While Jerkmate is not exactly the largest webcam site in the world, it is a site that has really started to gain traction over the last couple of years. Due to the way in which it works, Jerkmate seems to attract some of the biggest and best porn stars in the industry. This is because they know if they spend a bit of time performing on a webcam, they will be able to enjoy a ton of cash being thrown in their direction.

There are thousands upon thousands of performers on Jerkmate. We know that most of you probably don’t have time to go through every single performer. So, luckily for you, we have put that hard work in.

On this page, we want to introduce you to the best Jerkmate pornstars. These are the cam pornstars that you know are going to be putting on a bloody tremendous show for you in a 1-on-1 session.

Let’s jump in, shall we?

Adira Allure

Adira Allure is one of those live cam pornstars that hasn’t exactly been in the business for all that long but, somehow, still manages to put on a tremendous live show each and every time she gets her kit off. She is a small, blond pornstar that has only starred in a couple of movies but, with the love she has for playing with her ass and the like, you just know that she is going to be spending a huge amount of time starring in videos in the future.

When you interact with her on Jerkmate, you are going to be enjoying some tremendous anal play, coupled with tons of bating. Oh, and you have control over what you want to see. You are going to be giving Adire Allure your money, after all.

Adriana Chechik

This is one of those famous pornstars on cam. Not so much because she has starred in some epic videos, even though she has. It is more down to the fact that when Adriana Chechik was getting started in the business, she spent some time starring on the Howard Stern show.

You know that fella loves to bring on some sexy people, right? Her porn career is really starting to take off now. This means that you probably won’t have that many issues tracking down some awesome videos that she stars in.

Although, of course, she is one of the Jerkmate pornstars. If you have enough cash to spend, then you can just watch her on Jerkmate and get her all to yourself. How fucking cool is that?

Alexia Anders

We do love ourselves a good Asian-American pornstar, so we are going to stick Alexia Anders third on this list. She is probably one of the most famous pornstars that we have talked about so far.

Although, to be fair, we have only talked about three people. Alexia Anders has starred in videos for Reality Kings, among a few other top studios. This means that when you watch her perform on Jerkmate, you know that you are going to be getting an awesome show that is filled with experience.

By all accounts, this is a lady that loves to get her kink on too. This means that you will be enjoying a show that you would struggle to find anywhere else. She comes highly rated in our books. She really is one of the sexiest women in the world.

Anna Claire Clouds

We won’t lie to you, Anna Claire Clouds has one of the most amazing tattoos we have ever seen. It sits just below her tits. You don’t know where to look half the time. Although, we reckon that most people are going to end up spending their time looking at her boobs.

They are amazing. This is a woman that really loves sex too, which you are going to be able to tell the very second that you start watching her perform on webcam. She loves masturbating, and she finds it incredibly easy to orgasm.

She is still at the start of her porn career too. Sure, she films a few scenes every week, and some of the top studios are showing them off, but she claims that there is a lot more to come from her. We aren’t gonna lie; we can’t wait to see that.

Ashley Lane

Brazzers and Twistys are just two of the places to have featured the wonderful Ashley Lane over the years. While she spends a lot of her time getting her groove on with other women, it is not just lesbian scenes she does.

She enjoys a good cock or two, and if you watch her hanging about on Jerkmate, she is going to be more than happy to tell you that. If that wasn’t enough, Ashley Lane is currently regarded as one of the best bondage lasses in the business.

So, if you are lucky enough, you may be able to get her to get that bondage equipment out while you are watching her. This is likely to be one of the few porn stars on this list that you have actually encountered regularly when it comes to porn.

Avery Black

If you love your Asian ladies, then Avery Black may be worth checking out. Since she has been in the business for a good while now, chances are that you may already have stumbled across some of the porn that she has starred in.

She may look sweet and innocent when you look at her, but this short, lightweight lass is sure to get her filth on within minutes when performing on Jerk Mate. She certainly loves to play about with a good dildo.

She is more than happy to slide it into just about every hole that you can possibly imagine too. Away from JerkMate.com, the bulk of the porn that she stars in is either going to be a bit of solo bating or, if you are lucky enough, some epic sex scenes too. She doesn’t really do the lesbian stuff.

Anne Amari

If you want an ebony porn star, then Anne Amari is one of the hottest that you are going to find kicking about on JerkMate.com. She may not have the largest tits in the world, but this is something that we really feel adds to her charm.

She is a lass with a rocking body, and she is going to rock it every time you play with her online. She is actually fairly new to the porn industry. This means that you may not have seen her star in that much porn at the moment.

However, with the brilliant performances that she puts in over on JerkMate.com, and how well she is listening to instructions when you talk to her, we reckon that this is going to be a lass that you will want to see perform time and time again.

Bridgette B

We have a MILF porn start with Bridgette-B. She has been nominated for AVN awards for her lesbian sex scenes. She has also won AVN awards for being one of the best starlets in the industry.

She has been in the business for a good while now, so chances are that you may already have seen her. She doesn’t really perform in the average sex scene that you will find online. However, we reckon that you are going to find her performing on plenty of DVDs that you can pick up, and some of those scenes do end up on the bigger porn sites.

If that wasn’t enough, Bridgette B is rocking a tremendous pair of titties. She had them enlarged a few years back but, honestly, you can barely tell that they have been enlarged. That is how good the job on them is.

Emma Hix

Canadians are some of the hottest women in the world, right? Well, you would think so once you take a look at Emma Hix. This lass is perhaps best known for starring in some movies for Evil Angel and Kickass Pictures.

Now she is all yours for gazing at when you head on over to JerkMate.com. She loves things hardcore too, which is no surprise. She entered the porn business as soon as she turned 18, and this means that she has more than enough experience to put on some rocking shows. She absolutely loves bating, so if that is your sort of thing, then you are going to get a lot of joy out of watching Emma Hix perform on Jerkmate.com.

Eva Elfie

If you love your pornstars nice and cute, with a hint of sexy thrown in for good measure, then Russian babe Eva Elfie needs to be at the top of the list. There is just something about her that is going to make you fall in love.

Sadly, because she is from Russia, she hasn’t actually starred in that much in the way of American porn. However, that is completely fine with us. She is still willing to put on a good show when we see her. She has a cute accent too.

Honestly, head on over to Eva Elfie’s profile now, and we can virtually guarantee that you are going to fall in love with her beautiful eyes and those cutie little titties. Well, we say little tittles. We mean big titties.

Gabbie Carter

Look at the size of 21-year-old Gabbie Carter’s tits. Bet you think they are fake, right? Well. Nope. They aren’t. They are 100% natural, and that just blows our minds. We certainly don’t mind her tits.

Watching her play with them is something that we often dream about. Bang Bros. and Twistys are where she does most of her acting nowadays. However, before she entered the porn business, she seemed to absolutely love showing her body off on Reddit.

So, if you look hard enough, you may even find a bit of proper amateur Gabbie Carter porn. Since she is so new to the industry, we have no doubt that she is going to be producing a lot of content as the years go on…a lot of it.

Gina Valentina

Gina Valentina has not only been nominated for multiple AVN awards, but she has also been a Penthouse girl. So, you just know that when you watch some porn produced by Gina Valentina that you are going to get something that is interesting from a beautiful lady.

However, perhaps interestingly, the sexiest part of her isn’t that body (although, it is damn sexy), it is the fact that she is a remarkably intelligent lady. Hell, she actually lists her turn-ons as being an intelligent conversation.

However, don’t worry. When you play with her on JerkMate.com, you don’t have to be engaged in a deep, intelligent conversation with her. You just have to watch her bate.

Harmony Wonder

Harmony Wonder is actually the first lady on this list that has a substantial number of pubes. Don’t worry. It has been tended to. It is just interesting that most of the other ladies were going for the slightly balder look.

So, Harmony Wonder is a nice break from that. She is half-Asian, Filipino, to be exact. The other half is a blend between Irish and German. While she hasn’t been in the business long enough to star in some huge porn movies, you can still find her kicking around a little bit online.

It is evident that she has a major career ahead of her, particularly since this is a lady that is good at networking. it seems that she is friends with just about every major porn star in the business.

Jamie Jett

Jamie Jett has that cute blond look about her. While she is not going to be the most beautiful lady on this list, she is certainly angling for being one of the cutest ladies on this list. She has worked with some of the biggest porn performers in the business.

By all accounts, Tommy Gunn was one of her favorites. However, Jamie Jett is perhaps best known for creating orgies. We aren’t talking orgies with just 3 or 4 people. Oh no. When she does it, she does it good.

Her orgies often feature 100-200 people. Hell, if you live by her, you may even be able to take part in one. Although, if you don’t, then Jerkmate.com is probably the closest you are going to get to playing with Jamie Jett.

Jasmine Grey

Smaller Asian teens always seem to go down a treat on sites like Jerkmate.com, so it is no wonder that Jasmine Grey is one of the more popular ladies on the website. Most of her work has been as a cam girl. She is especially popular on MyFreeCams.com. However, she has also starred in some porn for some major companies.

For example, you may have seen her star in videos for Spy Fam or Passion HD. When you do get to play about with her on Jerkmate.com, you will get to enjoy her small and perky tits. Each of which has a piercing, which we find adds to the whole pizzazz of her shows.

Karla Kush

Next up on our list of live cam pornstars is Karla Kush, and this lady likes to do things a little bit differently from the other ladies that we have spoken about her. For starters, she has somewhat of a quirky look about her. If you load up her profile, then you will see that she is rocking some blue hair and elf ears.

Yes. She is cute as hell. Evil Angel, Girlfriend Films, and a whole host of other places are where she has been plying her trade as a porn star. When she performs on webcam, you are going to be watching a girl that not only looks cute as hell, but has a bubbly personality that is more than enough to put a smile on your face. We very much recommend Karla Kush.

Kylie Page

And Kylie Page is the next one of the Jerkmate pornstars that we want to chat about. She has a cracking pair of tits, and with almost 200 porn movies to her name, we are sure that you will have seen her in something. Back in the day (which actually wasn’t all that long ago), she would star in a lot of teen porn.

However, Kylie Page and her sexy body are now starting to branch out into other areas of sex. Jerkmate.com is probably the main one of those, but she is starting to work with more and more top porn studios, and we doubt she is going to be stopping any time soon.

Lily Larimar

Lily Larimar is easily one of our favorite porn stars. This is due to her tits. Not because they are a huge pair of tits. They are rather on the smaller side of things. It is more the fact that her tits seem to be incredibly sensitive.

This means that when she plays about with them on the camera of Jerkmate.com, it isn’t long before she starts to drive herself wild. in fact, Lily Larimar even claims that playing with her tits is one of her favorite things to do. This means that we have absolutely no issues requesting that she does this time and time again.

Liv Wild

From what we can recall, Liv Wild is one of the first pornstars on cam that we have discussed here that is 100% Latina. So, if you are looking for something a bit different, then Liv Wild is probably going to be right up your street.

Brazzers Network, Reality Kings, Twistys, and Naughty America are just some of the places that she has worked. We are sure that you can agree that when a lady is starring in this many locations, then you know that she is going to be damn good at what she does. Luckily for you, you can now enjoy her on Jerkmate.com too!

Lulu Chu

Lulu Chu isn’t always available on Jerkmate.com. This is a huge shame for us, because she is easily one of the sexiest Asian pornstars that the site has. This is really saying something too, because there are a lot of Asian pornstars kicking about on the website.

There is just something about her bubbly personality that really pulls us in every single time we boot up her webcam. She is 100% worth checking out when she is available.

Maddy May

We have yet another Jerkmate pornstar with tattoos here. We absolutely love the designs that you will find on Maddy May too. it is clear that she works with a decent tattoo artist or two. This lady is actually an amateur pornstar. This means that you are not going to find her featuring in that many pro shoots.

The bulk of the stuff that she does will be solo bating videos or some HD videos of her fucking her boyfriend. Jerkmate.com is pretty much the only place that you can guarantee that you will consistently see Maddy May.

Morgan Rain

Blond, with a beautiful body. You just know that Morgan May is easily going to be one of the most popular pornstars that you will find kicking about on Jerkmate, and you wouldn’t be wrong. This is a lady that absolutely loves to show off that stunning body. Passion HD and Lubed are where she does the majority of her paid work.

However, as near as we can tell, the bulk of the money that Morgan Rain makes comes from selling her own self-shot content. She has gone the old school way of doing that too. This means selling them on ManyVids.com. On Jerkmate.com, she offers a tremendously sexy experience.

Penelope Cross

Penelope Cross is one of those ladies that really needs to be seen to be believed. This Spanish pornstar is drop-dead gorgeous. While she certainly does not have the largest tits in the world, she knows how to make them look sexy to just about everybody that wants to watch her.

To give you an idea of how new she is to the whole professional porn star scene, the bulk of the content that she produces has been for those VR websites. This means that you may not see her anywhere else other than Jerkmate.com. Well, at least if you do not have a VR set.

Riley Reid

Riley Reid may be one of the most famous pornstars that we include on this list. Hell, even if you have not seen any porn that she stars in (highly unlikely), you are still likely to know her name. She stars in a LOT of content, and she is predicted to become one of the most famous porn stars of the modern age.

Reality Kings is where she got her start in the porn business, but she has now worked with pretty much every major porn studio, and she shows no sign of slowing down any time soon either. You can enjoy her right here on Jerkmate.com.

Rocky Emerson

More tattoos to be discovered on this highly sexy lass. Rocky Emerson. She certainly gets around too. She has won awards at the INKED awards. Several of them, in fact. It seems that Rocky Emerson is one of those multi-talented ladies. You will find her work on sites like Evil Angel. Kink, Kick Ass Pictures, and Spizoo.

Sarah Vandella

Brazzers, Reality Kings, and Bang Bros. There is barely a place that Sarah Vandella hasn’t been rocking her body. Now you get to enjoy it on Jerkmate.com.

This beautiful blond with an awesome set of knockers, which are implants, is sure to catch your attention the second that you load up her stream. Throw in the fact that she knows how to get proper filthy, and this is a lady that you will want to interact with time and time again.

Savannah Sixx

Next up on our list of Jerkmate pornstars is Savannah Sixx. This lady has also been around the block and has worked with many porn studios. Once you see just how beautiful she is, it is evident why so many people are willing to snap her up. She offers some of the best masturbation performances that we have ever seen, and she really loves to get those toys involved. 100% recommended.

Jezabel Vessir

Next up on the list, we have Jezabel Vessir, another cute little porn star with a fucking fantastic pair of tits. We know that we haven’t included that many ebony ladies on this list, but we promise you, Jezabel Vessir is one of the best on the website. Her orgasms are absolutely out of this world. She has starred in over 150 porn videos, so you won’t have that many issues tracking her down either.

Wera Angel

And finally, we have Wera Angel. This is one nerdy girl, but that is fine by us. it is a look that we really, really fucking love. Her cute classes and that elegant body are more than enough to keep our eyes firmly rooted on her. She is Polish, and she hasn’t really starred in that much American porn. However, you can find a good number of her videos hanging around online.


So, there you have it. A list of thirty of the best pornstars that you can find on Jerkmate.com right now. Check out a few of them. We are sure that you will find a new favorite on this list. Hell, you may even end up with 30 new favorites.

We can’t be experts on everything, so for further reading on webcam sites I might suggest readysetcam.com.


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