Looking for some of the best Jewish pornstars in the world? Well, don’t worry. We have you covered.

We have gone through hundreds and hundreds of incredibly sexy Jewish chicks to put together this list for you. All of the lovely ladies you find here beat back the stiff competition. We are fairly confident that if you watch any of these amazing Jewish pornstars, you will be getting a hard cock in next-to-no time at all. So, let’s just dive in, shall we?

Best Jewish Female Pornstars:

Casey Calvert

Twitter: https://twitter.com/caseycalvertxxx


We are kicking off our list with Casey Calvert. Why? Because she is bloody hot. However, our research indicates that she is up there with one of the more unique porn stars in the world. Not so much in the way she acts or the stuff that she performs, but how long it took her to lose her virginity.

According to Casey, she didn’t lose her virginity until she hit 21. That is a crazy amount. Most porn stars by that age have starred in hundreds of movies. Seems like that there was something that Casey loved about sex, though. Shortly after, she started to perform on-camera…A LOT.

Casey seems to love lesbian films, especially if they err into orgies. However, like many of the women on this list, she isn’t opposed to a good bit of black cock if the mood catches her.

Arabelle Raphael

Twitter: https://twitter.com/arabelleraphael


Do you love tattooed covered ladies? Do you love massive tits? Do you love people who enjoy taking a cock deep in their mouth? Well, congratulations. You are probably going to love French-born Arabelle Raphael. This is one of those Jewish pornstars that isn’t afraid of getting down and dirty on webcam too, which is always a positive in our books.

Arabelle Raphael loves fucking. Seriously loves it. If said fucking is with another woman, or involves a blowjob, then it is going to get her going. Check out some of the amazing videos she has produced if you want to see what we mean!

Naomi Russell


Hey! You want to know one thing that the daughter of a Rabbi should be doing? Yep! Entering the world of porn. We can only imagine the arguments that Naiomi and her father got into when she told him that her job from now on would be getting fucked for a bit of cash. At least we are proud of her, even if her father decided to go the other way.

This lass has been in the porn industry for a good while now, and while most of the other nice Jewish girls have youth on their side, Naiomi doesn’t. She is a damn good MILF, though.

Nina Hartley

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ninaland


Nina Hartley. Born in the 1950s. Yep. She is old as shit now, but she is probably one of the most recognizable Jewish pornstars out there. She was still going in recent years too. She still seems to have a lot of the pizzazz that she had in her younger years, and this Jewish grandma is more than happy to do whatever her director asks from her.

Hell, she has recently starred in lesbian threesomes, videos with huge black dicks, and of course a dash of incest thrown in for good measure. While the ‘better years’ are clearly behind her, she has decades of content in the barrel. Check some of it out.

Dana DeArmond

Twitter: https://twitter.com/danadearmond


Again, a porn star on the older side of things, but that is cool with us. We really cannot get enough of her sexy, svelte body on camera. When you throw Dana DeArmond into a bit of lesbian action (she loves to do the whole step-mom thing), then you know that you are going to be in for a whole world of fun. We are not complaining.

One of our favorites things about this little minx is the gorgeous tits that she boasts. While they are not the largest breasts in the world (but they are pretty large still), they are 100% natural. In this day and age, that is something that really, really counts. When you watch this Jewish porn star’s tits bouncing around on camera, you can’t help but feel that you have been transported to another world.

They are so fucking hypnotic, it is unbelievable. It is just as well that a good chunk of her porn career has been spent focusing on getting those tits seen by as many people as possible.

Trust us. Dana DeArmond may look like your stereotypical nice girl, but damn does she boast some of the naughtiest videos we have ever seen.

Joanna Angel

Twitter: https://twitter.com/joannaangel


It seems as if tattooed women, large tits, and being Jewish seem to go hand in hand. This is another lass that ticks a lot of sexy boxes. She even has won professional awards to show just how much the world loves her. Well, at least the porn industry. She holds awards from major industry bodies such as AVN. So, she certainly packs the credentials for those that are looking for a damn fucking amazing show.

Joanna Angel has been in the business for about 18-years as I type this. She got started around the time she hit her 18th birthday. She is pretty well-known for the awesomely sexy anal videos that she pops out. In fact, as she claims herself, she really does enjoy sticking things in her ass. She doesn’t even need another person there to have an excuse to do it. Joanna Angel also has a ton of solo anal masturbation videos too.

Daphne Rosen


Did somebody say Jewish MILF with massive large tits? Sign us the fuck up!

Anal sex is where Daphne Rosen seems to be spending most of her time. We are sure that this lady has been stretched well and good over the years Not that we are complaining, we love to see how deep that cock can get into her nice little asshole.

When Daphne Rosen is not being fucked in the ass, her cute little pussy is getting all of the fun. Hell, sometimes a woman or two will be thrown into the mix, and that is when the real party starts to go down. She even has a few grandpa sex videos, if you are into that sort of thing.

Eden Mor


Eden Mor is actually the first person on this list that comes from Israel, although by all accounts she seems to be spending the vast majority of her time in America nowadays. Turns out the porn world loves her, and this is the best way for her to end up in all sorts of damn sexy videos.

You have probably worked this out already if you have seen a couple of her pictures, but it seems that the real fascination with Eden Mor is the tremendous tits that she boasts. They are 100% natural and, of course, you can tell that they are natural. They are the type of tits that you would fucking love to grab with your hands and never, ever let go.

Hell, her tits are so important to her act, you will actually find that a good number of her videos involve tit play and nothing else. Of course, there are also a few sex videos thrown in for good measure, including some lesbian sex scenes, if you really want to see that shit. Although, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to see that shit?

Stephanie Cane


While she is deep into her 30s now, Stephanie Cane boasts a youthful face, which means that she is often cast in videos that demand youthful actors. One of her more recent videos had her starring in a cheerleader orgy. We doubt there are many 34-year-olds that could pull off this sort of thing nowadays.

Stephanie Cane leans heavily on her acting, and the vast majority of the things she stars in will have her trying to play a role. This could be a schoolgirl that is demanding to be punished for missing her homework or a step-daughter that needs to convince her daddy of something. She has the talent to just pull you into the epic story, and that is something we are never, ever going to be complaining about.

Oh, and it helps that Stephanie Cane boasts a fantastic look too.

Nicole Moore


We can wrap up this list of the best Jewish porn stars with Nicole Moore. She is in her 50s now, but she fucks like a pro on camera, often being paired with younger lads, and even they have trouble keeping up with the stamina that she boasts.

If you love to watch a bit of mature sex (there really isn’t enough of that nowadays, is there?), then Nicole Moore is going to be right up your street. She stars in a ton of videos. You are going to be completely drawn to the sexy body. She certainly doesn’t look like she is over 50, we can tell you that much!


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