First ever article and guide about webcam modeling jobs and webcam modeling industry at large was written by me way back in 2013. Many spammers and regular companies have been copying and pasting my articles all over the google since then. This should tell you something about me and my knowledge of cam industry.

I have been there and done that, everything from finding highest paying webcam sites, to falling a victim to spam sites ripping me off, etc..

But all of that made me stronger over 10 years ago and since then I’m constantly writing the truth and helping fellow cam models and future cam models as yourself.

This guide about webcam modeling industry is covered in 2 parts, first part you’re reading right now explains everything you need to know about webcam modeling, and how to find some of the highest paying webcam jobs, plus much more.

While the second part covers more in detail on how to become a webcam model.

Don’t worry, it’s not that hard, I was in your shoes few years ago. So let’s start…

Learning how to be a cam girl is easy and this article will be explanatory, straight to the point and you can start working soon after reading this.

Webcam Model – How to Become a Cam Girl

Since I do webcam modeling jobs, this article will give you a glimpse of what to expect.

You will learn next:

So, I’ve wrote this post to give you a complete step-by-step guide to start your career as a webcam model.

What is Webcam modeling?

Webcam modeling represents a type of adult entertainment where adult performers (webcam models) are creating and running cam shows for their online viewers.

The webcam modeling industry is growing that’s for sure, if you decide to make money as a webcam model, you need to be prepared for this.

With a significant rise in the number of women moving online for adult work, the already established adult industry is experiencing a boom in the revenue generation.

Just as it can be lucrative, fun and profitable for most of you, cam girl jobs can also be stressful and demanding at the same time.

What are webcam jobs?

Webcam job is a job you do in front of your webcam, (usually naked) from anywhere you want, using any device you want that supports live streaming.

While performing online you earn money from the people watching you in your cam room and tipping you for all kinds of services like masturbation, playing with your vibrator or just by chatting with the viewers.

If you want to know how to become a webcam model please keep rading.

How to become a cam girl?

What is your reason for becoming a cam girl and how did you come to the conclusion to search for how to be a cam girl?

  • Do you want to make some extra money as a webcam model to pay for your studies, or are you a single mother who wants additional earnings?
  • Do you want to leave your job because it is boring and doesn’t pay well?
  • Or are you just looking for some fun through meeting new people?
Whatever reason you choose, you will for sure know how to become a webcam girl following these few bullet points:

1. First of all, there is no platform that accepts your application without your ID documents. Webcam agencies want to be sure you are 18+.

2. Cam sites will keep your documents safe, but before you apply please read the terms and conditions or privacy policy of the cam site you want to join.

3. You have an obligation to pay taxes on your earnings. You need to check what rules are in place for your country/state.

4. Some sites don’t allow you to work for other cam sites. You need to submit signed contract and 2257 Model Release Form.

Cam Girl Jobs – Apply here for highest paying webcam modeling jobs and get started today:

Based on my previous experience working as a cam girl, here are the top webcam sites I work on and recommend for all of you who want to become a webcam girl:

Webcam SiteModel percentage %











#1. Chaturbate

ChaturbateSign Up For Your Model Account at Chaturbate Here

Chaturbate – one of the oldest and most trusted webcam sites out there. Went live in 2011, just in time for me to make some great money, they have millions of visitors every day, ready to spend money on your cam shows.

If you want to go directly with them and skip the middle man, please follow this link and join me in making anywhere from $3000 – $5000 a month.

They pay biweekly and daily and they pay on time, keep in mind that daily request is available for a small fee. Even if you don’t read further down this list, Chaturbate is good enough place to start performing and get paid on webcam.

Chaturbate Model Percentage: 60%
Payout periods: (1st-15th) and (16th-31st) of each month and DAILY.
Payout min: $50
Payout Method: Check, Direct Deposit, Paxum, CosmoPayment, ePayments or Bitcoin

#2. Livejasmin

LiveJasminSign Up For Your Model Account at LiveJasmin Here

Livejasmin – one of the oldest and most trusted webcam site, started way back in 1999. If you want to learn the ways of the professionals, then this site is for you.

Only two things bothers me on livejasmin and that is min. payout of $100 and the starting percentage of 30%, but with each $100 earned it increases for 5%.

Did you know that some of my friends made millions with this platform, yep, some girls are raking over $1.5M a year. Highly recommend this cam site.

Livejasmin Model Percentage: up to 80%
Payout periods: two times a month.
Payout min: $100Payout Method: Check, Bank account, Paxum,

#3. Bongacams

BongaCamsSign Up For Your Model Account at BongaCams Here

BongaCams – Started in 2012, bongacams quickly grew like a storm. What I like about Bonga is their technical superiority, support and the fact that site is multilingual.

Cam girls working on Bonga are from all over the world, not only USA or UK. Honestly, it can be hard to earn any big money here, they still need bigger traffic, they are big that’s for sure, but they still need to grow.

Model earnings change according to the RevShare. If RevShare is 50%, model will receive €0.025 for each earned token.

40% – €0.02 for each token
45% – €0.0225 for each token.

Models can increase their RevShare up to 50%.
Payouts are being made each Friday automatically. In order to receive the payout you have to earn a minimum amount by the end of the previous week.

Minimum amount is 50$ for the model accounts and 100$ – for studios.
BongaCams models and studios are able to get their payouts through Paxum, Webmoney, ePayService and ePayments.

Paxum, Webmoney, ePayService and ePayments have a 50$ minimum payout amount for models and 100$ for studios.
ePayments, ePayService and Paxum do not have any fee, while Webmoney has a 3% fee from payout amount.

For models from USA there are two additional payout methods: check and Direct Deposit.

BongaCams Model Percentage: up to 50%
Payout periods: each Friday, automatically.
Payout min: $50Payout Method: Paxum, Webmoney, ePayService and ePayments.

#4. Stripchat

StripChatSign Up For Your Model Account at StripChat Here

Stripchat – great new webcam site, really young but with the steady growth and a lot of interesting features like cam to cam.

I was able to make some good money there, but in the last few weeks it gets harder since this adult cam site is growing like fire, really fast and a lot of new models are joining.

Viewers are nice and I got really nice tips working here. Highly recommend and I always keep this website like my backup webcamming site beside chaturbate.

StripChat Model Percentage: up to 60%
Payout periods: weekly, bi weekly.
Payout min: $50
Payout Method: Paxum, Wire, Bitcoin, ePayments, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum

How to recognize a good webcam modeling site to start cam girl jobs with?

It’s easy, search for them on forums and community websites, if they’re really good, their brand names or site names will be mentioned everywhere online, models and agents will actively promote them like I do.

Look around for proofs of payments and testimonials of webcam models who are happy with their earnings and the site as a whole.

Check the their domain age, history of work, alexa ranking, etc…

Whatever you decide, here are 4 factors you should look out for while you search trustworthy webcam sites:

Number of visitors

Percentage of earnings

Featured Payout options (check, wire, paxum,)

Payment intervals (weekly, monthly, daily)

Webcam Modeling Jobs: How Much Do Cam Girls Make?

It depends. Cam girls with years of experience make a really decent amount of money.

Some months I had anywhere from $500 to $1000, and there were months where I could make up to $5000, not from the same webcam site, but combined.

Typically, cam girls may charge $2.99 per minute and double the amount for clients who want to live chat.

On average, such cam girls may end up raking in anything from $300 to $1,000 for two to 5 hours of shows per day.

Cam guys make a little less than girls since cam sites for guys became more popular in the last few years.

Cam chat offers numerous ways to receive tokens from users. However, four of them are the most standard ways:

  • A general tip without any request, just because they like you
  • A tip with a request to do something for them, especially in a public chat room.
  • Custom rate for a private cam show. You can set a standard cost or a dynamic rate with negotiations for performing in a private chat room.
  • Payment for a peak in the private show. Some platforms allow users of public chat rooms to see what is happening in a private chat room with some fixed or dynamic cost.

Most webcam models earn 4 figure numbers today, I’m telling you from the personal experience.

Way back when I started in 2011 it was easy, because there was much less competition. But today if you manage to enter 5 figure earnings space it means that you did something right.

Webcam Modeling Motivation

If you’re looking for motivation when it comes to webcam modeling earnings, then I would love for you to check out this link afterward you’re finished with reading this article.

Do not start with thinking only about money. You will eventually start earning, but first you need to invest your time and build your brand. The best bet is getting a client for the private one-to-one show.

But if your main motivation IS MONEY, then please look at my best friend earnings working as a webcam model, here is the payment proof from chaturbate:

This is just one example how much do webcam models make!

However, to get a client for the same, you would need to show some moves in the public room as well.

How do webcam models get paid?

Most of the webcam models get paid bi-weekly, weekly, monthly or even daily if you have a good relation with the site where you’re working at.

They usually send your payments over:

  • paxum,
  • epayments,
  • cosmopayments (new alternative for firstchoicepay),
  • by check,
  • by wire
  • paypal.

All these payment wallets allow you to withdraw your earnings either over debit card that you get from them (usually comes with the fee), or directly to your bank account.

Equipment for webcam models

Computer/laptop and a web cam
In this day and age we all have pretty good computers and internet connection. If your device isn’t older than a few years it will be enough for you to start your camgirl career.

Of course, if you want to give better experience to users and visitors you can buy HD web cams with different features, such as remote control. This will allow you to have the complete control to interact with people in your chat room. While doing your performance at the same time.

I think that you first need to invest in this kind of equipment. If you have great HD cam users will stay longer in your room and this is a chance for you to make more money as a camgirl.

But if you don’t have enough money, don’t worry, I’ve started with an old laptop and bad web cam, earn some money and gradually move up by buying better equipment for webcam modeling.

Other Tools for Webcam Models

Every cam model needs some kind of tools and equipment to work with.
My own set of tools are made of my vibrators, laptop, HD web cam, high internet speed, nicely design room or background, cam splitting softwares and other sex toys for adults.

Remote Control Vibrator
This toy become more and more popular. Almost all major cam sites accept remote controlled sex toys, and best ones can be found at lovense. Download the app, set it up in minutes and give users permission to control your toy from their phone.

Use a high-quality mic that actively cancels the background noise. It is wise to make your room soundproof as possible.

Background (Camming Area)
Make sure the area covered in the webcam look tidy and clutter-free. To add some value to your presentation, you can decorate your room a little.

Cam Girl Tips – How To Succeed As a Camgirl:

It’s not only about performing in front of web camera, there is much more you can do in order to make even more money doing what you love.

Selling merchandise and branding yourself and your room is something you can do to become a webcam girl.

The great example is Korina Nova, she made her own sex doll because she’s one of the top models on manyvids.

How to attract visitors and rules to follow

It can be hard at first to attract visitors to your cam room, but if you do some basic optimization and if you follow some useful rules I’m about to mention you will grow fast.

Basic rules to follow:

  1. Don’t be rude to viewers or other models.
  2. Don’t do anything illegal on your cam show.
  3. Don’t give out your personal information.
  4. Don’t get into the arguments with your viewers or other models.
  5. No hate speech.
  6. Don’t turn off your webcam in the middle of the paid show.

Basic steps to attract visitors:

Profile picture
The first thing that user sees on your profile is your picture. Be patient with this.
For example, take some clear selfie pictures with your phone. The picture should not be blurred or dark. You can use some online picture editors to make it better, add some filters, etc.

The username is your brand name. Pick an interesting cam girl name that is easy to remember at the same time. Your best bet would be creating a username available on Twitter too. It will help you creating a recognizable social media presence to promote your business and get regular clients. 

Be yourself
When you are in the chat room, be yourself, and that’s the best tip for learning how to be a camgirl.Treat visitors as your friends, talk with them and smile. This will attract them. If you are not in a good mood, then it is better for you to skip camming that day.

Hashtags and descriptions
Use sex toys, put some tags and explanations on your profile. Describe your profile in few but not too few words. Avoid providing any personal information like exact city name, actual name, so that you can always keep your professional and personal life separate. You do not want a client knocking on your door.

This are just some of the tips for cam girls when it comes to webcam modeling jobs.

Visit related community
For more information you can visit some of the adult communities such as or

There are many former and present cam girls and webcam models who are part of these communities, and you can ask anything you want. They all went down similar roads and experienced similar problems, so you can find good people on these forums to help you with some advice.

When you build your fan base no-one can stop you. They will always come back to you and you will have a lot more options for making money as a cam girl. You can sell your private content and tips.

How to Make More Money as a Webcam Model (Additional Revenue Streams)

Beside doing performance in front of your webcam, you can do additional things in order to make extra revenue with your webcam modeling career.

Make more money as a webcam model:

  • Sell used panties
  • Sell your premium snapchat
  • Use sexting apps
  • Promote sex toys
  • Create homemade porn
  • Do skype shows
  • Create your own sex doll

Cam Girl Privacy

Camming industry is completely legal, as long as the performer is at least 18 years old, there is nothing wrong if the person wants to make money with cam modeling from the comfort of their own home. Being cam girl is legal and even much more safer than doing something else.

You are probably thinking about your privacy and your content. As I said, cam agencies take care of webcam models, but if you want to be sure, you can check dmca to learn more about your protection.

What if someone recognizes me?

Are you scared to show your face on cam because it is embarrassing for you or you think someone might recognize and judge you? There are sites that allow their models to hide their faces.

You can try this when you begin your cam girl job. After you assimilate and relax, you will take steps which are best for you.

Cam sites allow you to block your own country and states if you don’t want visitors from that area. DO THIS IMMEDIATELY AFTER STARTING OUT.

This secure feature is an important one that all girls need to know about when researching guidelines for cam girls.

Webcam Studios and Agencies

Webcam studios and agencies can help you when starting out and when you’re not sure if you can manage everything on your own as an independent webcam model.

In the further text you will see what is the difference between those two.

What is the difference?

Studios for cam models

This is usually an agency that provides support and assist you to become a webcam model. Joining a studio has its good and bad sides. For example:

  • They will help you through the registration process
  • Help with which username you should choose to broadcast live (yeah, some people stop at this step)
  • Show you how to attract and keep visitors in your chat room

Plus many other useful tips and tricks. But the bad side is that they take a piece of your cake.

I mean they will keep a good part of your earnings to themselves.

Agencies and Studios Hiring Performers

I will tell you which Webcam Modeling agencies are the best and pay the most, because you don’t want to be scammed or to wait for months until you get any work.

Internet Modeling – One of the oldest and most trusted website online, I have been working with them for over six years now.

It is a great place to start as they give you up to 70% of earnings, which is quite good for this saturated industry; their most popular webcam models are making $2,000 or more per week.

I- Camz – As I mentioned in other posts, icamz has slowly but safely proven itself over and over again as a great webcam community.

As much as I could notice, they pay up to their models, one model I know earns $1800 a week. And she said it’s very easy to work as a webcam model with I-CAMZ, I’m happy for her.

I must admit that their design is awful, but behind the scene they have a great support network and powerful tools that will help you understand anything you need.

They proved to me that they actually do care about their business and partners.

Additional Webcam Modeling FAQ

Can webcam models work on multiple websites?

Sure you can, by using webcam splitting software you can work on multiple cam sites at once. Beside using software, all webcam sites allow you to work on different sites.

Is paypal one of the payment option on main webcam sites?

Finding paypal as a payment option is hard, but you can arrange payments over it if you’re popular enough.

Can you do webcam jobs on mobile devices?

Sure you can, websites like chaturbate allow you to do webcam modeling over the phone.

Are couples allowed to preform on a webcam sites?

Yes they are.

Is webcam modeling legal?

Sure it is, as long as you are adult with 18+ years of age.

How to file taxes as a webcam model?

Filing taxes is easy, majority of cam sites give you tax form to fill out and you need to pay income tax at the end of the year.

What is a Cam Girl – Final Words?

To summarize, camgirl is anyone performing naked or in clothes in front of the web camera on the adult webcam sites, or any professional model posing for their fans, followers and folks who like good fun and more realistic interaction online.

In my opinion, everyone who wants to become a webcam girl has enough knowledge to start doing webcam jobs without studios.

I think that the best cam sites to work for are the ones with biggest traffic:

Sites like Chaturbate (I called it “Model’s Choice” with reason), or Bonga and LiveJasmin are the best choice.

While I was writing this post, I tried to implement all necessary steps for future cam girls.

This is a basic but huge guide that will help you and introduce you to camming online. As I said earlier, you will find much more information on forums for this industry. But, you need to remember: it doesn’t matter if you look on this as fun or as a job as far as you’re into it 99,9%

Like everywhere, you will meet different types of people. Some of them will be rude and unpleasant, but a number of them are people who will treat you in the right way.

You need to look at this as a fun thing to do while making money at the same time. And this is the right way to become a cam girl.

You need to realize that your earnings may be different from mine and vice versa, not every cam model makes the same.

If someone promises that you will earn tens of thousands of dollars as a webcam model, better question their motives, because you may become a victim of a scam.

Be careful when it comes to questionable cam sites or webcam agencies.

So, start now and get paid to webcam.


Cam Splitting Softwares For Camming Websites (18+)


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