our list of the hottest video game characters of all time is Chun Li from the Street Fighter franchise. She has been battling her way across many different editions of the popular franchise over the years and has built a huge fanbase.

Chun Li fans love fighting with this sexy brunette badass. She is the perfect combination of sexy and fierce and this has landed her a spot on our top 19 list. We simply had to include the sexy and tough Chun Li as a babe who is in the running for the hottest video game character.


Fans of the Overwatch franchise are all too familiar with a member of the hottest video game character list. This is none other than Widowmaker. She first appeared in the 2016 edition of Overwatch and made a dramatic impact with her impressive assortment of weapons coupled with her incredible looks, big tits, and a body with curves in all the right places.

It is easy to see why we included Widowmaker on our list of the top 19 hottest video game characters. This becomes evident as soon as you see this stunning warrior babe. Check her out if you have not done so before. She truly is what a video game hottie is supposed to be all about.

Tifa Lockheart

We now turn our attention to the stunning video game character known as Tifa Lockheart. This video game babe is one of the most popular characters from the Final Fantasy video game franchise. She is a playable character that is associated with the anti-Shinra group know as the Avalanche.

Tifa Lockhart is also an absolutely stunning and sexy hottie who looks so good when she is showing off her big boobs and wearing a mini skirt. These are all factors that have helped to land Tifa Lockhard on our list of the top 19 best video game characters of all time.

Triss Merigold

Triss Merigold is known as a popular and sexy character from The Witcher franchise. She has appeared in the various edition of the game that has been released over the past years. This Temerian sorceress is one powerful babe and she is also a smoking hot babe. She also goes by aliases that include Merigold the Fearless, and Fourteenth of the Hill.

The Witcher games are a lot of fun and they are made even more fun by the fact that they include sexy characters such as Triss Merigold. This Merigold the Fearless is one sexy bade and one of the hottest all-time female video game characters that you must check out.


Another member of the top 19 hottest video game character list is Bayonetta from the series by the same name. Her real name is Cereza but she goes by the name Bayonetta which seems to be appropriate given her ability to use bullets.

Playing the Bayonetta game is a lot more fun when you have a smoking hot video game character to look at as you go about your adventures. This is one playable video game babe that will excite more than your love of gaming. Check her out today to find out why she was a must for our top 19 list of hot video game characters.

Miranda Lawson

Yet another babe that has few equals within the video game character realm is Miranda Lawson from Mass Effects. This brunette babe plays the role of a human Cerberus Officer.

She is also an informant within the game and let’s put it this way that she is the type of informant that you would want to do business with if for no other reason than to get to see her in person. There is no doubt that Miranda Lawson is in the running for the hottest video game character ever created throughout the history of gaming.

Kasumi- Dead or Alive

Kasumi is one of the most popular characters from the Dead or Alive franchise of games and a babe that should be included on any list that comprised the top 19 hottest video game characters ever conceived. She will draw your attention to her beauty the second that you see her. The artists behind Kasumi have truly outdone themselves.

Kasumi is a missing Shinobi. This is also referred to as a nukenin. She is a curvy babe with big tits and gorgeous, flowing red hair. Kasumi was also the winner of the first Dead or Alive tournament within the Dead or Alive video game universe. One thing that is sure is that the popularity of Dead or Alive can certainly be attributed on some level to the popularity and the stunning looks of a character like Kasumi.

Cassie Cage

Within the Mortal Kombat franchise, few characters are more popular than Cassie Cage. There are surely no characters in the series that are as sexy as her and there are few babes in the world of video games as a whole that are as smoking hot as this blonde babe known as Cassie Cage.

Cassie Cage showed up in the Mortal Kombat franchise on Mortal Kombat X and she has continued to make an impact. She is one of the most beloved playable characters and a sexy stunner who will have you noticing a rise in tension down below in your genitals.


Yet another hottest video game character that we would be remiss to leave off this top 19 list is Widowmaker. She comes to the video game world through the wildly popular Overwatch franchise and she adds a whole lot of additional fun to the game.

Widowmaker is a playable character from the Overwatch franchise who comes heavily armed and knows how to see through walls. This sexy video game character has also appeared in various Overwatch animations. She is another video game babe that will cause you to instantly become aroused when you see her.

Isabella “Ivy” Valentine

From the Soulcalibur world, we now bring you Isabella “Ivy” Valentine as the next entry on our list of the hottest babes from the world of video games. This is one truly enchanting and mystical character who will surely raise your blood pressure when you see her.

Ivy has been a staple of the Soulcalibur fighting game series since it first debuted. Check her out today if you are not familiar with her. If you love sexy video game chicks, then Isabella “Ivy” Valentine is right up your alley.

Queen Anora

We now enter the realm of royalty with the next entry on our top 19 list of the hottest video game characters of all time. Queen Anora is known as the wife of King Cailan Theirin from the popular video game Dragon Age. She is known as a strong and powerful ruler but her fans also know her for her sexy appearance.

There is no doubt that Queen Anora was one of the first video game babes that came into our minds when we were putting together this list of the hottest babes in the history of the video game world. You will have a lot of fun playing this character but her sexy looks could cause you to want to play with yourself as well.

Lulu (Final Fantasy X)

Lulu is another amazing babe from the Final Fantasy video game series. She is a key feature in Final Fantasy X and one of the world’s hottest video game characters. This epic fantasy game is made a lot better with amazing eye candy such as Lulu being included.

Final Fantasy X introduced stunning brunette Lulu as a playable character in their immersive fantasy world. Her specialty is Blk Magic and she uses what is known as a Sphere Grid to access the powerful spells that she wields. One thing that is certain is that Lulu will cast a spell on you when you see this stunning and sexy video game babe.

Cortana (Halo)

The Halo video game series is one of the most popular, iconic, and beloved of all time. Within this video game series, the sexy character Cortana is an all-time fave for many devoted Halo fans.

She might be an AI construct within the scope of the Halo game, but she is one hell of a smoking hot AI construct that you simply must check out. You will see why we included the stunning Cortana on our top 19 list of the sexiest video game babes ever.

Yennefer of Vengerberg

Yennefer of Vengerberg is another amazing video game babe from The Witcher series. This sorceress is powerful and commanding, but she is also hot. She has the kind of look that makes you just want to do her bidding for her, whatever it might be.

Fans of The Witcher love the beautiful dark-haired siren that is Yennefer of Vengerberg and we are sure you will too if you have not checked her out yet. It will be no secret why we picked her for this top 19 list once you lay eyes on this video game hottie from another world.

Poison (Street Fighter)

One of the great things about the Street Fighter franchise is some of the sexy female characters that you can play. Poison is certainly on this list and she is on our top 19 list of the hottest video game characters of all time.

She started out her video game career in the game Final Fight but has gained her greatest fame as a playable character in Street Fighter games. The first time she was a playable Street Fighter character was in the Street Fighter X Tekken offering. This is another hottest video game character that is worth your time to check out.

Chun Li (Street Fighter)

We are wrapping up our list of the top 19 hottest video game characters of all time with the lovely Chun Li of Street Fighter fame. This is a babe that can kick your ass as easily as she can turn you on with her smoking hot looks.

For many years now, Street Fighter players have enjoyed kicking butt with the Chun Li playable character. The best thing is that you get to look really good while you are winning fights when you choose Chun Li as your Street Fighter character.


This is where we will wrap up our list of the top 19 hottest video game characters of all time. These smoking hot babes make playing these games even more fun than they already are. They can even leave you feeling aroused in many cases despite the fact that they are characters in a video game. You really do have to love a hot video game babe and we believe that we have found the top 19 best with this list!


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