Getting a bit tired of watching porn? Do you still fancy a bit of nudity? Well, this is what sex games are for. A way in which you can interact with something that is nude while having a bit of fun along the way.

Of course, the problem is that the best porn games are a bit hidden. You are not going to find them kicking around on app stores. You aren’t going to be able to find an adult 3D sex game on your favorite game console. You need to go out and track them down yourself. Luckily for you, you have us!

Our team of editors has searched far and wide to put together a list of some of the best porn games around.

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Every single one that you find on this list is fun to play, while also offering a decent bit of nudity to tide you over.

Now, obviously, you can’t expect sex games to have the same sort of pizzazz as games that have many, many times the budget that these games boast. However, you will be surprised at just how many features the developers have packed into these games. We promise you that each and every game that we have included on this list is going to give you a bit of fun, even if it is only for a few hours.

As always with these lists, we are going to be on a constant hunt for new games to add to it.

This means that if we stumble across an awesome game that we think you will love, then you can be sure that we will be moving things about on our list of the 19 best porn games.

19 Best Adult Sex Games:

3D Sex Villa

If you love having full control over your sex scenes, then 3D Sex Villa is the way to go. There isn’t any real aim to this game.

You just choose who you want to fuck. You have full control over what they look like. Once you are into 3D Sex Villa with your selected lady, you can choose what she does on the screen.

There are a lot of options here, and the team at 3D Sex Villa are always adding more options into the mix. This means tons of locations to fuck people in, tons of positions to do it, and a ton of awesome animations that are guaranteed to get you hard.

It can get a bit expensive once you are really into the game, but it is worth parting with a bit of cash, because the team behind this game have done a bloody brilliant job.


This isn’t so much of a game. Well, it is. However, it is whatever you make it to be. Unlike most of the other sex games on this list, LifeSelector actually relies on real models. You just tell them what you want them to do (within reason, of course. Not every eventuality has been programmed in!). While each video is probably going to be providing you with twenty minutes of fun at the most, there is enough content here to keep you busy for days and days on end. LifeSelector is regularly adding new content into the mix too, which means that once you are signed up to the site, there is always going to be something cool and sexy to discover.


We are going to kickstart this list with Nutaku. While we are going to be focusing on single porn games throughout this list, we will also be highlighting a few websites that boast a plethora of different games on the same website. Most of these games are going to fall within a specific niche, which means that if you are a fan of a certain genre, then the site is going to be great for you. Nutaku is one such site.

On Nutaku, you will be able to enjoy Japanese-style games. A lot of anime characters here. The interesting thing about the games that you are going to be finding on Nutaku is that they tend to be bordering on more porn-orientated. They are light on features, but packed to the brim with the nudity. So, if you want something interactive, but you don’t fancy reading tutorial after tutorial, then Nutaku may be great for you.

Booty Farm

If you are looking for a game that is short and sweet, then Booty Farm is going to be perfect for you. You basically play the role of a lad who has moved to a farm.

Of course, in true porn game style, pretty much everybody on that farm wants to bang you. This means you will be playing through a story where you do just that. It reminds us of those flash games of days gone by.

The imagery isn’t that good, but this is one of only a few of the sex games out there that can be a time killer for a short moment.

It doesn’t take long to progress through everything, and we feel that Booty Farm is going to be the perfect introduction for anybody who is new to the world of sex games . There are better games out there, yes. However, there is nothing that requires you to put as little thought in but still get horny.

Ero Games

This site is pretty damn similar to Nutaku. This means that it is going to be packed to the brim with anime games. However, in our experience, the porn games that you can find over on Ero Games tend to have a bit more depth to them. Sure, you still have your story-focused games, but you also have a few RPGs that you can dive into too.

All of the games that you are able to find on Ero Games are going to be premium games. This means that you do need to pay for them individually. There is nothing that is ‘free to play’ here. However, we can assure you that pretty much everything that you find kicking about on Ero Games is going to be a real hoot to play. This is a company that takes pride in everything that it adds to the site.

Booty Calls

Want to practice your dating technique? Well, Booty Calls probably isn’t going to help you on that front. Well, unless you somehow manage to find a horny as fuck lass somewhere. This is a game that just gets you into the kinky stuff quite quickly. Once again, this is another game that is going to be pretty damn quick to progress through. There are a few microtransactions, but not enough to overwhelm you or make you feel like you are going to bankrupt yourself. While there are no animations in this game, the pictures of the cartoon lasses being pounded hard do look good, and we are sure that they are going to make you hard too. Once again, this is a game that is going to provide you with a brilliant introduction to the world of sex games.

Cunt Wars

With a name like ‘Cunt Wars‘, how can you possibly ignore it? This game is actually a few genres blended into one too, so if the name isn’t enticing enough for you, then we are positive that there will be other parts of the game that will be able to draw you in.

It is part fantasy RPG and part card game. Cunt Wars is actually one of those games that is probably going to be giving you a lot more gameplay than some of the others on this list.

It even has its own mobile app, which can really help to extend gameplay. Although, to be honest, with the sexiness that some of these cards have, you probably do not want to be playing about in public with it all that much!

The best part about Cunt Wars is that it is mostly free to play. Of course, if you want the strongest cards in the game, you are going to be parting with a little bit of cash. However, for most people, just playing 100% for free is more than enough to see you through the story mode of the game.

Fap Titans

Fap Titans is a sex game, without being overwhelmingly about the sex. We don’t know if you have played any of those clicker games before (this one is pretty close to Clicker Heroes), but Fap Titans is pretty much the same style of game as that.

In Fap Titans, you are going to be slowly working you way through a ton of enemies, building up your heroes as you go.

It doesn’t have a lot of sex in it. Just a bit of mild nudity every now and then. This is one of the reasons why we love it.

It means that the team behind Fap Titans has been able to focus on the actual gameplay (which is pretty good), and that is something that most other sex game providers do not do.


If you look at the logo of this game, then you will probably know what game this is a parody of. If you don’t look at the logo, then we will just tell you that this is based off of Hearthstone. This means that with SmutStone, you are going to be getting a fairly indepth card game. It doesn’t play exactly the same way that Hearthstone does, and it doesn’t require a lot of skill but, come on, let’s be honest; the main reason why you are playing SmutStone is because you want to look at a bit of smut. This is a game that delivers that in droves.

Hentai Clicker

Want to click women to orgasm? Well, now is your chance. With Hentai Clicker, the more you click, and the faster you click, the closer and closer you will be driving these women to orgasm.

There are a ton of women in this game too. Now, the game mechanics tend not to get more complicated than a bit of light clicking. However, to be honest, we do not care about that.

Hentai Clicker offers some cool animated cartoon women, and that is all that we really ask for when it comes to our porn games nowadays. We just want something that is really, really well drawn. This delivers on that front.


If you fancy getting your groove on with some real sexy people, then Utherverse is where you need to be. This is pretty much a large scale sex chatroom. You track down people to fuck, they agree to it, and then you do it using the little menu.

We promise you, it sounds more exciting than we have written here!

A couple of clicks will have you doing a whole range of really kinky stuff. You can also rent porn moves in the game. We are not quite sure how many people do this, though. Most of you are just going to be wandering around, enjoying the sights and sounds of the game.

Red Light Center

This sex game actually comes from the makers of Utherverse, and that means it can be included on this list of some of the best porn games out there. The premise is pretty much the same. You create your character, then you go and walk around and have sex. It plays a little bit differently to Utherverse, and most people will choose one of the two of them before they settle on one that they really like although, to be honest, most of the people you can interact with will play both games!

Summertime Saga

This game actually hasn’t been fully released as of yet, but from what we have seen so far, Summertime Saga is great. It is 100% free to play. So, what is it? Well, at the moment, it is a dating sim, with RPG elements. The gameplay is surprisingly good too, and the story is awesome. Although, most of your focus is probably going to be on the sex scenes. You are going to love the art style in Summertime Saga, and if this porn game doesn’t make you hard, we are not sure what will.


Let’s be honest. For many people, the first time they find sex games, it will be through Newgrounds. This, for a while, was one of the largest flash game websites in the world. Every Flash animator would launch their games here. A major part of their website has always been focused on sex games. This means mostly dating sims. There are dozens and dozens of free games to explore on Newgrounds, so you may as well check it out at least once.

Porn Games (

This is a site that pretty much does what it says on the tin. It is chock full of porn games, with something to fulfill every kink. You have anime games. Fetish games. Games featuring awesome 3D artwork. Pretty much the lot. If you aren’t quite sure what sex game you want to play, then we are pretty sure that is going to give you at least something.

Lust Epidemic

Did you like the Twilight movies? Nah. We don’t blame ya. They were pretty terrible. But, don’t let the fact that Lust Epidemic is sort-of based around the same sort of concept. Supernatural stuff and loads of hot people. This is an RPG game that is pretty quick to play through, but offers a ton of sexy porn scenes along the way. We actually think that this is one of the sex games that you are going to be playing through multiple times. It is that fun to play.

Free Strip Games

This is a site that is pretty similar to, in that it has a ton of different genres to go through. The thing that we love, however, is that it has a ton of interactive videos with real models. This means that you are going to be able to get your end away quite easily. The videos have a lot options, so you will have full control over those sexy porn scenes.

Naughty Kingdom

If you want to give your brain a tease in the same way you give your dick a tease, then Naughty Kingdom is the way to go. This is a sex game with puzzle elements, although nothing so difficult that it is going to stop you from seeing those really sexy lasses get their kit off.

Fake Lay

Ever dreamed of running your own porn business? Well, Fake Lay can help. Your job, through several mini games, is to run your own porn company. Although, we have no doubt that you are going to be spending more time jacking off than actually trying to earn money to expand! This is a fun little game, and a concept most other sex games don’t cover.


So, there you have it. These, in our opinion, are the best porn games around. You may not agree with our list. This is fine.

This sort of thing is pretty much subjective. There are plenty of games that we probably could have included here.

However, these are the games that have given us the most amount of fun over the years, so we reckon that you are going to love them too.

If anything, they are at least going to provide you with a cool little introduction to the world of porn games.

Remember, we have tried to include porn games for every sort of kink here.

This means that if you stumble across something that doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, just click through to another game.

We promise you that sooner or later (probably sooner), you are going to stumble across a game that is perfect for you.

At that time, you know it is going to be time for you to lock your door, pull down your pants, and start diving into what we hope is going to be quite a riveting experience for you.


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