If you are into your Asian pornstars, then you will probably already understand just how wonderful Korean pornstars are. They are the perfect blend of sexy, naughty, and with a dash of cuteness thrown in for good measure.

We won’t lie, putting together this list of the best Korean pornstars was one of the more difficult lists that we have written. This is because we could have potentially included 30-50 more women on here, and we still do not think we would have covered all of the most amazing Korean pornstars.

We believe that most people will be happy with this list, though. Even if there are other people that you would have included here, we are confident that you will still agree that each and every person included on this list is up there with being the sexiest pornstars in the world. We have tried to choose a decent mix of different people. This way, there is likely to be something for absolutely everybody.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the list of the best Korean pornstars, shall we?

Best & Hottest Korean Pornstars

Lee Chae Dam

At the time of writing, Lee Chae Dam (sometimes referred to as Chae-Dam Lee) is 36-years-old. This means that she is well and truly into the world of MILF porn now. In fact, one of her incest videos is up there with being one of the most popular videos on XVideos, with over 60-million views.

It isn’t hard to see why this lady is so loved, to be honest. She has a fantastic pair of knockers, and it is clear that she isn’t afraid to try new things on camera. Since she has been in the porn business for a heck of a long time now, you will also find dozens up dozens of videos of her to watch.

If another person wrote a list of the best Korean pornstars, then we are confident that they would also include this lady on their list. She is one of the most popular Korean porn stars in the world. She is the type of lady that you absolutely must check out.


A common theme on this list will be that many of the women listed here are working well into their 30s. This is a far cry from American pornstars. Many of them give up after a couple of years in the business. Gaia got started in porn in 2006, and even today, she is still active.

This is almost 16-years active in the business. We are hoping and praying that she doesn’t give up any time soon too. Gaia is well known for the massive tits that she rocks. You can be sure that just about any video that she stars in is going to put these tits front and center. How could you not?

While a lot of the work that she has done over the years has been in Korean, she has also starred in videos for Reality Kings, Hustler, Horny Angel XXX, and Perv City. Basically, this is a lady that works wherever she wants. As long as she gets paid, we don’t think she really cares where she works. She just loves being fucked on camera.


Oh boy. Minka has had quite a career. Nowadays, you will probably know her as the Asian with the biggest tits in the world. She has had a lot of work done. However, it may surprise you to know that a long time before she first entered the porn business, she actually was a professional tennis player. Not quite sure why she gave up that career, but as a woman tennis player, you can expect her to be moaning just as much as much as she has in the porn business!

This woman got started in the business in 1995. She is still active in 2021. This means that she has been in the business for a whopping 26-years, and she shows no sign of slowing down. She has starred in almost every type of porn that you can imagine. In recent years, it has been all about that lesbian porn. Again, this is another woman that we feel would be included on every list similar to this.

Park Nima

Park Nima doesn’t actually do real porn videos. Instead, she is a webcam model. This means that you are never going to see her getting banged by people on camera. Instead, you are going to be able to enjoy her putting on epic cam shows. Park Nima is a lass that does have that traditional ‘cute Asian’ look. However, that sweet and innocent exterior hides an incredibly dark secret…this is a lady that is filthy as hell.

There is just something that enthralls you when you are watching her play with that sweet pussy on camera. She knows how to strip like a pro too. Sadly, she doesn’t go live all that much nowadays and, when she does, she tends to hop from website to website. However, if you can’t catch her live, plenty of her shows have been uploaded to various places online.

Nyomi Star

Nyomi Star isn’t the most beautiful lady in the world. She isn’t ugly by any stretch of the imagination, but there are plenty of people on this list that beat her in the looks department. However, she was a ‘must include’ on this list of the best Korean pornstars. This is because this lady is proper filthy.

She has worked for the likes for Reality Kings for their Monsters of Cock series, Little Asians, Devils Film, and Pure-XXX. Each and every time that she performs on camera, you know that you are going to be a real treat. In recent years, she has spent a lot of time being fucked by big, black cocks. So, if you love that sort of thing dominating tiny Asian ladies, then Nyomi Star is going to be for you.

Kim Soo Ah

Kim Soo Ah hasn’t appeared in that much in the way of porn. Most of the videos that she has starred in have involved her appearing alongside Johnny Rebel. Anything outside of this, she has only appeared in Korean. So, why we are including her? Well, if you managed to have a look at her sweet and innocent face, you will know exactly why. This lady is cute as fuck.

She also isn’t afraid to do whatever it takes to put on a good show. If you are able to track down some of the awesome anal videos of Kim Soo Ah, then you will know that she loves being fucked in the butt. She also seems to give a pretty decent blowjob. it is a shame that she has not appeared in more content. We reckon that she has what it takes to become incredibly famous.

Mia Smiles

While she may be an Asian porn star, Mia Smiles has done most of her best work in the United States. She has worked with Penthouse, Asians Big Cocks, Mariah Milano, Fantasy Massage, and Real Asians Exposed, to name but a few. It is easy to see why she is so in demand too. it is clear that this is a woman that is not afraid of experimenting on camera, and she will do pretty much anything to get paid.

This means that she has starred in a ton of anal porn, some lesbian porn, solo porn, and some of the best blowjob porn that we have ever seen. She does this all with a huge smile on her face, which is probably how she ended up with that porn star name in the first place.

Mina Moon

Mina Moon is one of those women that never seems to age. It seems that she has already retained the exact same look she had when she was a fresh-faced porn star at the tend age of 18. The only way that you can tell that she is getting older is the fact that this lady is getting a shit ton filthier as the years pass her by.

For example, she has spent a lot of time starring in some incest porn. This is actually quite surprising. You don’t really seem to get much in the way of incest porn. However, she went straight into the threesomes for this. You will have to look into Top Tier Taboo videos to see this. She has also starred in My Pervy Family content too. This is another lady that we hope is going to be in this business for a long time to come.

Nicole Oring

Nicole Oring is unique. We give her that. Not so much in her looks. She is a sexy Asian woman, just like every other person on this list. It is more the fact that she experiments in the videos that she creates. For example, she spent a lot of time doing wrestling porn for HTM Wrestling. This is pretty much what it says on the tin.

She wrestled, and then she ended up getting fucked. This is not the only place she has done content, though. Don’t worry. If she was only known as a wrestling porn star, we probably wouldn’t have included her here! The content that she stars in is always slow and sensual. It really helps you to get a feel for the sexiness that emits from Nicole Oring.

Amelie May

Do you love your Asians with a heavy (but well-kempt) pussy? Well, Amelie May is for you. As far as we know, she has only ever starred in a single porn movie. The rest of the time, she has been performing on a webcam for a multitude of websites.

She is one of those ladies that end up getting really filthy when she is on webcam too. Thing along the lines of up-close shots of her dripping pussy while she shoves a vibrator in it in a bid to get her hands on all those brilliant tips. By all accounts, she has even masturbated with a cucumber on camera too. it is hard to track down her live videos but, if you do, you know that you will be in for a real treat.

Beti Hana

Beti Hana hasn’t starred in that many porn videos at all. Certainly not ones that are easily accessible. In fact, the only easy-to-access videos of hers will be the work that she done for Bluebird Films. The rest will be locked away behind a paywall. However, we absolutely had to include this filthy MILF on this list of the best Korean pornstars.

We fell in love with her the very second we saw her perform on webcam. If you are watching a cumshot video starring her, then you know it is going to be good. Many of her videos are related to incest porn. By all accounts, she has done some granny porn too. However, you probably won’t find that. Don’t worry. She isn’t the granny. She is only in her mid-30s.

Yumi Lee

Yumi Lee, also known as Sunny Lee, has starred in a lot of videos. We mean, a lot of videos. She has a big pair of natural tits, and she isn’t afraid to dress up when she is performing on camera which, apparently, is something that people really, really like when they are watching Asian pornstars get down and dirty on camera.

She has starred in a ton of solo videos, and she has spent a considerable amount of time being pounded by massive black cocks. Some of her real highlights will be the piss porn videos she has starred in. While we know that the piss porn is not going to be for everybody, she is the only lady on this list that has dabbled in that. We do love our experimental women!

Soolin Kelter

Soolin Kelter is another lady that hasn’t starred in much porn, but we still felt was worthy of inclusion on this list. This is because every video that she has made is absolute gold. We are talking some great ‘big black dick’ porn and some amazing cream pies. Her body is all natural, and it looks fantastic when it is gyrated on top of a cock that is clearly far too much for how tight she is. We just hope that she gets the hint that people love her and she starts to produce more content soon!

Heidi Ho

We managed to track down only a few videos that Heidi Ho has starred in. So, she isn’t big in the porn world. However, when almost all of her videos attract millions of views, you know that she is going to be putting on a damn good show. If you want to see some of the best that Heidi Ho has to offer, then we suggest that you check out some of her anal videos for the most fun.

Nari Park

Hey! It is another Korean pornstar with a beautiful, hairy pussy. Only, this one seems to be completely natural and not styled. Now, Nari Park doesn’t have the most gorgeous face in the world. We reckon that most of you wouldn’t kick her out of bed, but in comparison to the other ladies on this list, we know she isn’t stunning.

However, we did promise that we would include a little bit of something for everybody, and that is what we are doing here. With Nari Park, you get a beautiful Korean that loves to shove items into her hairy pussy. Can you really complain about that? We can’t.

Brooke Ashley

Brooke Ashley carried out most of her work for Ed Powers and JM Productions many moons ago now. All of the videos that she stars in are of a poor resolution in comparison to the porn that we enjoy nowadays. However, it is worth powering through that standard definition. Brooke Ashley gives a blowjob like no other lady that we have seen on camera before.

Shai Lee

In recent years, it seems that Shai Lee has been under an exclusive contract with Red Light District. This means that if you want to enjoy this cute Asian, you are going to have to part with a bit of cash. However, we promise you, it will be money well spent. No matter what Shai Lee is doing on camera, you know that this is a lady that knows how to be fucked. It is a good show, even if the content is quite limited.

Anna Lee

While Anna Lee bills herself as a Korean, we actually believe she is American-Korean. Not that this matters too much. She looks good, and she fucks good. What more could you possibly want from a porn star? If you want to see some of the best content that she has ever produced, then you need to check out her POV videos at Mr POV. The threesomes that she has done for Nubile Films are also really fucking great.

Shawnee Cates

Shawnee Cates porn is old now. We are talking so old that hairy pussies were the norm when she last starred in these videos. However, she does come from an age where the videos were all about the story, with some fucking thrown in for good measure. This means that any content you see her star in is more slower and far more sensual. If you want to see one of the sexiest Asian pornstars to ever enter the business, then Shawnee Cates is where it is at.

Christy Love

Christy Love has been pretty much everywhere. Most of her content is behind paywalls, but you can find her performing on webcam too. if you want to see some of her best porn, then we reckon that you should check out Devils Film, Mommys Girl, and Pure Taboo. She is one of the most famous Korean pornstars in the world, so it won’t be too tricky to find any of that!


So, there you have it. The best Korean pornstars in the world. Why not check a few of them out? You never know, you may end up finding your new favorite pornstar!


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