Are you one of men who’s not quite satisfied with your natural package between your legs? Maybe it’s great, but if it was just a little big longer or thicker you’d really be able to make some fireworks happen?

Let’s face it, that’s really most of us isn’t it? Even those men who other men are jealous of might want to be just a little bit bigger. Those women who say “size doesn’t matter” are mostly lying, or just haven’t had a decent lover with a big dick.

In secret, women will admit it to each other, size really does matter. Sure, a smaller one can be satisfying, but that’s because she’s with a guy who tries hard enough to compensate.

All things being equal, if that same lover were packing a cock that was a little more impressive, things would be far better. Take it from a woman, it makes a difference.

What is a penis pump?

If you really want to impress a new woman in bed for the first time, or if you want to give a long time lover a new surprise, wouldn’t it be nice to bring something a little larger to the table, or bedroom? Enter the penis pump.

This little miracle maker has been the dirty little secret of many men for decades. Many adult film stars will admit to “pumping up” before working on a scene, and many men have been satisfying women in their personal lives for just as long.

A penis pump is a device that can be useful if you happen to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, but there’s a little side effect that you might find interesting.

If you’re a man who can get an erection, a penis pump can give you an even larger erection. A penis pump is simply a chamber that you can seal around your penis, and pump a vacuum to draw blood from your blood vessels into your penis.

Whether you are just looking to achieve a more impressive erection, or if you intend to use the pump long term to add even more size, this might be what you’ve been looking for.

How do you use a penis pump?

While penis pumps may vary in size, shape, and features, the basic usage is essentially the same. Before you begin using your pump, it is advisable that you do a little trimming around your penis.

You don’t need to shave the whole thing, but shaving the area just around your dick will allow the pump to maintain a better suction on your skin. The more hair you have there, the more air that can leak in which means you’ll lose pressure and have to pump more.

To begin, you’re going to put the device onto your crotch, and put your flaccid penis into the chamber. Push the chamber against your pelvis to get a seal, and begin pumping. Once your have pumped enough air out of the chamber, you’ll leave your penis in the device and wait for it to work.

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As your cock is in the chamber with low air pressure, it will begin to draw blood from the body into your dick. As it stays longer, it will begin to grow and become erect.

In fact, you may continue to grow past your normal erection and begin to see eye dazzling results as more blood pours into your dick. Once you’re satisfied with the results, release the pressure in the chamber, put the pump away and go make some woman very happy.

Possible risk

It’s important not to over do this; I know this device is wonderful but you need to be careful. Do not use the pump for longer or more often that is recommended by the manufacturer.

Pain and bruising are the most common risks, but those will heal naturally. Other risks are burst blood vessels on the skin causing red dots on the skin, numbness and tingling, or other issues.

Obviously, if you start to feel like any of these symptoms are happening to you, discontinue using the pump immediately and wait until your thing goes back to normal before you try again. You don’t want to risk any permanent injury to your little guy, so go easy on him.

Penis Pump Reviews

If you are enthusiastic and ready to jump feet-first into the world of penis pumps, then this section is for you. We have saved you some time, and want to first show you the best of the best.

These are the world’s top penis pumps according to the men who’ve used them, and especially the women who love the results.

The Bathmate Hydromax 7

If you’re ready for some extreme results, and especially if you’re ready to see those results first hand, then we have the penis pump for you. The Bathmate Hydromax 7 is for those men who want to believe for themselves, and want to put those results into numbers.

This pump is made out of clear plastic so you can see your dick grow from small to large to extra-large. This pump has an innovative feature for those who want to chart their growth and see if their eyes are deceiving them.

The Hydromax 7 has a size gauge so you can put some numbers to those extra results you’re seeing in the bedroom. This one is one of the best, and their website proves it. They have comments from countless customers who share the results of their use of this device.

The Bathmate Hydro7

If you’re looking for the same water-pump technology as the Hydromax 7, but don’t need to watch every inch of your erection as it grows to an impressive size, then the Hydro7 might be for you.

This blue pump is designed for men with an erect penis length of between 5 and 7 inches, and less than 6.5 inches in girth. Let’s face it, if you’re larger than that, you need to learn to better use the one you’ve got.

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For those of you who are in the average range, the Hydro7 can take you to the next level. This pump uses the power of water to significantly increase the pressure, and will take you to new heights quicker and more effectively than other models.

This blue plastic pump has the same size meter as the clear pump, with a transparent window for viewing how far your penis is now reaching into the chamber. If you’re ready for some serious size, look at the Hydro7.

Penomet Penis Pumps

If you’re looking for a little edge, either of the ones above will give it to you. Go ahead and try, you’ll be impressed. If you’re ready to step into the big leagues, though, there’s another one for you.

Penomet penis pumps are innovative and built well, but they are simply built with more experience. Years of research have been put into these, and they have designed an innovative pump with a graduated program that will start you off slow, before taking your dick to gargantuan proportions.

The pump comes with interchangeable gaiters which attach to the base of the chamber. As you use the device, you can gradually increase the pressure of the gaiters to pump your dick to unreal sizes.

The results may vary, but some men have achieved an extra 3 inches of length. Do you know how long your erect dick is? You know, don’t you? Take that number, and add 3 to it. How big does that sound? Remember, size matters.

Cheap penis pumps

If you’re ready to pack on some length or girth, but aren’t ready to break the bank, then we have some cheaper options for you. These aren’t the best of the market, and thus can’t deliver amazing results as the best, but these are quality pumps and will be very worth what you spend.

These are also great to test the waters and see how your little friend responds. If you get a little bit of size with a cheaper one, it might make the investment into the big time penis pumps a little easier to stomach.

Precision Penis Pump

A simple yet effective little pump, the Precision Penis Pump is a great value for how well it works. This pump has a chamber which is 8 inches long, so it can accommodate someone who’s already packing a decent dick, but would like to get a little edge.

This clear chamber contains a size guide so you can measure and track your growth as you use it regularly. The chamber has an attached bulb, which you use to create the vacuum seal.

They recommend using a small amount of water-based lubricant around the base to help create a better seal against your skin, and allow for the vacuum seal to remain strong. For your money, you won’t find a better value.

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Tracey Cox Edge Ultimate Performance Stamina Penis Pump

This great little pump has a little something extra for you. Not only is this a quality penis pump, but Tracey Cox wants to give you another edge in the bedroom. In addition to this pump comes an app you can use to train yourself to last longer in bed.

The pump has a chamber that is 8.5 inches long, so just about any man can use this for a little extra bump in the bedroom. The transparent chamber is great for watching your growth, and the attached bulb allows you to pump yourself us to maximum size.

If you follow the app closely, you will suddenly turn yourself into a sexual dynamo practically overnight. By utilizing the power of edging, you can better control your newly engorged dick and have her screaming all night long.

Lovehoney Pumped Up 7 Function Vibrating Penis Pump

All of the pumps we listed above will give you a bigger dick. While that is impressive enough, I thought we should mention one with a little something exciting and extra.

Many of the men who use pumps several times per day, often find the need to masturbate with their new giant cock. It will seem a shame to let a massive erection go to waste, and not every time is right for some bedroom fireworks.

For those moments when you’re only pumping yourself up for the real thing, the Lovehoney vibrating pump will combine the suction pressure you give you a massive erection, and vibrations to bring you to a powerful orgasm. This little thing can do all the work for you, and your size training sessions can be fun too.

Every penis is different, and I’ve seen a few. Some are thick and stubby, some are long and narrow. That being true, not every dick will grow the same with a penis pump.

Talking with some of my friends who’s husbands have taken this path, and judging by the online reviews I’ve read, very few men are disappointed. Not everyone achieves world shattering results, but you can at least figure to add an inch or more and every little bit helps.

Size is everything, but length isn’t as big a deal as you might think. Sure, a little length makes them look better but nearly any woman will agree, girth is what makes a difference.

While you might not see 2 or even 3 inches of extra length, even a little bit of extra thickness will rock her world. In my experience, this is where the biggest gains are found with a penis pump. While I haven’t measured the difference with a measuring tape, I’ve personally felt the difference and the woman in your life will too.

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