German pornstars are some of the hottest and filthiest stars in the business. There are so many German pornstars to choose from that it actually made it pretty damn difficult to put together this list. However, we reckon that we have chosen the best stars in the business.

Now, you may have a couple of German pornstars that you would add to this list. However, we are 100% positive that you will agree that anybody you see here is good. Real good. Check out a couple of their videos. We have even included a couple of handy links to make it easier for you!

So, how did we choose the German pornstars for the list? Well, we obviously had our own preferences. We do watch a shit ton of porn here. However, we also done our research. We had a look around some of the top porn sites in the world. We looked at video views. We looked at comments. We looked at ratings. We even looked at Reddit. This allowed us to quickly find some of the porn stars that people are talking about.

As you go through this list, you will probably recognize a name or two. You probably didn’t even know that some of the people here are actually German. Hell, before we done the research for this list, we didn’t realize that many of them were German either. Of course, if you haven’t heard of them, then make sure sure that you check out their videos. We promise you that you are going to have the absolute fucking time of your life watching this amazing porn.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the list of the best porn stars from Germany, shall we?

Best German Female Pornstars:

Annina Ucatis

We would be doing a huge disservice to Germany if we didn’t kickstart this list with Annina Ucatis. With her 42H breasts, she is probably one of the most recognizable pornstars in the country. Even if you didn’t know who she was, we can 100% guarantee that those massive knockers are going to catch your attention.

In Germany, she is a reality TV star, having starred on Big Brother. She also had two more reality shows after designed specifically for her.

Weirdly enough, being in porn is pretty much only a part-time job for Annina, despite the number of views that she gets on all the major porn networks. By all accounts, she is a successful real estate agent in the country. Can easily see why. She would be a woman that is hard to say no to!

Lena Nitro

Lena is a lass that you probably wouldn’t have heard of unless you actually lived in Germany. This is because (sadly) she only performs in German. Although, not to worry about that too much. You aren’t really there to watch a porn star speak, are you? You are there so you can enjoy their sexy boy, and man does Lena Nitro have one of the sexiest bodies in the business.

Sure, her tits are not going to be as big as Annina’s (who has tits as large as that?), but you 100% are going to be mesmerized by the beautiful body this bountiful blonde babe boasts. Just watch her get fucked. It is a true sight to behold.

Tyra Misoux

Say her name. Do it. Sounds like that awesome Italian food, right? Well, she isn’t Italian, oddly enough. This little minx is German, born and raised. She has been in this business for a long ass time now, getting her start at the tender age of 18. However, this has given Miss Misoux a ton of time to garner an audience.

There is very little that she is not willing to do on camera. She does love her anal and bjs, though. So, check her out for those alone. We promise that you will fucking love them! She has plenty of videos to watch, so we are confident you will find something that tickles your fancy.

Jolee Love

Jolee Love is another lass that isn’t afraid of getting down and kinky on camera. She does a little bit of everything. If you are not gawping at this jet-black colored haired lady’s tits, you are certainly going to be in awe at the type of fruity stuff she gets up to on webcam.

Think along the lines of bitchin’ lesbian sex, awesome blowjobs, a touch of anal, and a shit ton more on top of that. Again, plenty of content for you to discover, and it won’t be long before you find something that you really, really end up loving.

Melanie Muller

German porn stars have a habit of getting famous through reality TV, and Melanie Muller is another lady that manages to fall into that category. She got famous through The Bachelor. She then ended up having a short-lived (and we are talking really short-lived) career in the world of pop music. She released one song.

However, luckily for you, Melanie Muller eventually found her true calling, and it turns out that her true calling is performing on camera….preferably naked. She has a short blonde hair style, which we know is not everybody’s cup of tea, but it won’t be long before you are checking out the rest of her body and forgetting about the way her hair looks.

Vivian Schmitt

Vivian Schmitt has been in the porn business a really long time now, and we feel that her work really showcases just how far the Germans are willing to go in the name of sexual entertainment. When we say that Vivian is a lady that hasn’t left a single stone unturned in providing entertainment, we really mean that. Seriously.

She sucks of shemales on the regular. Then you have her multiple men fucking her at once angle. Pretty much all in a day’s work for this blonde-haired German lass.

Aische Pervers

If you love outdoor sex, then Aishe Pervers is your woman. She loves it too. She loves it so much that pretty much every damn video she is in will feature it to some degree. We are talking some really fucking risky outdoor sex too. Like “omg, if she gets caught she is so being arrested” outdoor sex. She really doesn’t care who sees her, as long as she gets to know she has just had a good pounding.

Gina Wild

Love your epic long sex movies as opposed to short and snappy scenes? Brilliant! Gina Wild has got you covered. Movies over an hour long are her forte, which is just as well. It means that you are going to be enjoying that banging body for a lot longer.

Her longer movies also mean that you get to enjoy her rather delightful acting. However, do remember that this lass only performs in German. We suppose it is a good opportunity to pull that High School German education out, yes?

Micaela Schafer

This lady is regarded as one of the sexiest women in Germany. She even has the award to prove it! While the 36-year-old Micaela is not acting in as many movies as some of the other ladies on this list, she is in a fair number of them.

Most of them are feature-length epics. If you do not enjoy them (and you will) or you simply want more Micaela (and you almost certainly will), then she regularly poses in nude magazines, and she even has a decent singing career. Can’t complain about that, right?

Fiona Fuchs

Fiona Fuchs is pretty much brand new to the world of porn, but since she has already notched up millions of views across her videos, it is evident that she is causing quite a stir in the world of porn. Not hard to imagine why. She is by far the sexiest star on this list (in our opinion, of course!)

This is a lass that seems to love the point of view video, so if you want to imagine what it is like fucking one of the hottest German stars (hell, one of the hottest porn stars period), then you are going to love her videos.

She loves anal and blowjobs the most, so we reckon that you are going to be getting a shit ton of enjoyment out of the videos she posts regularly. She doesn’t star in much content, but when she does, boy do you know that you are in for a real epic amount of fun.

So, there you have it. A complete list of who we genuinely believe are the best German porn stars in the world. You can agree with this list, or not. It doesn’t matter to us. What matters is that you look at these women and you get turned on.

Because, even if you do genuinely disagree that these are the best German porn stars around, we are 100% positive that you can agree that every person on this list has a banging body, and pumps out some really fucking good porn. Of course, you can always bookmark us. You never know when we may add a new lass or two to the list.


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